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Places within 5 miles of Kilmuir,Inverness-shire, OS Gridref NG385705

NG385705 Kilmuir, Inverness-shire
14 miles SSE NG416483 Snizort, Inverness-shire which encompasses the area containing:
0.5 miles NNE NG388712 Hungladder (Skye)
0.6 miles NW NG379712 Bornesketaig
0.6 miles S NG385696 Kilvaxter (Skye) ; Borgh na Sgiotag ; Cille a Bhacstair (Skye)
1.0 miles ENE NG400709 Heribusta (Skye)
1.9 miles S NG387675 Linicro (Skye) ; Lionacro (Skye)
2.7 miles S NG385661 Totscore
2.9 miles NNE NG413742 Duntulm (Skye)
3.2 miles NE NG429732 Connista ; Conasta
3.3 miles NE NG427739 Kilmaluag (Skye)
3.6 miles NE NG430742 Solitote (Skye)
3.7 miles NE NG426747 Shulista
3.9 miles NE NG438739 Kendram (Skye)
4.1 miles S NG383639 Idrigill
4.2 miles ESE NG444674 Breckrey (Skye)
4.3 miles SSE NG397637 Uig (Snizort)
4.5 miles NE NG443747 Balmacqueen
4.7 miles S NG394630 South Cuil (Skye)
4.9 miles ENE NG463717 Flodigarry (Skye)
73 miles ESE NH490304 Urquhart and Glenmoriston, Inverness-shire which encompasses the area containing:
~ 5 miles S NG390630 Balgown (near Uig, Skye)


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.