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Places within 5 miles of Inch,Wigtownshire, OS Gridref NX100602

NX100602 Inch, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.3 miles WSW NX095600 Aird
0.4 miles NNE NX102608 Inch Old Church
0.6 miles ESE NX107597 Castle Kennedy Village
0.6 miles WNW NX093607 Inchparks Schoolhouse
0.6 miles SE NX105594 White Park
0.7 miles NE NX109609 Castle Kennedy (ancient)
0.6 miles SSW NX096593 Deer Park
0.9 miles ENE NX113606 Castle Kennedy House
0.8 miles SSW NX093591 Gallahill
1.0 miles NNW NX093616 Clachanpluck
0.9 miles S NX101587 Soulseat Abbey
0.9 miles SSE NX103587 Soulseat Loch
1.1 miles NNE NX106618 Lochinch Castle
1.1 miles W NX082602 Aird Cottage
1.2 miles NNW NX095620 Inch Parks
1.1 miles ESE NX115592 Long Planting
1.2 miles NE NX117613 Sheuchan
1.4 miles SW NX083588 Culhorn Mains
1.4 miles SSW NX087584 High Boreland
1.3 miles SSW NX094582 Low Boreland
1.4 miles E NX122597 Cults
1.4 miles NW NX084618 Low Balyett
1.4 miles S NX103579 Mahaar
1.5 miles NW NX081616 Sand Mill Farm
1.6 miles ENE NX124609 Balnab
1.6 miles NNE NX106626 Cullerpattie
1.6 miles W NX075601 Donald Parks
1.6 miles WNW NX079615 Sand Mill
1.7 miles NNW NX093628 Garthlearie Cottage
1.7 miles NNW NX088626 High Balyett
1.7 miles SSE NX109577 Mark
1.7 miles ESE NX122586 Planting End
1.6 miles W NX074606 Rephead House
1.8 miles N NX102631 Balker
1.7 miles ENE NX127611 Chlenry
1.8 miles W NX071598 Culhorn Parks
1.8 miles S NX096573 Drumdoch
1.7 miles SSW NX087577 High Barnultoch
1.7 miles WNW NX073609 Stranraer (eastern part)
2.0 miles SE NX123580 Kirminnoch
1.9 miles NE NX119626 Meikle Tongue
2.0 miles SW NX078578 Lochans Moor
2.2 miles NNW NX084633 Innermessan
2.2 miles SSW NX088569 Mid Barnultoch
2.2 miles ESE NX132587 Tonnachrae
2.2 miles S NX104566 Barsolus
2.2 miles WSW NX066591 Culreoch
2.2 miles W NX064606 Ivy Place Churchyard
2.2 miles SW NX073578 Little Lochans
2.3 miles S NX097565 Low Barnultoch
2.3 miles ESE NX136593 Low Chlenry
2.4 miles SSW NX082568 Culgrange
2.4 miles SE NX130578 Little Genoch No 2
2.4 miles WSW NX062593 Clashmahew
2.5 miles NE NX127632 Little Tongue
2.5 miles NNW NX090642 Craigcaffie
2.5 miles WSW NX061589 Spoutwells
2.6 miles SW NX069573 Corner House Cottage
2.6 miles ENE NX138620 Pinwherrie
2.6 miles SW NX065579 Whiteleys
2.7 miles SSW NX076565 Bridgebank
2.7 miles NNW NX083643 Dalminnoch
2.8 miles N NX099647 High Craigcaffie
2.7 miles ESE NX136576 Little Genoch No 1
2.9 miles WSW NX057585 Dunbae
2.9 miles SW NX066571 Mount Pleasant
3.0 miles SW NX067567 Lochans
2.9 miles W NX054595 Mid Ochtrelure
3.0 miles W NX051595 Ochtrelure
3.3 miles NNW NX086653 Beoch
3.2 miles SW NX063565 Duchra
3.7 miles ENE NX154627 Auchmantle
3.7 miles NNW NX077657 Leffnoll
4.0 miles N NX108667 Arrowhead
4.2 miles NNW NX078665 Drummuckloch
4.5 miles NNW NX074670 Bankhead
4.6 miles ENE NX167634 Milton of Larg
4.9 miles NNW NX074677 Claddy House
4.8 miles NE NX166643 Mains of Larg
2.4 miles W NX062608 Stranraer, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.3 miles W NX063608 Thistle Street Burial Ground
2.4 miles W NX062606 Dalrymple Street Burial Ground
2.5 miles W NX060607 Relief Church Burial Ground
2.5 miles W NX059608 Stranraer Old Parish Churchyard
