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~ 0Methodist Church, Other, Bradford Leigh
~ 0Bearfield Congregational Church, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Bethel Chapel, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Grove Meeting House, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Morgan's Hill Independent Chapel, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Old Baptist Church, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Providence Baptist Chapel, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Quaker Meeting House, Other, Bradford on Avon
0.0St Thomas More, Market Street, Roman Catholic, Bradford on Avon
~ 0United Church, Other, Bradford on Avon
~ 0Methodist Chapel, Other, Coppice Hill
~ 0Primitive Methodist Chapel, Other, Sladesbrook
~ 0St Mary Chapel, Other, Tory
0.1WSWHoly Trinity, Church Street, Church of England, Bradford on Avon
0.1WSWSt Laurence, Church Street, Other, Bradford on Avon
0.1WNWZion Baptist Chapel, Conigre Hill, Baptist, Bradford on Avon
0.2NNEChrist Church, Mount Pleasant, Church of England, Bradford on Avon
1.5SWSt Mary the Virgin, Farleigh Lane, Church of England, Westwood
~ 2WBaptist Chapel, Other, Turleigh
~ 2SWBaptist Chapel, Other, Westwood
~ 2SWWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Other, Westwood
~ 2WMethodist Chapel, Other, Winsley
1.7WSt Nicholas, Bradford Road, Church of England, Winsley
~ 2WWinsley Methodist Church, Other, Winsley
1.8ESt Paul, Church of England, Staverton
~ 2EWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Other, Staverton
2.2ESt Katharine, The Star, Church of England, Holt
Provide better founding date Tell us if church is still open Provide a picture 2.3WSWSt Peter, Church Hill, Church of England, Freshford, Somerset
~ 2ENECongregational Church, Other, Holt
~ 2ENEUnited Reform Church, Other, Holt
2.4NSt James, Church of England, South Wraxall
2.4SEUnitarian Meeting House, Seymour Road, Unitarian, Trowbridge
~ 2NChapel of Barley, Other, Cumberwell
~ 2NChapel of St. Audoen (Owen), Other, South Wraxall
~ 2NCongregational Chapel, Other, South Wraxall
2.5SEBethel United Church, The Conigre, Other, Trowbridge
2.5ENEAll Saints, Church of England, Great Chalfield
2.5SETrowbridge United Church, Church Street, URC/Methodist, Trowbridge
~ 3SEMethodist Church, Other, Islington
2.7WSt Mary the Virgin, Church Lane, Church of England, Limpley Stoke
~ 3SEBack Street Baptist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEBethesda Baptist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SECatholic Apostolic Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SECongregational Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEEmmanuel Baptist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEFrome Road Gospel Hall, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEGeneral Baptist Unitarian Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEHoly Trinity, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEKingdom Hall, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SELatter Day Saints, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SELittle Bethel Baptist Chapel, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEManvers Street Methodist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEMission Church, Upper Broad Street, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SENew Testament Church of God, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEPentecostal Trinity (Baptist) Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SERailway Gospel Mission Hall, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SESalvation Army Citadel, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SESilver Street Presbyterian Chapel, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SESociety of Friends, Other, Trowbridge
2.6SESt James, Church Street, Church of England, Trowbridge
~ 3SESt John the Baptist, Roman Catholic, Trowbridge
~ 3SESt Stephen, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SESt Thomas the Apostle, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SETabernacle Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEThe Halve Strict Baptist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEThe Lord's Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEUnitarian Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEUpper Studley Baptist Chapel, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEWesley Road Methodist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SEZion Baptist Church, Other, Trowbridge
~ 3SESt John, Other, Upper Studley
2.6SSt Mary, Church Road, Church of England, Wingfield
Provide better founding date Tell us if church is still open Provide a picture 2.7SWSt Leonard, Church of England, Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset
~ 3WBaptist Chapel, Other, Limpley Stoke
~ 3WMethodist Chapel, Other, Limpley Stoke
3.0ESESt Michael & All Angels, Church of England, Hilperton
~ 3NNWFarleigh Wick Mission Room, Other, Monkton Farleigh
2.9NNWSt Peter, Church of England, Monkton Farleigh

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The GENUKI church database is not a complete list of all churches, and for many areas it just contains most parish churches at the start of the 19th century. It is planned that over time many more churches will be added but until then we hope that those it does find are useful.

The distances shown above are in most cases only approximate.This is because the church locations themselves are given as the corner of nearest Km square on the Ordnance Survey map in most cases. Some have been updated to the actual 1/10 Km location, but the majority have not. So use the distances as a guide, not a precise figure.