Places of worship within 2 miles of ST826568

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Google maps can be panned to view an area off the map, by clicking and dragging the map. You can also select a church from the links in the list further down this page to centre the map on a particular one.

If this county section of the database is being actively developed you can also drag and drop a church marker if it is in the wrong place, and then enter a dialogue to report it to us. Also if a church is missing you can drag and drop any existing marker to an appropriate location and use the option to report it to us.



  1. * All Saints, Brokerswood, Church of England
  2. * All Saints, Tellisford, Church of England
  3. + St James, Trowbridge, Church of England
  4. * St John the Evangelist, Upper Studley, Church of England
  5. + St Leonard, Farleigh Hungerford, Church of England
  6. + St Mary the Virgin, Westwood, Church of England
  7. + St Mary, Wingfield, Church of England
  8. + St Nicholas, North Bradley, Church of England
  9. * St Thomas the Apostle, Trowbridge, Church of England
  10. * St Thomas, Southwick, Church of England
  11. * The Trinity, Trowbridge, Church of England

 Roman Catholic

  1. * St John the Baptist, Trowbridge, Roman Catholic


  1. * Back Street Baptist Church, Trowbridge, Other
  2. * Baptist Chapel, North Bradley, Other
  3. * Baptist Chapel, Westwood, Other
  4. * Baptist Chapel, Yarnbrook, Other
  5. * Baptist Church, Southwick, Other
  6. + Bethel United Church, Trowbridge, Other
  7. * Bethesda Baptist Church, Trowbridge, Other
  8. * Catholic Apostolic Church, Trowbridge, Other
  9. * Chapel, Southwick Court, Other
  10. * Christchurch, North Bradley, Other
  11. * Congregational Church, Trowbridge, Other
  12. * Emmanuel Baptist Church, Trowbridge, Other
  13. * Food for Thought (Pentecostal Church), Yarnbrook, North Bradley, Other
  14. * Frome Road Gospel Hall, Trowbridge, Other
  15. * General Baptist Chapel, Southwick, Other
  16. * General Baptist Unitarian Church, Trowbridge, Other
  17. * Holy Trinity, Trowbridge, Other
  18. * Independent Baptist Chapel, Yarnbrook, Other
  19. * Kingdom Hall, Trowbridge, Other
  20. * Latter Day Saints, Trowbridge, Other
  21. * Little Bethel Baptist Chapel, Trowbridge, Other
  22. * Manvers Street Methodist Church, Trowbridge, Other
  23. * Methodist Chapel, Southwick, Other
  24. * Methodist Church, Islington, Other
  25. * Mission Church, Trowbridge, Other
  26. * New Testament Church of God, Trowbridge, Other
  27. * Old Baptist Chapel, Southwick, Other
  28. * Pentecostal Trinity (Baptist) Church, Trowbridge, Other
  29. * Providence Baptist Chapel, Southwick, Other
  30. * Railway Gospel Mission Hall, Trowbridge, Other
  31. * Salvation Army Citadel, Trowbridge, Other
  32. * Silver Street Presbyterian Chapel, Trowbridge, Other
  33. * Society of Friends, Trowbridge, Other
  34. * St Stephen, Trowbridge, Other
  35. * Tabernacle Church, Trowbridge, Other
  36. * The Halve Strict Baptist Church, Trowbridge, Other
  37. * The Lord's Church, Trowbridge, Other
  38. + Trowbridge United Church, Trowbridge, URC/Methodist
  39. * Unitarian Church, Trowbridge, Other
  40. + Unitarian Meeting House, Trowbridge, Unitarian
  41. * Upper Studley Baptist Chapel, Trowbridge, Other
  42. * Wesley Road Methodist Church, Trowbridge, Other
  43. * Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Westwood, Other
  44. * Zion Baptist Church, Trowbridge, Other

Key to map icons

In the following notes for convenience the term 'church' is used to refer all places of worship and cemeteries. It is not appropriate in a minority of cases, but there is no word that adequately covers them all..


Churches are grouped according to denomination, e.g. all the types of Methodism are grouped together. Each group has its own colour.


marker The icons used for churches for which we have an exact location have a teardrop shape.
marker If we only have an approximate location (usually within a street), a square icon is used.
marker If we only know it is in a town or place, but for which we haven't yet found even an approximate location, an icon with jagged edges is used. The marker for these is placed at a random location within a 1 Km square on the map.

If you would like to notify us of a more accurate church location, just drag the appropriate marker to the new location and then click the notify link which will then appear. Zooming and using the satellite image may help with this. In the list of churches below the map, those with an approximate location are marked with a +, and those where we don't even have an approximate location are marked with a *. Click the + or * to show a map containing just that icon.


The number in the icon is provided to make it easier to find individual churches using the list of place names under the map. Denominations are grouped according to type and each type has its own range of numbers. Some icons may not have numbers yet, as they have only been created for the lower numbers so far. You can also see the name of the place by holding the mouse over the relevant icon. If you click on the name of a church in the list below the map, the map will pan so that the one you have selected is in the middle of the map.

Further information about a church

Click the icon for an individual church and an information box will appear. This contains links to further information about it, and links for further searches centred on that church.