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Places within 5 miles of Sheffield,Yorkshire (West Riding), OS Gridref SK355875

SK355875 Sheffield, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
0.3 miles NE SK358879 Wicker
0.4 miles N SK355882 Bridge Houses
0.5 miles WSW SK347873 Porto Bello
0.7 miles NNE SK359885 Burngreave
0.7 miles SSE SK360864 Farm
0.9 miles NW SK345885 Philadelphia
1.0 miles SW SK342866 Broom Hall
1.1 miles S SK352858 Highfield
1.1 miles NW SK344888 Neepsend
1.1 miles WNW SK339882 Upper Thorpe
1.1 miles W SK337876 Crookesmoor
1.1 miles W SK337876 Crooks moor
1.2 miles NW SK343890 Farfield
1.1 miles NNW SK349892 Parkwood Springs
1.2 miles N SK357894 Pitsmoor
1.1 miles SE SK370865 Sheffield Park
1.2 miles S SK354855 Lowfield
1.2 miles SSW SK349856 Mount Pleasant
1.2 miles SSE SK365858 Park Grange
1.2 miles N SK358895 Pittsmoor ; Pitts Moor
1.3 miles NW SK342891 Hill Foot
1.4 miles WNW SK335885 Nether Hallam
1.4 miles ESE SK376867 Sheffield Manor
1.4 miles N SK356897 Shirecliffe Hall
1.4 miles NNE SK366895 Carrwood
1.5 miles NW SK340894 High House
1.5 miles ESE SK378867 Manor Park
1.4 miles SW SK341857 Sharrow
1.4 miles SW SK341857 Sharrowhead
1.4 miles WNW SK333880 Steel Bank
1.4 miles WNW SK335887 Walkley
1.6 miles SE SK373857 Arbourthorne
1.6 miles WSW SK331868 Tapton Grove
1.6 miles ENE SK378887 Attercliffe
1.6 miles NNE SK360900 Crabtree
1.7 miles W SK328874 Crookes
1.6 miles W SK329874 Crooks ; Attercliffe cum Darnall
1.8 miles SW SK339851 Cherry Tree Hill
1.7 miles S SK359847 Heeley
1.8 miles SSW SK344848 Machon Bank
1.8 miles NE SK378893 New Hall
1.7 miles WNW SK330887 Walkley Bank ; Machin Bank ; Nether Heeley ; Upper Heeley
1.9 miles WNW SK327887 Bell Hagg
1.9 miles NE SK377895 Brightside Bierlow
1.9 miles NNE SK371900 Grimesthorpe
1.9 miles NW SK337899 Owlerton
1.9 miles NNW SK349904 Shirecliffe
1.9 miles W SK325870 Tapton Hill
2.0 miles ENE SK382892 Attercliffe Hall
1.9 miles SSW SK339848 Edge
2.0 miles WSW SK325863 Endcliffe Hall
1.9 miles W SK324871 Lydgate
1.9 miles N SK356906 Norwood Hall ; Edge End ; Lidgate
2.0 miles NW SK335901 Burrow Lee
2.1 miles SW SK331851 Brincliffe
2.2 miles W SK320878 Clough Field
2.2 miles W SK320870 Cross Poole
2.1 miles WNW SK326893 Malinbridge
2.2 miles ESE SK385857 Manor Estate
2.1 miles SSW SK340845 Nether Edge
2.2 miles SSE SK368843 Rollestone ; Crosspoole
2.3 miles E SK392880 Darnall Hall
2.3 miles SW SK325854 Greystones
2.3 miles SSE SK371842 Newfield Green
2.2 miles NNW SK341908 Scraith
2.2 miles WSW SK321863 Tapton Grange
2.4 miles SSW SK335843 Carter Knowle
2.4 miles N SK359913 Longley
2.4 miles WSW SK319862 Ranmoor ; Rand Moor ; Stockwell Green
2.5 miles SW SK328846 Banner Cross
2.5 miles NE SK388898 Carbrook
2.5 miles E SK395879 Darnall
2.5 miles NW SK328905 Hillsborough
2.6 miles SW SK326845 Ecclesall Bierlow ; Ecclesall
2.7 miles NE SK385907 Brightside
2.8 miles WSW SK314856 Nether Green
2.7 miles WSW SK312866 Sandygate
2.9 miles SW SK328838 Button Hill
2.9 miles SSW SK334833 Miln Houses
3.0 miles SSW SK330833 Millhouses
3.2 miles SW SK316842 Bent's Green
3.2 miles WSW SK308856 Fulwood
3.2 miles SSE SK383832 Gleadless
3.1 miles WSW SK308857 Stumper Low Hall ; Gleadleys
3.3 miles SW SK320834 Little Common
3.3 miles SW SK319835 Parkhead
3.5 miles WSW SK307846 Whiteley Wood Hall
3.7 miles SSW SK327823 Abbeydale
3.7 miles SW SK318828 Whirlow
4.0 miles SW SK312828 Whirlow Brook
4.4 miles WSW SK286860 Lodge Moor
4.8 miles SSW SK317808 Abbeydale Park
4.8 miles WSW SK284844 Bassett
3.4 miles S SK359820 Norton, Derbyshire which encompasses the area containing:
~ 3 miles S SK350840 Meersbrook
~ 3 miles S SK360830 Hemsworth
3.0 miles S SK354827 Bolehill (Norton)
3.5 miles S SK346820 Meadow Head
~ 4 miles S SK350820 Norton Woodseats
3.7 miles SSE SK377819 Lightwood
~ 5 miles S SK350810 Jordanthorpe
~ 5 miles SSW SK340810 Greenhill
3.5 miles ESE SK410864 Handsworth, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles SSE SK373842 Hurlefield
2.6 miles SE SK387848 Intack End ; Intake
