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Places within 5 miles of Carluke,Lanarkshire, OS Gridref NS847505

NS847505 Carluke, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles ESE NS864499 Roadmeetings
1.5 miles E NS871506 Yieldshields
1.6 miles S NS844479 Braidwood
1.8 miles WNW NS821518 Law Hill
1.9 miles NW NS830531 Wildmanbridge
2.1 miles WNW NS819524 Law
2.6 miles ESE NS884486 Kilncadzow
3.0 miles W NS799507 Dalserf, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles WSW NS805497 Rosebank (near Larkhall)
4.0 miles W NS783503 Ashgill
4.7 miles W NS772504 Shawsburn
4.8 miles W NS769504 Hareleeshill
3.7 miles NW NS815555 Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles NNW NS830539 Bogside
3.0 miles WNW NS804529 Overtown
3.2 miles NNW NS830553 Morningside
3.2 miles NW NS809539 Waterloo
3.2 miles NNW NS830554 Torbush
3.8 miles NNW NS831564 Crindledyke
3.8 miles WNW NS794535 Gowkthrapple
3.8 miles NW NS803548 Greenhead
3.8 miles NW NS797541 Pather
4.0 miles NNW NS821563 Newmains
4.1 miles N NS837570 Bonkle
4.3 miles NW NS792548 Wishaw
4.6 miles N NS847579 Allanbank
4.5 miles N NS850578 Allanton (near Allanbank)
4.7 miles NW NS803566 Coltness
4.8 miles WNW NS780542 Netherton
5.0 miles N NS852585 Bowhousebog or Liquo ; Liquo
4.7 miles SSE NS880437 Lanark, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles SSE NS866461 Cartland
3.7 miles S NS855447 Nemphlar
4.0 miles SE NS885452 Jerviswood
4.9 miles SE NS905452 Cleghorn
7 miles ESE NS938460 Carstairs, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles E NS917493 Muirfoot
7 miles SSW NS814398 Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles SSW NS824470 Nethanfoot
2.7 miles SSW NS826466 Crossford
3.5 miles S NS835450 Hazelbank
3.5 miles WSW NS799475 Netherburn
3.7 miles SW NS809458 Tillietudlem
4.2 miles S NS840437 Stonebyres Holdings
4.3 miles SSE NS866438 Kirkfieldbank
4.5 miles SW NS795454 Draffan
4.8 miles SSW NS808437 Auchenheath


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.