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Places within 5 miles of Leeds,Yorkshire (West Riding), OS Gridref SE300335

SE300335 Leeds, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles S SE300331 Tenters
0.6 miles SSE SE304326 Hunslet Lane
0.7 miles NW SE290342 Little Wood House
0.9 miles SSW SE293323 Holbeck
1.1 miles NNE SE309349 Sheepscar
1.1 miles N SE300352 Wood House Carr ; Great Wood House Carr ; Little Wood House Carr
1.2 miles ENE SE317344 Burmantofts
1.2 miles WSW SE282330 New Wortley
1.2 miles N SE301355 Buslingthorpe
1.4 miles SSE SE308314 Hunslet
1.4 miles SE SE317321 Knowsthorpe
1.3 miles NNW SE290353 Woodhouse ; Knostrop
1.4 miles SSW SE294313 Beeston Hill
1.5 miles WSW SE278325 Wortley ; Lower Wortley ; Upper Wortley
1.6 miles WNW SE278347 Burley
1.6 miles W SE274338 Armley
1.7 miles ESE SE324323 Cross Green
1.6 miles NW SE284356 Headingley ; Heddingley
1.7 miles ENE SE325347 Harehills
1.7 miles SSE SE307308 Hunslett Carr
1.7 miles E SE328338 Osmondthorpe
1.9 miles SSW SE286309 Beeston
2.0 miles WSW SE271322 Green Side
2.0 miles SW SE277312 Royds ; Far Royds ; Near Royds
2.2 miles ENE SE333348 Coldcotes
2.1 miles N SE294368 Miles Hill
2.2 miles NNE SE309369 Potternewton ; Calcoats ; Caldcotes
2.2 miles NNE SE308370 Allerton Gledhow
2.3 miles WSW SE269314 Far Royds
2.3 miles SSW SE284302 Mill Shaw
2.4 miles NNE SE318369 Gledhow
2.5 miles ENE SE337351 Gipton
2.4 miles NE SE327363 Oakwood
2.4 miles SE SE323303 Skelton
2.5 miles W SE259329 Armley House
2.5 miles SSW SE291295 Beeston Park Side
2.5 miles WNW SE265356 Kirkstall
2.6 miles N SE300377 Chapel Allerton
2.8 miles SW SE265307 Beeston Royds
2.8 miles WNW SE256345 Hill Top
2.8 miles WNW SE262359 Kirkstall Bridge
2.8 miles NNW SE288378 Meanwood
2.8 miles NW SE268367 New Grange
2.7 miles W SE257342 Upper Armley
2.7 miles W SE257343 Wither ; Kirkstall Grange
2.9 miles SSE SE312291 Belle Isle
3.0 miles NNE SE313381 Allerton Grange
3.0 miles W SE252335 Gamble Hill
3.1 miles ENE SE344358 Brooklands
3.1 miles WNW SE257361 Kirkstall Abbey
3.2 miles N SE307386 Moortown
3.2 miles WNW SE253356 Sandford
3.1 miles NNW SE272377 Weetwood
3.3 miles WSW SE248319 Farnley
3.4 miles WNW SE246346 New Scarbro
3.4 miles NNW SE270381 Weetwood Hall
3.5 miles N SE309391 Moor Allerton
3.6 miles NW SE262379 Moor Grange
3.5 miles NW SE262377 West Park ; Monk Allerton
3.7 miles N SE299394 Camps Town
3.7 miles WNW SE245357 Moorside
3.8 miles WNW SE245361 Bramley
3.7 miles NW SE252371 Hawksworth
3.8 miles NNW SE270388 Lawnswood
3.7 miles WSW SE246310 New Farnley
4.0 miles WSW SE243305 Farnley Moorside
3.9 miles NW SE262385 Ireland Wood
4.1 miles W SE234335 Hough Side
4.1 miles W SE234338 Swinnow Moor
4.0 miles WNW SE240361 Whitecote
4.2 miles WSW SE240304 Upper Moor Side
4.8 miles W SE223343 Stanningley ; Staningley
3.8 miles E SE361340 Whitkirk, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.1 miles ESE SE333326 Thornes
2.7 miles E SE343332 Halton Moor
2.8 miles E SE345337 Thorpe Stapleton
2.9 miles ENE SE344347 Killingbeck
3.0 miles E SE348335 Dial Halton
3.0 miles E SE348338 Halton
3.2 miles SE SE342306 Thorpe Hall
3.5 miles ENE SE353355 Parklands
3.6 miles ESE SE356322 Temple Newsam
3.8 miles ENE SE353366 Seacroft
4.1 miles ENE SE364352 Manston
4.1 miles ESE SE361309 Newsam Green ; Newsome Green
4.2 miles E SE367333 Colton
4.2 miles E SE368339 Austhorpe
4.3 miles E SE369340 Austhorpe Hall
4.8 miles E SE377338 Brown Moor
4.2 miles SE SE344285 Rothwell, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles SE SE325305 Stourton
2.7 miles SSE SE313293 Belle Isle
3.2 miles SSE SE327292 Thwaite Mills
3.6 miles SE SE337291 Rothwell Haigh
3.8 miles S SE300273 Middleton
3.9 miles SSE SE323276 Robin Hood
4.2 miles SE SE351291 John o' Gaunts
4.2 miles SSE SE314269 Thorpe On The Hill
4.5 miles SSE SE336271 Carlton
4.7 miles SE SE361289 Woodlesford ; Wriglesworth
5.0 miles SSE SE332262 Lofthouse
4.2 miles NNW SE271397 Adel, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles NW SE255394 Tinshill
5.0 miles NNW SE260404 Holt Park
4.8 miles S SE288259 Woodkirk, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles SSW SE287272 Dunningley
4.7 miles SSW SE265268 Birks
4.7 miles S SE290260 Tingley House ; Ardsley West ; West Ardsley ; Westerton
4.8 miles S SE289258 Tingley
7 miles WNW SE204368 Calverley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles W SE238323 Troydale
4.6 miles W SE226339 Owlcoats
4.7 miles W SE225338 Park Lodge
4.7 miles W SE224334 Gibraltar Mill
4.8 miles WSW SE224318 Fulneck
5.0 miles W SE220337 Pudsey
6 miles S SE304254 East Ardsley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles S SE309256 The Fall
6 miles ESE SE383303 Swillington, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles ESE SE367302 Leventhorpe Hall
7 miles SW SE233248 Batley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles SW SE271293 Churwell
3.7 miles SSW SE268285 Daisy Hill
3.8 miles SSW SE278277 Bantam Grove
4.1 miles SSW SE265279 Morley
4.3 miles SW SE259279 New Brighton
4.5 miles SW SE243291 Gildersome
4.6 miles SW SE246284 Gildersome Street
4.6 miles SSW SE275265 Topcliffe
4.9 miles SW SE256269 Cross Hall
7 miles ENE SE397373 Barwick In Elmet, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.9 miles NNE SE315380 Lidgett Park
2.9 miles NE SE335366 Roundhay
3.5 miles NE SE346369 Beechwood
3.6 miles E SE357346 Cross Gates
3.9 miles NE SE348376 Monkswood
4.2 miles NE SE340389 Hobberley House
4.3 miles ENE SE364361 Swarcliffe
4.3 miles NE SE352380 Wellington Hill
4.3 miles ENE SE361367 Whinmoor
4.4 miles ENE SE367358 Stanks
4.6 miles NE SE344394 Red Hall
4.7 miles ENE SE371360 Barnbow Carr
4.7 miles ENE SE374352 Pendas Fields
4.8 miles ENE SE368373 Morwick
7 miles NE SE379405 Thorner, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles NE SE332378 Roundhay Grange
4.7 miles NE SE342398 Shadwell
7 miles SW SE223261 Birstall, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles WSW SE243298 Moor Head
4.7 miles WSW SE234299 Cockersdale
8 miles N SE322450 Harewood, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles N SE303405 Alwoodley
4.3 miles N SE293405 Alwoodley Park
4.5 miles NNE SE315406 Alwoodley Gates
4.5 miles NNE SE330402 Slaid Hill
4.7 miles NNE SE328405 Wigton
4.9 miles N SE301414 Alwoodley Old Hall
4.9 miles NNE SE334406 Brandon
4.9 miles NNE SE319412 Manor House
9 miles NW SE188420 Guiseley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles NW SE244376 Horsforth Woodside
4.6 miles WNW SE237374 Cragg Hill
4.6 miles WNW SE234369 New Laiths
4.8 miles NW SE240384 Horsforth
4.9 miles WNW SE231374 Low Fold


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.