4.5 miles S NX086530 Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles S NX096560 West Galdenoch
2.8 miles S NX104557 East Galdenoch
2.7 miles SSW NX080563 Kildrochet House (Kildrochat House)
2.9 miles SSW NX080561 Kildrochet Mains (Kildrochat Mains)
3.0 miles S NX094553 Mosscroft
3.2 miles SSW NX080555 Belvidere
3.3 miles SSW NX077554 Garthland Mains
3.3 miles SSW NX070557 Calf Park
3.4 miles SSW NX082550 Outer Blair
3.5 miles SSW NX085547 Inner Blair
3.8 miles S NX090542 Garrie
3.8 miles S NX097541 High Mye
3.7 miles S NX101542 Low Mye
3.7 miles S NX107542 West Freugh
4.0 miles SSW NX076543 Caldons Park
4.0 miles SSW NX069546 Kilbreen
4.0 miles S NX085539 Craigencrosh
4.3 miles SSW NX081536 Mains of Caldons
4.3 miles SSW NX061544 Eldrickhill
4.3 miles S NX086533 Stoneykirk Cemetery
4.5 miles SSW NX082532 Hill Plantation
4.4 miles S NX088532 Stoneykirk Churchyard
4.7 miles SSW NX070533 Caldonshills
4.7 miles S NX089528 North Milmain
4.8 miles S NX110526 Clayshant
8 miles SW NX000541 Portpatrick, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles SW NX056573 Cauld Hame
3.3 miles SW NX062563 Kilhilt
3.4 miles WSW NX046590 Crailloch Croft
3.4 miles WSW NX048585 Low Knockglass
3.8 miles WSW NX040589 Crailloch
3.7 miles WSW NX043582 Mid Knockglass
4.0 miles SW NX057554 Colfin
4.0 miles SW NX051560 Cairnpat
4.1 miles WSW NX037582 North Knockglass
4.3 miles SSW NX061545 Bean
4.6 miles WSW NX034568 Challoch-hill
4.6 miles W NX026594 Knockquhassen
4.7 miles SW NX043553 Craigenquharroch
4.9 miles WSW NX028569 Craigenlee
6 miles NE NX173647 New Luce, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles ENE NX158621 High Airyolland
4.3 miles ENE NX168620 Low Airyolland
4.8 miles ENE NX173625 Cruise
4.7 miles ENE NX174618 Galdenoch
5.0 miles E NX180605 Gabsnout
6 miles WNW NX017639 Leswalt, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.9 miles W NX055609 Sheuchan Cemetery
3.0 miles W NX052604 Stranraer Glebe Cemetery
3.0 miles W NX052610 Stranraer - western part
3.2 miles W NX050614 Sheuchan Parks
3.3 miles W NX047600 Gallowhill Farm
3.3 miles W NX047602 Gallowhill House
3.3 miles WNW NX049616 Liddesdale
3.6 miles W NX042597 Greenfield
3.7 miles W NX042610 Springbank
4.0 miles W NX036594 Little Mark
3.9 miles W NX037600 Meikle Mark
3.9 miles WNW NX039617 Spirrie Farm (Spirrey)
4.1 miles WNW NX037622 Auchneel
4.1 miles W NX034598 New Field
4.5 miles WNW NX032629 Craichmore
4.7 miles W NX026611 Dindinnie
4.8 miles WNW NX033639 Hillhead of Craichmore
4.9 miles WNW NX028634 Craigencross
4.9 miles WNW NX025626 Smithy Hill
4.8 miles WNW NX034644 Soleburn Bridge
4.9 miles WNW NX032642 Soleburn Mill Croft
7 miles ESE NX196574 Old Luce, Wigtownshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.8 miles ESE NX139580 Drumflower
2.7 miles E NX143592 Old Hall
3.3 miles ESE NX149582 Dunragit House
3.2 miles SE NX136564 Genoch Mains
3.3 miles SE NX133559 Genoch Square
3.4 miles SE NX135559 Mid Torrs
3.5 miles ESE NX150575 Dunragit
4.0 miles ESE NX153567 Droughduil (Drochduil)
4.0 miles ESE NX157573 West Challoch
4.6 miles ESE NX167571 East Challoch
4.8 miles E NX177595 Airyhemming
4.8 miles E NX177609 Craig
4.7 miles ESE NX168568 Whitecrook


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.