2.7 miles ESE SK394854 Woodthorpe
2.9 miles ESE SK397855 Lamb Hill
3.0 miles ESE SK400857 Richmond
3.1 miles SE SK390840 Hollins End
3.5 miles ESE SK409859 Bramley Hall
3.6 miles ESE SK405846 Normanton Spring
4.0 miles ESE SK418862 Ballifield Hall
4.1 miles ESE SK415847 Coisley Hill
4.2 miles ESE SK418849 Handsworth Woodhouse
4.2 miles ESE SK418849 Woodhouse ; Handsworth Wood House
3.8 miles SSW SK333817 Beauchief, Derbyshire
4.2 miles N SK353942 Ecclesfield, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
1.3 miles N SK356896 Shirtcliffe Hall
2.0 miles NNW SK339904 Wardsend
2.1 miles WNW SK326892 Malinbridge
2.1 miles NNE SK369906 Page Hall ; Malin Bridge ; Malon Bridge
2.3 miles N SK353912 Longley Estate
2.4 miles NNE SK369910 Firth Park
2.5 miles NNE SK363914 Brush House
2.6 miles N SK360917 Elm Green
2.6 miles NNW SK342915 Southey Green
2.8 miles NNE SK371917 Pismire Hill
2.8 miles NNW SK334915 Wadsley Bridge
2.7 miles NNE SK378913 Winco Bank Hall
2.9 miles NNE SK380915 High Wincobank
2.9 miles N SK355922 Parson Cross
3.0 miles W SK307878 Under Tofts
2.9 miles NW SK320906 Wadsley
3.0 miles NNW SK335920 Birley Car
3.0 miles NNW SK334919 Birley Carr
3.0 miles NNE SK367922 Hatfield House
3.2 miles N SK345925 Darlands
3.1 miles NNE SK372922 Shire Green ; Dearland
3.2 miles NE SK385917 Winco Bank
3.3 miles NE SK387918 Low Wincobank
3.3 miles WNW SK306898 Loxley
3.3 miles NNE SK370927 Shiregreen
3.3 miles W SK302884 Stannington ; Nether Gate ; Upper Gate
3.4 miles NW SK319917 Middlewood
3.5 miles NW SK319918 Middlewood Hall
3.6 miles NNW SK330927 Birley Edge
3.5 miles NNE SK370930 Nether Shire
3.5 miles NNE SK373929 Shire House
3.8 miles NW SK310917 Yews
4.1 miles W SK289877 Bingley Seat
4.1 miles NNW SK337938 Grenoside
4.0 miles W SK290876 Rails
4.0 miles WNW SK292892 Storrs Green
4.2 miles NNE SK370940 Butterthwaite
4.2 miles NNW SK341941 Middleton Green
4.2 miles NW SK307921 Worrall
4.2 miles W SK288887 Stopes
4.3 miles WNW SK288894 Storrs
4.5 miles N SK344946 Whitley
4.5 miles WNW SK288905 Stacey Bank
4.7 miles NW SK308934 Oughtibridge
4.7 miles N SK345949 Whitley Hall ; Oughty Bridge
4.7 miles WNW SK281893 Hill Top
4.9 miles WNW SK280899 Dungworth
4.9 miles WNW SK287915 Holdworth
5.0 miles NW SK293925 Combes
5.0 miles NNW SK338953 Wood Seats ; Far Combes ; Near Combes
4.7 miles SE SK402815 Ridgeway (Eckington), Derbyshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles SE SK401811 Ridgeway Moor
4.8 miles E SK432878 Treeton, Yorkshire (West Riding)
4.9 miles SW SK307812 Dore, Derbyshire
6 miles NE SK429929 Rotherham, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NE SK403910 Tinsley
3.7 miles NE SK393921 Meadow Hall
4.1 miles NE SK395927 Hill Top
4.2 miles NE SK394930 Blackburn Moor
4.2 miles E SK422868 Orgrave
4.2 miles NNE SK379937 Thundercliffe Grange ; Blackburne Common
4.2 miles ENE SK414909 Brinsworth ; Brindsworth
4.3 miles NE SK413915 Temple Brough
4.4 miles E SK425886 Catcliffe
4.7 miles ENE SK428892 Howorth Hall
4.7 miles NE SK404932 Kimberworth
4.7 miles NE SK411926 Holmes
4.8 miles NNE SK397941 Dropping Well
4.9 miles NE SK413928 Ferham
5.0 miles NE SK410933 Bradgate
5.0 miles NE SK415928 Masbrough
6 miles ESE SK443836 Beighton (Corrected from SK290510), Derbyshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles SE SK397838 Frecheville (Frecheville were Lords of Manor)
~ 5 miles SE SK410830 Hackenthorpe
7 miles ENE SK457901 Whiston, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles ENE SK427909 Canklow
7 miles SE SK432797 Eckington, Derbyshire which encompasses the area containing:
~ 3 miles SSE SK370830 Gleadless Valley
3.4 miles SSE SK384828 Charnock Hall
~ 5 miles SE SK400820 Highlane
~ 5 miles SE SK410820 Moorhole
~ 5 miles SE SK410820 Owlthorpe

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

4.2 miles S SK350807 Lowedges , Derbyshire
4.3 miles S SK357805 Batemoor (Norton) , Derbyshire
4.7 miles WSW SK290837 Ringinglow (Sheffield) , Derbyshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.