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Places within 5 miles of Errol,Perthshire, OS Gridref NO252227

NO252227 Errol, Perthshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles N NO250270 Westown
2.9 miles N NO256273 Middlebank
2.7 miles NW NO220257 Kilspindie, Perthshire
2.9 miles SSW NO235184 Newburgh, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles SSW NO243186 Lindores Abbey
2.7 miles S NO243184 Lindores Abbey Farm
2.7 miles SSW NO236186 The Shore
3.0 miles S NO245180 Burnside
3.1 miles SSW NO228183 Mugdrum
3.5 miles SW NO218183 Lady Fishing Lodge
3.5 miles SSW NO227177 Woodriffe
3.7 miles SSW NO228172 Newburgh Common
3.7 miles SW NO212182 Wonder Fishing Lodge
3.8 miles SSW NO230169 Newburgh Muir
4.0 miles SSW NO229167 Whinnybank
4.0 miles SSW NO223169 Ninewells Farm
4.0 miles SSW NO233165 Thane Croft
4.2 miles SSW NO237162 Easter Lumbenny
4.3 miles SSW NO227163 Lochmill
4.6 miles SSW NO228157 Clevitch
4.7 miles SSW NO226156 Wester Lumbenny
3.2 miles N NO262278 Inchmartine, Perthshire
3.4 miles SE NO288185 Dunbog, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles SE NO275194 Old Higham
2.9 miles SSE NO272185 Blinkbonny
3.0 miles SSE NO277186 Higham
3.2 miles SE NO295197 Aytounhill
3.9 miles SE NO302188 Denmuir
3.9 miles SE NO292178 Johnston
4.0 miles SE NO296179 Balmeadie
4.2 miles SE NO302183 Ayton
4.7 miles SE NO306173 Collairnie
3.8 miles E NO313225 Flisk, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles SE NO273202 Ballinbreich
2.0 miles ESE NO280209 Camcase
2.3 miles SE NO276199 Bankside
2.5 miles ESE NO288207 Logie Farm
3.0 miles SE NO282188 Glenduckie
3.2 miles ESE NO300211 Fliskmillan
3.3 miles SE NO286187 Countryhills
3.7 miles ESE NO308208 Balhelvie
3.8 miles ESE NO312212 Pittachope
4.5 miles E NO324225 East Flisk
3.9 miles S NO259164 Abdie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles S NO257196 Jocks Hole Fishing Lodge
2.2 miles S NO252192 California Fishing Lodge
2.5 miles S NO246186 Parkhill
2.6 miles S NO250185 Parkhill House
2.8 miles S NO249182 Old Parkhill
3.0 miles S NO245179 Craig Mill
3.0 miles S NO248178 Reelpington
3.2 miles S NO255176 Braeside (1)
3.1 miles S NO246177 Free Church
3.1 miles SSW NO235180 Mount Pleasant
3.2 miles SSE NO273179 Blinkbonny Lodge
3.2 miles S NO257175 Braeside of Lindores
3.2 miles S NO249175 Denmill / Denmylne
3.3 miles S NO260175 Mains of Lindores ; Braeside Mains
3.4 miles S NO252172 Den of Lindores
3.5 miles S NO252171 Glenburnie
3.6 miles S NO244170 Ormiston
3.7 miles S NO251168 North Grange
3.7 miles SSE NO265168 Lindores
3.8 miles SSE NO263167 Lindores House
3.8 miles S NO246166 Ormiston Farm Cottages
3.8 miles S NO254165 Grange of Lindores
3.9 miles SSE NO271167 Inchrye Abbey
4.0 miles SSW NO238164 Gallow Knowe
4.1 miles S NO245161 Hattonhill / Halton Hill
4.0 miles S NO259162 Manse
4.1 miles SSW NO237163 Purliehall
4.2 miles S NO258159 Berryhill
4.5 miles SSE NO273158 Cairniehill
4.8 miles SSE NO284157 Whitefield
4.7 miles S NO261152 Woodhead
4.8 miles SSE NO271152 Woodmill Mains
4.8 miles SSE NO271151 Woodmill House
4.1 miles NNE NO280287 Inchture, Perthshire
4.1 miles NNE NO280287 Rossie, Perthshire
4.2 miles WSW NO190200 St Madoes, Perthshire which encompasses the area containing:
St Maddoes
4.7 miles E NO327214 Creich, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles ESE NO318212 Craigsimmie
4.5 miles ESE NO322208 Brunton
4.6 miles ESE NO319195 Carphin
4.6 miles ESE NO317191 Wester Kinsleith
4.9 miles ESE NO317182 Balmeadowside

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 2 miles NE NO270240 Muirhouses , Perthshire
~ 2 miles NNE NO260250 Grange , Perthshire
~ 2 miles ENE NO280240 Seaside , Perthshire
~ 3 miles WSW NO210210 Leetown , Perthshire
~ 3 miles NW NO220260 Rait , Perthshire
~ 4 miles W NO200220 Glendoick , Perthshire
~ 4 miles NNW NO240280 Kinnaird , Angus
~ 4 miles WSW NO200210 Chapelhill , Perthshire
~ 4 miles WSW NO200210 Cottown , Perthshire
~ 4 miles WSW NO190210 Glencarse , Perthshire
~ 5 miles NE NO310270 Templehall , Perthshire
~ 5 miles WSW NO180200 Inchyra , Perthshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.