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Places within 5 miles of Kirkmabreck,Kirkcudbrightshire, OS Gridref NX482562

NX482562 Kirkmabreck, Kirkcudbrightshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles SSE NX489547 Carsluith
1.7 miles NNW NX475588 Creetown
4.7 miles NNW NX455632 Palnure
2.3 miles SE NX512540 Kirkdale, Kirkcudbrightshire
3.2 miles WSW NX432552 Wigtown, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles W NX435570 Borrowmoss
2.9 miles W NX436555 Wigtown Churchyard
3.0 miles W NX433565 East Kirkland
3.3 miles WSW NX431546 Maidland
3.2 miles W NX430568 West Kirkland
3.2 miles W NX430556 Wigtown Top Cemetery
3.3 miles WNW NX433584 Carslae
3.5 miles W NX426567 Culquhirk
3.5 miles WSW NX428546 Wigtown Park Cemetery
3.7 miles W NX423564 Broadfield
3.7 miles WSW NX425548 Fordbank House
3.8 miles W NX422572 Glenturk
4.0 miles WSW NX421542 Bladnoch
4.0 miles WSW NX420544 Cotland
4.0 miles WNW NX420582 Drove Park
4.1 miles WNW NX423592 Fore Faulds
4.2 miles WNW NX417580 Cairnhouse
4.2 miles W NX416573 Glenturk Moor Croft
4.2 miles WNW NX419587 Carsegowan
4.2 miles W NX414555 Kirvennie
4.2 miles W NX414568 Moorhead of Glenturk
4.5 miles WNW NX419596 Bishop Burn
4.6 miles WNW NX413588 Auchleand
4.6 miles W NX408562 Clauchrie
5.0 miles W NX403552 Newmilns
4.8 miles SW NX422514 Kirkinner, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles SW NX444530 Crook of Baldoon
3.5 miles WSW NX433534 Baldoon Airfield
3.5 miles SW NX435530 North Balfern
3.8 miles WSW NX426536 Baldoon Mains
3.8 miles SW NX431527 East & West Mains of Baldoon
3.9 miles WSW NX423540 Bladnoch Bridge
4.1 miles SSW NX444508 South Balfern
4.4 miles WSW NX418531 Moorpark of Baldoon
4.6 miles SW NX421521 Milldriggan Mill
4.6 miles SSW NX447497 Stewarton
4.7 miles SW NX420518 Braehead
4.7 miles SW NX423514 Kirkinner Churchyard
4.7 miles SW NX426511 The Broch
4.9 miles SW NX421512 Kirkinner Cemetery
5.0 miles WSW NX405540 Kirwaugh
5.0 miles SW NX426505 Little Hills
7 miles SSW NX437467 Sorbie, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles S NX478493 Innerwell
4.5 miles S NX469490 Culscadden
5.0 miles SSW NX451488 Corwar
5.0 miles S NX475482 Kirkmadrine
8 miles NW NX411653 Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles WNW NX450584 Barsalloch
2.7 miles NW NX453595 Grange of Cree
3.4 miles NW NX447605 Polwhilly
3.5 miles NW NX443604 Moss of Cree
3.8 miles NW NX448613 Kelly Port
4.0 miles NW NX435606 Kilsture Forest
4.3 miles NW NX444619 Carsenestock
4.3 miles WNW NX425602 Carse of Clary
4.4 miles WNW NX421599 Causeway End
4.4 miles WNW NX424603 Clary
4.9 miles NW NX423614 Baltersan
5.0 miles NW NX431624 Low Baltersan
5.0 miles WNW NX416607 Park Farm


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.