Parishes/churches within 3 miles of SU107312

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0.3WNWSt Peter, Salisbury Road, Church of England, Fugglestone St Peter
~ 1WSt Peter, Other, Bulbridge
~ 1WSt Andrew, Other, Ditchampton
~ 1WSt Michael, Other, Kingsbury
~ 1WSt James, Other, Washern
~ 1WCrow Lane Congregational Church, Other, Wilton
~ 1WHoly Trinity, Other, Wilton
~ 1WMethodist Reform Church, Other, Wilton
~ 1WPresbyterian Chapel, Other, Wilton
~ 1WPrimitive Methodist Chapel, Other, Wilton
~ 1WQuakers, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt Edith (Abbey), Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt Edith, Roman Catholic, Wilton
~ 1WSt Edward, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt Mary, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt Mary, West Street, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt Michael, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt Nicholas, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt. John the Baptist Priory Church, Other, Wilton
~ 1WSt. Nicholas in Atrio, Other, Wilton
~ 1WWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Other, Wilton
~ 1WWilton Baptist Church, Other, Wilton
~ 1ENESalisbury Vineyard, c/o Salisbury High School, Other, Salisbury
0.7WSt Mary & St Nicholas, West Street, Church of England, Wilton
0.9SSt Catherine, Church of England, Netherhampton
0.9ESESt John the Evangelist, Lower Road, Church of England, Bemerton
1.1ESt Michael & All Angels, St Michael's Road, Church of England, Bemerton Heath
1.1ESESt Andrew, Lower Road, Church of England, Bemerton
1.2ESEBemerton Methodist Church, Roman Road, Methodist, Bemerton
1.3ESt Gregory & the English Martyrs, St Gregory's Avenue, Roman Catholic, Salisbury
1.6ESECitygate, Impact Centre, Sussex House, Newton Road, Other, Salisbury
1.7ENESt Lawrence, Church of England, Stratford Subcastle
~ 2ESESt Clement, Other, Fisherton Anger
2.0ESESt Paul, Fisherton Street, Church of England, Fisherton Anger
1.9ESEEmmanuel Church, Wilton Road, Evangelical & Reformed, Salisbury
2.0ESEElim Christian Centre, Dews Road, Other, Salisbury
2.0SESt George, Lower Street, Church of England, West Harnham
2.2WSt John the Baptist, Church of England, Burcombe
~ 2ESEMaundrel Hall, Other, Fisherton Anger
2.2ESalisbury City Church, c/o South Wilts Grammar School, Stratford Road, Other, Salisbury
~ 2NNWChurch of St. John, Other, North Ugford
2.3ESESalisbury URC, Fisherton Street, United Reformed Church, Salisbury
2.2ESt Francis, Beatrice Road, Church of England, Salisbury
~ 2NNWAll Saints' Church, Other, South Newton
~ 2NNWChurch at Little Wishford, Other, South Newton
2.3NNWSt Andrew, A36, Church of England, South Newton
2.4ESESt Thomas a Becket, St Thomas Square, Church of England, Salisbury
~ 2ESEHarcourt Bridge Road Baptist Chapel, Other, Fisherton
~ 2ESENew Jerusalem or Swedenborgian Church, Other, Fisherton
~ 2ESEBarnard Street Church, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEBarnard's Cross Mission Hall, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEBrown Street Particular Baptist Church, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESECatholic Apostolic Church, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEChristadelphians, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEChristian Brethren, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEChristian Scientists, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESECongregational Church, Endless Street, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESECongregational Church, Fisherton Street, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESECongregational Church, Scots Lane, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEElim Four Square Gospel Alliance, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEHarnham Free Church, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEJehovah Witnesses, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEMethodist Chapel, Dews Road, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEMethodist Church, St. Edmund's Church Street, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEMethodist Reform Church, Milford Street, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESENew Jerusalem or Swedenborgian Church, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEOpen Christian Brethren, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEPrimitive Methodist Chapel, Fisherton Street, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEPrimitive Methodist Chapel, St Marks Road, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEQuakers, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESERailway Mission, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESESalt Lane Presbyterian Chapel, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESESalvation Army, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESESt Mark, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESESt Martin, Roman Catholic, Salisbury
2.5ESESt Mary (Cathedral), Bishops Walk / Choristers Square, Church of England, Salisbury
~ 2ESESt. Edmund's Mission Hall, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Fisherton Street, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Mill Road, Other, Salisbury
~ 2ESEWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Wilton Road, Other, Salisbury
2.5SEAll Saints, Harnham Road, Church of England, East Harnham
2.5ESESalisbury Methodist Church, St. Edmund's Church Street, Methodist, Salisbury
2.5ESESt Edmund, Bedwin Street, Church of England, Salisbury
~ 3SEMethodist Church, Other, West Harnham
2.7ESEAssemblies of God Church, c/o St Osmund's School, Carmelite Way, Other, Salisbury
2.6ESESalisbury Baptist Church, Brown Street, Baptist, Salisbury
2.6ESESt Osmund, Exeter Street, Roman Catholic, Salisbury
2.9ESESt Martin, Church Street, Church of England, Salisbury
2.9EBishopsdown Baptist Church, Bishopsdown Road, Baptist, Salisbury

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The GENUKI church database is not a complete list of all churches, and for many areas it just contains most parish churches at the start of the 19th century. It is planned that over time many more churches will be added but until then we hope that those it does find are useful.

The distances shown above are in most cases only approximate.This is because the church locations themselves are given as the corner of nearest Km square on the Ordnance Survey map in most cases. Some have been updated to the actual 1/10 Km location, but the majority have not. So use the distances as a guide, not a precise figure.