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Places within 5 miles of Kilsyth,Stirlingshire, OS Gridref NS717782

NS717782 Kilsyth, Stirlingshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.3 miles W NS712782 Balmalloch
1.4 miles WSW NS695775 Queenzieburn
2.1 miles ENE NS749793 Banton
2.2 miles ENE NS749799 High Banton
3.8 miles SE NS765745 Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles S NS719768 Auchinstarry
1.7 miles SSE NS728756 Croy (near Cumbernauld)
2.0 miles ESE NS746767 Dullatur (near Cumbernauld)
2.5 miles SE NS739747 Balloch (near Cumbernauld)
2.8 miles SE NS751753 Eastfield
3.0 miles SSE NS726734 Westfield (near Cumbernauld)
3.3 miles SE NS757745 Seafar (near Cumbernauld)
3.4 miles SSE NS738731 Condorrat (near Cumbernauld)
3.5 miles SSE NS735728 Dalshannon (near Cumbernauld)
3.6 miles E NS774771 Wardpark (near Cumbernauld)
3.7 miles ESE NS766750 Kildrum (near Cumbernauld)
3.8 miles SE NS765745 Cumbernauld Village
3.8 miles SE NS750731 Greenfaulds (near Cumbernauld)
3.8 miles SE NS764741 Carbrain (near Cumbernauld)
4.0 miles SE NS763737 Lenziemill (near Cumbernauld)
4.2 miles ESE NS780757 Abronhill (near Cumbernauld)
4.2 miles E NS785779 Castlecary
4.3 miles SE NS759726 Blairlinn (near Cumbernauld)
4.5 miles SE NS763727 Luggiebank
4.7 miles E NS792792 Haggs
3.9 miles SW NS678732 Waterside, Dunbartonshire
4.8 miles SW NS655735 Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles SSE NS728756 Croy
1.9 miles SSW NS700756 Twechar
2.7 miles WSW NS678765 Auchinreoch (Auchenreoch)
3.5 miles SW NS675745 Harestanes (near Kirkintilloch)
3.9 miles SW NS673737 Rosebank (Kirkintilloch)
4.2 miles WSW NS652768 Milton of Campsie (near Kirkintilloch)
4.3 miles WSW NS654753 Birdston (near Kirkintilloch)
4.4 miles SW NS665734 Oxgang (near Kirkintilloch)
7 miles ENE NS811827 Denny, Stirlingshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles E NS783789 Banknock
4.4 miles ENE NS785801 Braeface
4.7 miles E NS792792 Longcroft
8 miles WSW NS615723 Cadder, Lanarkshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles S NS718716 Mollinsburn
4.7 miles S NS700708 Moodiesburn
5.0 miles SSW NS686708 Bridgend


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.