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Places within 5 miles of South Tawton,Devon, OS Gridref SX652944

SX652944 South Tawton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles S SX652941 Moons Cross
0.3 miles NW SX648947 Black Hall
0.6 miles S SX651935 South Zeal
0.7 miles NNE SX658953 Craydon
0.7 miles SE SX659934 Dishcombe
0.7 miles N SX652956 Woodball
0.8 miles E SX665942 Oxenham
1.0 miles SSW SX648928 Ramsley
1.0 miles E SX668946 Trundlebeer
1.1 miles N SX654961 Wood House
1.1 miles SE SX666933 Adiscott
1.1 miles SSE SX656926 West Week ; West Wyke
1.3 miles NE SX667959 Great Youlden
1.3 miles NE SX667958 West Nymph
1.5 miles N SX657967 Wickington
1.6 miles E SX677944 Lovaton
1.6 miles N SX654969 Taw Green
1.7 miles SSE SX664919 East Week
1.9 miles NNE SX664971 Collybeer
2.0 miles NE SX678963 Two Post Cross
2.0 miles E SX685943 Coursebeer
2.0 miles NE SX676967 Langdown
2.2 miles NE SX679967 Allison
2.2 miles SE SX676918 Gooseford
2.2 miles ENE SX684960 East Nymph
2.4 miles ENE SX688959 Powlesland
2.5 miles NE SX678975 Sessland
2.7 miles NE SX684973 Cullaford
2.7 miles SE SX680911 East Ash
2.7 miles NNE SX667985 Great Cocktree ; Cocktree
3.1 miles N SX658994 Tawmill
3.2 miles NE SX683986 Hendicott
3.2 miles SE SX683902 Thorn
3.3 miles SE SX687904 Torrhill
3.3 miles NNE SX681990 Itton
3.5 miles NE SX690985 Justment
3.5 miles NNE SX682991 Thornes Itton
4.0 miles NE SX695992 Ham Farm
2.1 miles WSW SX619935 Belstone, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles W SX634944 Greenhill Farm
1.6 miles WSW SX628939 Skaigh
2.2 miles WSW SX620930 Birchy Lake
2.1 miles W SX618945 Priestacott
2.5 miles W SX612948 Eastlake
2.4 miles W SX613944 Tor Down
2.5 miles W SX611940 Cleave House
2.6 miles W SX611937 Old Rectory
2.6 miles W SX610947 Westlake
2.9 miles WSW SX608931 Chapel Ford
2.5 miles SSE SX667907 Throwleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles SSE SX661912 Clannaborough
3.0 miles SSE SX673901 Langston
3.2 miles SSE SX673896 Wonson
3.5 miles SSE SX675892 Providence Place
3.6 miles SE SX689899 Way
3.8 miles SE SX685892 Way Down
4.2 miles SE SX689888 St Johns
4.3 miles SSE SX687883 Murchington
3.2 miles ENE SX697967 Spreyton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles ENE SX691958 Nethercott
2.6 miles E SX693937 Hollycombe
3.1 miles NE SX693973 Heath
3.3 miles E SX705944 Fuidge
3.3 miles NE SX694978 Combe
3.3 miles ENE SX705956 St Cherries
3.4 miles ENE SX702968 Coffins
3.4 miles E SX706953 Falkedon
3.4 miles ENE SX699973 Highfield
3.4 miles E SX707947 South Beer ; Heath Cross
3.7 miles NE SX700978 North Beer
3.7 miles ENE SX708961 Rugroad
4.0 miles ENE SX708975 Week
4.2 miles NE SX703988 Downhayes
4.3 miles NE SX709982 Bowbeer
4.3 miles NE SX707986 Great Begbeer
4.2 miles ENE SX713974 Woodhouse
4.5 miles NE SX708989 Puddicombe Park
4.0 miles SSE SX670882 Gidleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles SSE SX669897 Forder
3.2 miles S SX658892 Ensworthy
3.3 miles SSE SX666892 Moortown
3.5 miles S SX653887 Buttern Hill
3.6 miles SSE SX674890 Chapple
3.7 miles S SX649884 Stone Circle
4.1 miles SSE SX665879 Berrydown
4.0 miles S SX657879 Creaber
4.2 miles SSE SX674881 Gidleigh Park
4.4 miles S SX657873 Scorhill Circle
4.5 miles S SX660871 Scorhill Tor
4.8 miles S SX660867 Batworthy
4.9 miles SSW SX629868 Thirlstone
4.0 miles W SX588952 Okehampton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles WNW SX614958 Stockley
2.7 miles W SX610953 Fatherford
2.7 miles WNW SX613962 North Alfordon ; Stockley Hamlet
2.9 miles WNW SX611965 Glendon
3.2 miles WSW SX601935 Halstock
3.4 miles WNW SX601965 Chichacott
3.8 miles WNW SX597971 Brightley
3.7 miles WNW SX597968 Knowle
3.8 miles W SX591938 Well Cross
4.1 miles W SX586942 Castle
4.0 miles WNW SX589960 Home Farm
4.1 miles W SX588958 Oaklands
4.2 miles WSW SX587929 Camp
4.3 miles WNW SX586965 Hooke
4.4 miles WNW SX593983 Hill Farm
4.7 miles W SX579960 Higher Upcott
4.4 miles NNW SS632012 Sampford Courtenay, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles NW SX644953 Willey
0.8 miles WSW SX640940 Sticklepath
1.1 miles WNW SX635949 Bude
1.5 miles WNW SX632958 Beer
