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Places within 5 miles of Duirinish,Inverness-shire, OS Gridref NG220445

NG220445 Duirinish, Inverness-shire which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles N NG224478 Skinidin (Skye) ; Sgianaidin (Skye)
2.2 miles NE NG245471 Garrachan (Skye)
2.8 miles NE NG251477 Dunvegan (Skye)
3.0 miles ESE NG265428 Greep (Skye)
3.0 miles NNW NG211493 Colbost
3.0 miles NE NG259474 Kilmuir (Skye) ; Cealabost
3.1 miles ENE NG266465 Lonmore (Skye)
3.1 miles E NG270440 Roag (Skye)
3.3 miles NNW NG206497 Dun Colbost
3.3 miles E NG274450 Heribost (Skye)
3.3 miles NW NG183485 Holmisdale (Skye) ; Holmasdal (Skye)
3.5 miles E NG275432 Ardroag
3.5 miles NW NG188491 Fasach
3.5 miles E NG276451 Roskhill (Skye)
3.5 miles ESE NG275430 Ardslave
3.5 miles W NG163443 Ramasaig ; Aird Shleibhe
4.0 miles NNW NG199505 Totaig
4.0 miles E NG284438 Vatten
4.0 miles NW NG176493 Glendale
4.0 miles NE NG275480 Horneval (Skye)
4.2 miles NW NG176495 Lephin ; An Leth Pheighinn
4.3 miles NW NG180501 Glasphein (Skye) ; A Glas Pheighinn (Skye)
4.3 miles NW NG167491 Hamaraverin (Skye)
4.5 miles WNW NG161487 Borrodale (Skye)
4.5 miles NW NG177503 Ferinquarrie
4.4 miles NW NG171496 Hamaramore (Skye) ; Fearann MhicGuaire
4.5 miles ESE NG284409 Ardmore (Skye)
4.5 miles ESE NG287415 Balmore (Skye)
4.5 miles ESE NG288417 Harlosh (Skye) ; Harlois (Skye)
4.7 miles NW NG165498 Pollosgan (Skye)
4.9 miles E NG299437 Feorlig
4.8 miles E NG298448 Upper Feorlig ; Feolaig
5.0 miles E NG300448 Glen Heysdal


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.