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Places within 5 miles of Tyree,Argyllshire, OS Gridref NL999447

NL999447 Tyree (Tyree), Argyllshire which encompasses the area containing:
Tiree (Tyree)
1.0 miles S NL995431 Crossapol
1.0 miles NNW NL995462 Kenovay
1.4 miles NW NL985464 Cornaigbeg
1.7 miles ESE NM025438 Baugh
1.7 miles SW NL975432 Heylipol
1.9 miles NNE NM013473 Balephetrish
1.9 miles NW NL980471 Cornaigmore
2.2 miles SW NL974422 Balinoe
2.3 miles SSW NL985413 Balemartine
2.4 miles E NM036439 Heanish
2.5 miles ENE NM038461 Gott
2.5 miles WNW NL960460 Kilmoluaig
2.5 miles WSW NL959439 Moss (near Balemartine)
2.8 miles WNW NL957464 Balevullin
2.8 miles SSW NL987404 Mannal
2.7 miles E NM043448 Scarinish
3.0 miles WSW NL954429 Barrapol
2.9 miles WNW NL954460 Hough
3.2 miles NE NM043473 Kirkapol
3.1 miles WNW NL955470 Sraid Ruadh
3.5 miles S NL985393 Hynish
3.4 miles W NL944446 Kilkenneth
3.5 miles WSW NL945432 Middleton
3.7 miles SW NL958403 Balephuil
3.8 miles WSW NL939434 Sandaig
3.9 miles NE NM048487 Vaul
4.2 miles SSW NL961392 West Hynish
4.6 miles ENE NM068475 Ruaig
4.8 miles NE NM066486 Salum


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.