Additional church details

This information is for SD8594000543, Lilley Street, Presbyterian, Monsall.


The information required is whether burials have ever taken place here, either in an adjacent graveyard or within the building. This is not always an easy question to answer in towns and cities, as this may have happened in the past, but burials can not now take place. In the mid 19th century graveyards were closed by law in towns cities for health reasons, and some have now been built upon so there is now no trace of them. A burial register does not always indicate that burials took place here, as there can of course have been a burial service here, but with interment at another site.

It is very useful to know about churches where burials did not take place, as this enables us to eliminate them from the list of possibilities when searching for an elusive burial.

There is/has been a graveyard, or burials took place here: