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Places within 5 miles of Porthleven,Cornwall, OS Gridref SW280258

~ 5 miles E SW350250 Sennen, Cornwall which encompasses the area containing:
~ 3 miles E SW320250 Longships
~ 3 miles E SW320260 Meiner
2.7 miles E SW324255 Fillis
2.6 miles E SW322249 Talymaen
3.0 miles E SW329254 Kettles Bottom
2.9 miles E SW327262 Shark's Fin
~ 4 miles E SW340260 Bo Little
~ 4 miles E SW340260 Cowloe Bo
3.7 miles E SW340253 The Peal
3.7 miles E SW340247 Armed Knight
3.8 miles E SW341252 Dollar
3.8 miles E SW341250 Dr Johnson Head
3.7 miles E SW341253 Dr Syntax's Head
~ 4 miles E SW340250 First And Last House
~ 4 miles E SW340250 Land's End
3.8 miles E SW341252 Lands End
3.8 miles E SW342253 Lands End Hole
~ 4 miles E SW340250 Marn Castle
3.8 miles E SW341251 Peber
~ 4 miles E SW340250 Penwith House
~ 4 miles E SW340250 Trevescan Cliff
3.8 miles E SW342251 Carn Pebo
~ 4 miles ESE SW340240 Dr Johnson's Head
~ 4 miles ESE SW340240 Enys Dodman
~ 4 miles ESE SW340240 Greeb
~ 4 miles ESE SW340240 Lands End Hotel
~ 4 miles ESE SW340240 Lion's Den
~ 4 miles ESE SW340240 Trevilley Cliffs
4.0 miles E SW344246 Carn Greeb
3.9 miles E SW342242 Carn Kez
4.0 miles E SW344245 Enys Dodnan
4.0 miles E SW345255 Gamper
3.9 miles E SW344254 Gamper Hole
3.9 miles E SW342242 Greeb Zawn
4.1 miles ENE SW346268 Bo Cowloe
4.1 miles E SW345244 Carn Clog
4.0 miles E SW345245 Carn Enys
4.1 miles E SW347260 Carn Men Ellas
4.1 miles E SW347258 Castle Zawn
4.0 miles E SW346260 Irish Lady
4.0 miles ENE SW345269 Little Bo
4.1 miles E SW347262 Pednmendu
4.1 miles E SW347262 Pednmendu Coastguard Lookout
4.1 miles ESE SW345241 Pordenack Point
4.0 miles E SW344244 Zawn Tor
4.1 miles E SW346245 Zawn Wells
4.2 miles E SW346243 Carn Cheer
4.2 miles E SW347263 Carn Olva
4.3 miles E SW349267 Boa Cowloe
4.2 miles E SW348266 Cowloe
4.2 miles E SW349260 Mayon Cliff
4.3 miles E SW349264 Mayon Green
~ 5 miles E SW350260 Sennen Cove
4.3 miles E SW350263 Sennen Jetty
~ 5 miles E SW350260 The Tribbans
4.3 miles E SW349265 The Tribbens
4.3 miles E SW349245 Vellan Dreath
4.3 miles ESE SW348238 Carn Boel
4.3 miles ESE SW348238 Carn Sperm
~ 5 miles E SW350250 Mayon
4.3 miles E SW351263 Sennen Lifeboat Station
~ 5 miles E SW350250 Treve Common
~ 5 miles ENE SW350270 Whitesand Bay
4.3 miles ESE SW348239 Zawn Trevilley
4.4 miles ESE SW349239 Carn Vean
~ 5 miles E SW350240 Trevescan
~ 5 miles E SW350240 Trevilley
4.5 miles ESE SW351238 Diamond Horse
4.8 miles ENE SW356275 Bounder
~ 5 miles E SW360260 Carn Barges
~ 5 miles E SW360260 Carn Towan
~ 5 miles E SW360260 Escalls
~ 5 miles E SW360260 Escalls Green
~ 5 miles E SW360260 Seaview
~ 5 miles E SW360260 The Greens
~ 5 miles ENE SW360270 Tregiffian Veor
~ 5 miles ENE SW360270 Trevedra
~ 7 miles ENE SW370310 St Just (Penwith), Cornwall which encompasses the area containing:
~ 5 miles ENE SW350290 Bosregan
~ 5 miles NE SW340310 The Brisons
5.0 miles ENE SW357281 Aire Point
~ 7 miles ESE SW370220 St Levan, Cornwall which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles ESE SW350238 Trevilley Cliff
~ 5 miles ESE SW350230 Logan Rock
~ 5 miles ESE SW350230 Mill Bay
~ 5 miles ESE SW350230 Nanjizal
~ 5 miles ESE SW350230 Nanjizalmill Bay
4.6 miles ESE SW352238 Zawn Beeth
~ 5 miles ESE SW350230 Zawn Reeth
4.8 miles ESE SW355238 Carn Cravagh
4.9 miles ESE SW355231 Bosistow Island
4.9 miles ESE SW356232 Carn Les Boel
~ 5 miles ESE SW350220 Pendower Cove
4.9 miles ESE SW356233 Zawn Peggy
4.9 miles ESE SW357235 Zawn Pys
5.0 miles ESE SW356229 Carn Barra
5.0 miles ESE SW357233 Higher Bosistow Cliff

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

2.4 miles E SW319252 Carn Bras , Cornwall


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.