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Places within 5 miles of Milnathort,Kinross-shire, OS Gridref NO119046

NO119046 Milnathort, Kinross-shire
1.4 miles ENE NO139056 Arlary, Kinross-shire
1.4 miles S NO118023 Kinross, Kinross-shire
1.9 miles E NO149041 Orwell, Kinross-shire
2.0 miles SW NO095025 Balado, Kinross-shire
2.4 miles W NO080045 Dalqueich, Kinross-shire
3.1 miles E NO168038 Balgedie, Kinross-shire
3.1 miles E NO169049 Glenlomond, Kinross-shire
3.7 miles ESE NO175029 Kinnesswood, Kinross-shire
3.8 miles S NT128986 Gairneybridge, Kinross-shire
3.9 miles NNE NO139106 Arngask (See also PER and FIF), Kinross-shire
4.0 miles NNE NO140106 Arngask, Perthshire
4.0 miles SE NO172008 Portmoak, Kinross-shire which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles E NO168038 Easter Balgedie
3.1 miles E NO168038 Wester Balgedie
4.2 miles WSW NO054031 Carnbo, Kinross-shire
4.6 miles ESE NO187016 Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire
4.7 miles WSW NO054008 Tulliebole, Perthshire
8 miles ENE NO216104 Strathmiglo, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.8 miles ENE NO161063 Wester Gospetry
3.2 miles ENE NO165069 Easter Gospetry
3.2 miles NE NO162075 Heatherwick
3.4 miles NE NO159084 Barnbrae
3.5 miles NE NO164079 Burnside (2)
3.4 miles NNE NO147093 Carmore
3.5 miles NE NO161085 Bannety / Bannaty
3.7 miles NE NO167080 Gleneden Mill
3.9 miles ENE NO174076 Lappie
4.0 miles ENE NO177074 Lappiemoss
4.2 miles NE NO164095 Newbigging
4.2 miles NE NO167093 Westfield of Pitlochie
4.3 miles NE NO162100 Balcanquhal
4.3 miles NE NO177086 Bannaty Mill
4.3 miles NE NO176086 Dovesden
4.3 miles ENE NO178083 Laceston / Lacesston
4.6 miles NE NO169100 Hole Mill
4.5 miles NE NO172096 Upper Pitlochie
4.8 miles NE NO183089 Gateside Station
4.8 miles NE NO179095 Nether Pitlochie
4.7 miles ENE NO184085 Wester Nether Urquhart ; Pitlochie
4.8 miles NE NO169106 Corinzion / Corrinzion
4.9 miles ENE NO186087 Easter Nether Urquhart
4.9 miles NE NO184091 Edenshead House
4.9 miles NE NO182093 Edentown
4.9 miles ENE NO190081 Upper Urquhart ; Wester Upper Urquhart
5.0 miles NE NO185092 Gateside

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 3 miles NNE NO130090 Duncrievie , Perthshire
~ 4 miles NE NO160080 Burnside , Perthshire
~ 4 miles N NO130100 Glenfarg , Perthshire
~ 5 miles N NO130120 Fordel , Perthshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.