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Places within 5 miles of Minnigaff,Kirkcudbrightshire, OS Gridref NX412665

NX412665 Minnigaff, Kirkcudbrightshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.6 miles S NX413656 Creebridge
1.9 miles ESE NX437649 Craigton ; Craigtown
2.8 miles ESE NX451643 Stranord ; Stronord
0.7 miles S NX411653 Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.5 miles SSW NX409658 Our Lady & St Ninian Churchyard
0.7 miles SSW NX409653 Newton Stewart Old Churchyard
0.9 miles W NX397668 Knockstock
1.2 miles SSW NX403648 Newton Stewart Cemetery
1.2 miles W NX393666 North Barnkirk
1.2 miles SW NX398652 South Barnkirk
1.4 miles S NX411643 Barrhill Farm
1.5 miles SSW NX405642 Barbuchany
1.5 miles SSW NX398645 High Barbuchany
1.7 miles WNW NX385672 Challoch
1.7 miles W NX384669 Challoch Farm
1.8 miles SW NX395642 East Knockbrex
1.9 miles SSE NX419636 Nether Barr
1.9 miles SW NX390645 West Knockbrex
2.0 miles S NX406634 Moor Park of Barr House
2.0 miles SW NX386644 Hazlie Green
2.1 miles SSE NX429635 Carse of Barr
2.1 miles SSW NX398634 Knockbrex Moor
2.1 miles S NX406632 Moor Park of Barr
2.2 miles SW NX382646 Blackpark
2.2 miles WNW NX378676 Oakburn
2.3 miles SSE NX420629 Upper Barr
2.4 miles WSW NX376653 Cullach
2.4 miles SSW NX390634 Drumterlie Cottage
2.4 miles W NX374665 Skaith
2.4 miles SSW NX389633 Drumterlie House
2.5 miles SW NX382639 Merton Hall
2.5 miles NW NX379690 Castle Stewart
2.6 miles SSE NX427626 Carty Farm
2.6 miles NW NX382695 Penninghame
2.6 miles NW NX380692 Penninghame Home Farm
2.7 miles NW NX384698 Penninghame House
2.8 miles SSE NX422621 Baltersan Cross
2.7 miles SW NX379636 Barnean
2.8 miles SW NX375640 Benfield
2.7 miles SSE NX431625 Carty Port
2.7 miles SSW NX388628 Culbratten
2.8 miles SSE NX431624 Low Baltersan
2.8 miles WSW NX371647 Moor Head
2.9 miles S NX410619 Barwhirran Croft
3.0 miles SW NX374635 Brockloch
3.0 miles S NX418617 High Baltersan
3.0 miles S NX406616 Barwhirran
3.1 miles WNW NX366684 Glenrazie
3.2 miles S NX420615 Kiln Hill
3.2 miles SSE NX423614 Baltersan
3.2 miles W NX360662 Blackquarter
3.3 miles S NX412612 Clachan of Penninghame
3.2 miles SW NX375628 Mulloch
3.3 miles S NX400612 Barlaughlin Bridge
3.3 miles S NX408611 Bell Knowe
3.3 miles NW NX377706 Cruives of Cree Old Kirk - St Ninians
3.5 miles SSW NX390613 Barlaughlan
3.4 miles SSW NX383618 Barraer
3.5 miles SE NX444619 Carsenestock
3.5 miles W NX357675 Glenvogie
3.5 miles WSW NX363636 Barnean
3.5 miles S NX405608 Mains of Penninghame
3.6 miles S NX416607 Park Farm
3.8 miles NW NX374713 Glenhapple
4.0 miles SW NX359630 Blackhill Croft
4.0 miles SSE NX425602 Carse of Clary
3.9 miles SSE NX424603 Clary
3.9 miles SE NX448613 Kelly Port
3.9 miles SSE NX435606 Kilsture Forest
3.9 miles SW NX362626 Lurneoch
4.0 miles SSW NX387605 Barnvennan
4.0 miles W NX348674 Meikle Eldrig
4.2 miles S NX421599 Causeway End
4.2 miles WSW NX353633 Glasnick Smithy
4.2 miles W NX344661 Little Eldrig
4.2 miles SSE NX443604 Moss of Cree
4.3 miles SSE NX447605 Polwhilly
4.4 miles SW NX353625 High Glasnick
4.7 miles SW NX365605 High Moor of Killiemore
4.7 miles SW NX357612 Killeal
4.8 miles NW NX362724 Knockville
4.8 miles SSW NX379594 Bartrostan
7 miles SW NX328607 Kirkcowan, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles WSW NX340647 Mark of Shennanton
4.7 miles WSW NX340643 Shennanton House
4.8 miles WSW NX342632 Low Shennanton
4.8 miles WSW NX343630 Shennanton Bridge
4.9 miles W NX333665 Ring of Barfad
8 miles SSE NX432552 Wigtown, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles S NX419596 Bishop Burn
4.3 miles S NX402597 Wood of Auchleand
4.6 miles S NX423592 Fore Faulds
4.8 miles S NX413588 Auchleand
4.8 miles S NX419587 Carsegowan
8 miles SE NX482562 Kirkmabreck, Kirkcudbrightshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles SE NX455632 Palnure


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.