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Places within 5 miles of Batley,Yorkshire (West Riding), OS Gridref SE233248

SE233248 Batley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles E SE236248 Carlinghow
0.5 miles SW SE228242 Healey
0.6 miles WNW SE224251 White Lee
0.7 miles SSE SE238238 Clerk Green
0.7 miles S SE231237 Staincliffe
0.7 miles SSW SE230237 Staincliffe Hall
0.6 miles NNE SE238257 Upper Batley
0.7 miles NNW SE228259 Brown Hills
0.8 miles ESE SE244242 Havercroft
0.9 miles ENE SE245255 Howley Hall
1.0 miles SE SE245237 Purlwell Hall
1.0 miles SSW SE229233 Staincliffe Moor
1.4 miles SSE SE240227 Batley Carr
1.4 miles N SE236270 Holden Clough
1.9 miles NE SE256269 Cross Hall
2.4 miles NNE SE246284 Gildersome Street
2.5 miles NE SE259279 New Brighton
2.7 miles NNE SE243291 Gildersome
2.8 miles NE SE265279 Morley
2.8 miles ENE SE275265 Topcliffe
3.2 miles NE SE268285 Daisy Hill
3.3 miles ENE SE278277 Bantam Grove
3.7 miles NE SE271293 Churwell
1.0 miles NW SE223261 Birstall, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
0.6 miles SE SE240241 Field Head
0.9 miles NW SE223259 Birstall Smithies
1.1 miles NNW SE228265 Copley Hill
1.1 miles N SE233266 Howden Clough
1.4 miles SW SE215235 Heckmondwike
1.3 miles WSW SE213242 Westfield
1.7 miles NNW SE219272 Oakwell
1.7 miles NW SE217271 Oakwell Hall
1.9 miles WSW SE204241 Littletown
2.0 miles W SE201245 Eddercliffe
1.9 miles WNW SE205261 Gomersal
1.9 miles W SE202245 Little Town
2.0 miles WSW SE203237 Liversedge ; Great Gomersal ; Little Gomersal
2.1 miles SW SE205228 Norristhorpe
2.2 miles WNW SE199257 Spen
2.2 miles NNW SE225283 Moorside
2.4 miles NNW SE220284 Adwalton
2.4 miles NW SE205274 Swincliffe
2.4 miles NW SE207277 Birkenshaw Bottoms
2.5 miles NNW SE224287 Drighlington
2.6 miles WSW SE197226 Roberttown ; Robert Town
2.7 miles W SE190240 Hightown ; High Town
2.9 miles WNW SE192268 Merchant Fields
2.9 miles NW SE201282 Birkenshaw ; Birkinshaw
3.2 miles W SE183256 Cleckheaton
3.2 miles N SE234299 Cockersdale
3.2 miles NNE SE243298 Moor Head
3.3 miles WNW SE186274 Hunsworth
3.4 miles W SE178244 Hightown Heights
3.5 miles N SE223304 Tong
3.6 miles NNW SE203298 Weskett Hill
3.6 miles NNW SE202297 Westgate Hill ; Westgate Hill
3.7 miles W SE173247 Hartshead Moor Side
4.1 miles W SE167253 Hartshead Moor Top
4.2 miles WNW SE173278 Oakenshaw
4.2 miles W SE167258 Scholes ; Okenshaw
4.3 miles NW SE190302 Tong Hall
4.3 miles NW SE193304 Tong Lane End
4.6 miles NW SE184304 East Bierley
5.0 miles WNW SE155267 Wyke ; Wike
1.9 miles SSE SE244220 Dewsbury, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles SSE SE240237 Mount Pleasant
1.3 miles SE SE250236 Hanging Heaton
1.4 miles S SE229226 Knowles Hill
1.4 miles S SE231225 Knowles Lump
1.5 miles ESE SE256243 Soothill ; Lower Soothill ; Upper Soothill
1.6 miles SSW SE226224 Pismire Hill
1.6 miles S SE228222 Dewsbury Moor Side
1.8 miles S SE235219 Boothroyd ; Lower Boothroyd ; Upper Boothroyd
1.9 miles SSE SE248222 Crackenedge
1.9 miles S SE235218 Daw Green
1.9 miles SSE SE244220 Spink Well
2.1 miles S SE234214 Crow Nest
2.3 miles ESE SE267233 Chidswell ; Chidsall
2.4 miles SSE SE249212 Dewsbury Mills
2.4 miles SE SE263223 Gawthorpe
2.5 miles SE SE266226 Shaw Cross
2.8 miles SE SE260212 Chickenley
2.9 miles SSE SE254207 Earls Heaton
3.3 miles WSW SE186223 Hartshead
3.3 miles SE SE275215 Ossett Street Side
3.3 miles ESE SE278220 Streetside
4.0 miles SE SE285211 Flushdyke
3.9 miles ESE SE286214 Lodge Hill