1.4 miles NNW SX644966 Langabeer
1.5 miles WNW SX630954 Reddaway
1.7 miles N SX652971 Davencourt
1.9 miles WNW SX625959 Ball
1.9 miles NW SX629965 Church Hill Cross ; Ball Hill Farm
2.0 miles N SX649977 Halford
2.0 miles NNW SX636973 Treehill ; Halford Manor
2.3 miles WNW SX620962 Corsecombe
2.7 miles NW SX624977 Lydcott
2.9 miles N SX645989 Rowden
3.0 miles NNW SX628986 Belstone Corner
2.9 miles NW SX623981 Incott
3.0 miles NW SX616977 West Hill
3.1 miles NW SX621983 Ventown
3.2 miles NW SX612977 Appledore
3.2 miles NNW SX642995 Beacon Cross
3.6 miles NNW SS641001 Fullaford
3.5 miles NNW SX628996 Sampford Moor
3.7 miles NW SX618992 Hatherton
3.7 miles NW SX603979 Agistment
3.8 miles NNW SS637003 Trecott
3.9 miles N SS646007 Spires Cross
3.9 miles NW SX603984 Wood
4.4 miles NW SX601994 Brook Farm
4.5 miles NNW SS620009 Paize
4.4 miles NNW SS626010 Sampford Chapple
4.8 miles NNW SS638020 Langmead
4.8 miles NNW SS612010 Underdown
4.6 miles N SS664017 North Tawton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles N SS665003 Bathe Barton ; de Bathe Farm
3.8 miles N SS660005 Cottles Barton ; The Barton
4.0 miles NNE SS674004 Halse
4.1 miles NNE SS680004 Holla Crooke
4.2 miles NNE SS672008 Halsegate Cross
4.5 miles NNE SS684009 Crooke
4.5 miles N SS657016 Woolen Factory ; Crooke Burnell ; The Barton
4.6 miles N SS652018 Week
4.8 miles NNE SS689012 Sandford
4.8 miles NNE SS670019 Slade
4.8 miles N SS663021 Bouchers Hill
4.8 miles N SS651022 Bridge Farm
4.8 miles N SS665021 Burton Hall
5.0 miles NNE SS684017 Stone
6 miles E SX733954 Hittisleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles E SX707932 Flood
3.9 miles ENE SX714955 Westwood
4.1 miles E SX718943 Fursdon
4.2 miles E SX718934 Fursham
4.6 miles ENE SX723964 Swallowtree
4.5 miles ENE SX723960 Woodpark
4.8 miles ENE SX729958 Eastwood
6 miles SE SX701875 Chagford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles SE SX696893 Withecombe
4.4 miles SSE SX678878 Leigh Bridge
4.7 miles SSE SX688878 Holy Street House
4.7 miles SSE SX671871 Teigncombe ; Holy Street Manor
4.7 miles SE SX707891 Rushford Barton
4.9 miles SSE SX683871 Coombe
4.8 miles SSE SX675870 South Hill
6 miles NW SS602019 Exbourne, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles NW SX613999 Coombe Park
5.0 miles NW SS607010 Swanstone
6 miles ESE SX736908 Drewsteignton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles ESE SX684928 Martin
2.7 miles ESE SX690924 Whiddon Down
3.2 miles ESE SX695914 Tor Down
3.3 miles SE SX694910 Venton
3.4 miles ESE SX701920 Drascombe
3.5 miles E SX707933 Flood
3.4 miles ESE SX700917 Nattonhole
3.7 miles SE SX699909 Bradford Pool
3.8 miles SE SX700907 Spinsters Rock
3.8 miles ESE SX705913 Underdown
3.8 miles SE SX702907 Shilstone
4.0 miles ESE SX712921 Newton
3.9 miles ESE SX709917 Silkhouse
4.1 miles E SX717935 Fursham
4.1 miles E SX717955 Westwood
4.2 miles E SX719945 Fursdon
4.2 miles SE SX704901 Great Tree House
4.2 miles ESE SX709908 Stone Farm
4.3 miles ESE SX717921 Harepath
4.5 miles SE SX706897 Furlong
4.5 miles ENE SX721964 Swallowtree
4.5 miles ESE SX719917 West Ford
4.6 miles ESE SX721918 Ford House
4.5 miles ENE SX723961 Woodpark
4.7 miles ESE SX719911 Bowbeer
4.7 miles E SX726954 Creyford ; Crayford
4.8 miles ESE SX717903 Bowden Ball
4.8 miles ESE SX719907 Bowden Farm
4.8 miles ENE SX727962 Eastwood
4.7 miles SE SX713899 Parford
4.8 miles ESE SX725919 Puddicombe House
4.8 miles SE SX712896 Sandypark ; Woodgreen Farm
7 miles NW SS586016 Jacobstowe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles NW SS599000 South Dornaford
7 miles NE SS722015 Bow, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles ENE SX724973 Eastabrook
5.0 miles ENE SX723981 Hillerton
7 miles WNW SX559994 Inwardleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles WNW SX589987 Goldburn
4.8 miles WNW SX582978 Springetts
8 miles E SX773935 Cheriton Bishop, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles ESE SX710927 Grendon
4.0 miles ESE SX714926 Bakesdown
4.3 miles E SX721939 Easton Barton
4.3 miles E SX719929 Treable Fm
5.0 miles E SX732937 West Ford ; Forder Farm


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.