Parishes/churches within 3 miles of SU020754

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~ 0Free Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, Other, Corton
~ 0Congregational Chapel, Other, Goatacre
~ 0Primitive Methodist Chapel, Other, Goatacre
~ 0Church of St. Peter, Other, Highway
~ 0Baptist Chapel, Other, Hilmarton
~ 0Chapel at Beversbrook, Other, Hilmarton
~ 0Chapel at Witcomb, Other, Hilmarton
0.1SSt Lawrence, Church Road, Church of England, Hilmarton
1.5ESESt Peter, Highway Common, Church of England, Highway
~ 2NPrimitive Methodist Chapel, Other, Bradenstoke
~ 2NBradenstoke Priory, Other, Lyneham
~ 2NSt. Andrew's Methodist Church, Other, Lyneham
~ 2NSt. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Other, Lyneham
~ 2NPrimitive Methodist Chapel, Other, Preston
2.1NSt Michael, Calne Road, Church of England, Lyneham
2.4SSESt Swithin, Church of England, Compton Bassett
2.7SWCalne Community Church, c/o Fynamore School, School Road, Community Church, Calne
2.7SSWKingdom Hall, Ernle Road, Jehovah's Witnesses, Calne
2.8NNWBradenstoke Methodist Church, Hollow Way, Methodist, Bradenstoke
2.8NNWProvidence Baptist Chapel, Hollow Way, Baptist, Bradenstoke
2.7NNWSt Mary, Hollow Way, Church of England, Bradenstoke
2.8SSWSt Edmund, Oxford Road, Roman Catholic, Calne
~ 3WSWSt John the Baptist, Church of England, Foxham
~ 3WSWWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Other, Foxham
~ 3WSWWesleyan Chapel, Other, Spirthill
2.7NNESt Giles, Orchard Lane, Church of England, Tockenham
2.9SSWCalne Evangelical Church, Oxford Road, Evangelical, Calne
2.9WSWSt Martin, Church of England, Bremhill
3.0SSWZion Baptist Chapel, The Pippin, Other, Calne

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The GENUKI church database is not a complete list of all churches, and for many areas it just contains most parish churches at the start of the 19th century. It is planned that over time many more churches will be added but until then we hope that those it does find are useful.

The distances shown above are in most cases only approximate.This is because the church locations themselves are given as the corner of nearest Km square on the Ordnance Survey map in most cases. Some have been updated to the actual 1/10 Km location, but the majority have not. So use the distances as a guide, not a precise figure.