3.9 miles SE SE278204 Ossett
4.2 miles SSE SE270192 Healey
4.2 miles WSW SE171223 Kirklees Hall
4.2 miles SE SE289209 Shepherd Hill
4.3 miles ESE SE296218 Low Laithes
4.5 miles WSW SE163227 Clifton
4.6 miles SE SE286196 South Ossett
4.7 miles SE SE290200 Ossett Spa
3.5 miles E SE288259 Woodkirk, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles ENE SE265268 Birks
2.9 miles E SE279245 Beggarington Hill
2.9 miles E SE279254 Upper Green
2.9 miles E SE280253 Lee Fair Green ; Lower Lee Fair Green ; Upper Green ; Upper Lee Fair Green
3.1 miles E SE283243 Haigh Moor (formerly Common Side)
3.4 miles E SE288254 Westerton Hall ; Ardsley West ; West Ardsley ; Westerton
3.5 miles E SE289258 Tingley
3.6 miles ENE SE290260 Tingley House
3.7 miles ENE SE287272 Dunningley
3.7 miles SW SE200199 Mirfield, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles SSW SE212209 Northorpe
2.9 miles SSW SE221203 Ravensthorpe
3.1 miles SSW SE207205 Town Gate
3.3 miles SSW SE211200 Blake Hall
3.7 miles SSW SE201198 Hopton
3.9 miles SW SE182211 Nunbrook
4.4 miles SSW SE197187 Upper Hopton
4.2 miles SSE SE252184 Thornhill, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles SSE SE245207 Saville Town
3.2 miles S SE239196 Thornhill Lees
3.7 miles SSE SE248191 Hill Top
3.7 miles SSE SE247190 Combs
3.9 miles S SE235185 Fox Royd
4.0 miles S SE244185 Overthorpe
4.1 miles SSE SE248184 Lees Hall
4.3 miles S SE221179 Whitley Lower ; Lower Whitley
4.4 miles SSE SE252180 Thornhill Edge
4.6 miles S SE233174 Briestfield
4.6 miles SSE SE261180 Smithy Brook ; Briestwhistle
4.4 miles E SE304254 East Ardsley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
Ardsley East
4.7 miles E SE309256 The Fall
4.9 miles E SE312248 Lawns
5.0 miles SW SE185184 Kirkheaton, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles S SE229184 Upper Whitley
4.3 miles SW SE180203 Heaton Lodge
4.4 miles SW SE183197 Bogg Hall
4.5 miles SW SE178202 Colne Bridge
4.5 miles S SE225175 Whitley Hall
4.8 miles SW SE180192 Upper Heaton
4.8 miles SSW SE202176 Dransfield Hill
8 miles NNW SE204368 Calverley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles N SE224318 Fulneck
4.7 miles N SE238323 Troydale
7 miles NE SE300335 Leeds, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles N SE240304 Upper Moor Side
3.6 miles N SE243305 Farnley Moorside
3.9 miles NNE SE246310 New Farnley
4.2 miles NNE SE265307 Beeston Royds
4.5 miles NNE SE248319 Farnley
4.6 miles NE SE284302 Mill Shaw
4.7 miles NE SE291295 Beeston Park Side
4.7 miles NNE SE269314 Far Royds
4.8 miles NE SE277312 Royds ; Far Royds ; Near Royds
9 miles W SE098253 Halifax, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
1.2 miles SSW SE223231 Haugh End
1.6 miles S SE228222 Toothill
7 miles ESE SE327206 Wakefield, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles ESE SE296228 Kirkhamgate
4.3 miles ESE SE301230 Beck Bottom
4.5 miles ESE SE303233 Brandy Carr
4.9 miles ESE SE308223 Silcoates
7 miles NW SE167330 Bradford, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles NW SE197292 East Bierley
4.6 miles NW SE180299 Bierley
4.6 miles NW SE180299 North Bierley
4.6 miles NW SE180299 South Bierley
4.6 miles NW SE180299 West Bierley
5.0 miles NW SE183311 Dudley Hill
8 miles SW SE144165 Huddersfield, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles SW SE167203 Bradley
8 miles ENE SE344285 Rothwell, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles ENE SE300273 Middleton


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.