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Places within 5 miles of Shotts,Lanarkshire, OS Gridref NS876599

NS876599 Shotts, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles SE NS878597 Calderhead
1.7 miles WSW NS849590 Hartwood
2.2 miles NNW NS866634 Hirst
2.3 miles NNE NS889634 West Benhar
2.5 miles NW NS851630 Kirk of Shotts (Kirk o Shotts)
2.8 miles NNE NS894640 Eastfield (near Harthill)
3.3 miles NNE NS905645 Harthill
3.3 miles WNW NS829626 Salsburgh
3.5 miles E NS931607 Fauldhouse
3.5 miles E NS932608 Greenburn
4.0 miles W NS811605 Hareshaw
4.2 miles E NS943592 Leven Seat
4.3 miles WSW NS808583 Bellside
4.6 miles NNW NS854670 Forrestfield
4.7 miles W NS801587 Parkside
4.7 miles SW NS815555 Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.5 miles SE NS882593 Stane
0.7 miles E NS888599 Torbothie
0.9 miles SE NS887590 Springhill
1.7 miles WSW NS852585 Bowhousebog or Liquo ; Liquo
2.0 miles SW NS850578 Allanton (near Allanbank)
2.2 miles SW NS847579 Allanbank
3.0 miles SW NS837570 Bonkle
3.5 miles SW NS831564 Crindledyke
4.0 miles SW NS830554 Torbush
4.0 miles SW NS830553 Morningside
4.1 miles SW NS821563 Newmains
4.7 miles SW NS830539 Bogside
5.0 miles WSW NS803566 Coltness
6 miles NE NS945649 Whitburn, West_Lothian which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NE NS911647 Greenrigg
4.8 miles ENE NS949625 Longridge
10 miles NE NS966724 Torphichen, West_Lothian which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles NNE NS896667 Blackridge
4.9 miles NNE NS905673 Westrigg


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.