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Places within 5 miles of Falkland,Fife, OS Gridref NO253076

NO253076 Falkland, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.1 miles S NO253075 Falkland Palace
0.2 miles ESE NO257075 Fiddlehall
0.4 miles SSW NO250071 Millfield House
0.4 miles SSE NO255070 Royal Terrace
0.4 miles SSW NO251069 Allan Park
0.4 miles W NO246075 Falkland House
0.4 miles S NO252069 Lomond Side
0.6 miles E NO262077 Falkland Common
0.6 miles N NO252085 Falklandwood Farm Cottages
0.6 miles SW NO246070 Hillfoot
0.6 miles E NO262075 Myreside
0.6 miles SSE NO258067 Chapelyard
0.7 miles NNW NO249086 Falklandwood
0.7 miles SE NO259067 Manse
0.7 miles SSE NO259066 Templelands
0.8 miles NNE NO259087 Dairnie
0.8 miles WNW NO241082 Pillars of Hercules ; Darnoe
0.9 miles SE NO265067 Kilgourieknowe
1.0 miles ESE NO268070 Newton House
1.0 miles ESE NO268071 Newton of Falkland
1.0 miles E NO269074 The Common
1.0 miles WSW NO237073 Westfield
1.1 miles WNW NO237082 Summerfield
1.2 miles WNW NO235082 Annfield
1.1 miles SE NO267065 Balreavie
1.2 miles NNW NO248095 Wood Mill
1.3 miles W NO232080 Chancefield
1.4 miles ESE NO274071 Newton of Lathrisk
1.4 miles N NO253098 Ravenshall
1.4 miles SE NO269060 Purin
1.7 miles ESE NO279069 Knowehead
1.7 miles ESE NO278066 Little Freuchie
1.7 miles WSW NO229063 Seefar
1.7 miles SE NO269053 Drums
1.8 miles WSW NO228062 Falkland Hill Cottage
1.7 miles SE NO276060 Nether Drums
1.9 miles SSW NO237051 Easter Glasslie
1.9 miles WSW NO227061 Greenwells
1.9 miles SSW NO236051 Wester Glasslie
1.9 miles ESE NO283067 Freuchie
2.0 miles ESE NO283065 Freuchie Feus
1.9 miles W NO222079 Kilgour
2.0 miles E NO284070 Unthank ; Fruchie
2.0 miles SSE NO266046 East Conland
2.0 miles E NO285070 Eden Valley House
2.0 miles S NO257043 West Conland
2.1 miles SSE NO261043 Mid Conland
2.2 miles ESE NO286063 Millwaters
2.3 miles E NO289070 Bridge End
2.3 miles ESE NO287061 Channelhall Mill
2.3 miles WSW NO220059 Donalds Wa's
2.3 miles SW NO222055 Little Ballo
2.2 miles SE NO278050 Pittillock
2.2 miles SE NO280052 Pittillock Farm Cottages
2.3 miles ESE NO285057 Wauk Mill
2.2 miles W NO217081 Wester Kilgour
2.4 miles ESE NO290066 Freuchie Mill
2.5 miles SE NO286052 Milltail
2.6 miles WSW NO216057 Easter Ballo
2.7 miles WSW NO214057 Wester Ballo
2.7 miles NNW NO238117 Auchtermuchty, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles N NO250105 Dunshelt / Dunshalt
1.7 miles NNE NO259103 Wester Kilwhiss
1.9 miles NNW NO245105 Nethermyres
1.9 miles N NO249107 Greenmyre Farm
2.0 miles N NO250109 Plains
2.1 miles NW NO233104 Reidieleys ; Reedieleys
2.2 miles NNW NO241110 Myres Castle
2.5 miles NNW NO240115 Southfield (1)
2.8 miles NW NO224111 Demperston Cottages
2.7 miles NNW NO244119 Southfield (2) ; Juliafield
3.0 miles NW NO224114 Demperston
3.0 miles NNW NO235121 Murnipea
3.0 miles NNW NO235122 Holy Land
3.1 miles NNW NO230120 Baincraig
3.1 miles NNW NO240124 Broombrae
3.3 miles NNW NO228124 Braeside Villa
3.3 miles NNW NO224122 Leckiebank
3.4 miles NNW NO241130 Auchtermuchty Common (2)
3.4 miles NNW NO229125 Broadleys
3.5 miles NNW NO231128 Mairsland
3.5 miles NNW NO233128 Pleasance
3.7 miles NNW NO225128 Newton
3.8 miles NNW NO237135 Auchtermuchty Common (3)
3.9 miles NNW NO229134 Auchtermuchty Common (1)
4.3 miles NW NO214133 Newhill
4.2 miles NNW NO220135 The Clink
4.2 miles NNW NO221136 The Howe
4.3 miles NNW NO218137 Pitmenzies
4.4 miles NW NO209132 Reediehill
4.8 miles NW NO203135 Clamieduff
4.7 miles NNW NO212140 Newhill Cottage
5.0 miles NW NO202137 Broomhill
2.9 miles NW NO216104 Strathmiglo, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles NW NO235091 Easter Cash Farm Cottages
1.6 miles NW NO233093 Easter Cash
1.8 miles NNW NO241102 Cash Mill
1.8 miles NNW NO239101 Orchardfield
2.2 miles WNW NO219088 Burnside (1) ; Gleneden
2.4 miles WNW NO217089 Barrington
2.4 miles NW NO224101 Bellfield
2.4 miles WNW NO221098 Wester Cash
2.7 miles WNW NO217099 Cash Feus
2.6 miles W NO211082 Drumdreel Saw Mill
2.8 miles NW NO218104 Mansfield
2.9 miles WNW NO212098 Strathmiglo Free Church
3.1 miles WNW NO205089 Drumdreel
3.2 miles WNW NO204094 Drumdreel Farm Cottages
3.5 miles WNW NO203102 Cornogrove
3.5 miles NW NO209111 Pitlour House
3.6 miles WNW NO199096 Corston Mill
3.5 miles NW NO210113 Pitlour Farm
3.6 miles WNW NO205109 West Lodge
3.6 miles NW NO207112 Wester Pitlour
3.8 miles WNW NO194096 Cowiefauld
3.8 miles W NO191083 Easter Upper Urquhart
4.0 miles NW NO208121 Brownies Chair
4.0 miles WNW NO198108 Kincraigie
3.9 miles W NO190081 Upper Urquhart
3.9 miles WNW NO194099 Wellfield ; Wester Upper Urquhart
4.1 miles WNW NO192101 Pitgorno
4.0 miles WNW NO193102 Wellfield Steading
4.2 miles WNW NO188092 Edensbank
4.2 miles W NO186087 Easter Nether Urquhart
4.3 miles WNW NO186093 Gateside House
4.3 miles WNW NO185092 Gateside
4.3 miles W NO184085 Wester Nether Urquhart
4.4 miles WNW NO184091 Edenshead House
4.4 miles W NO183089 Gateside Station
4.5 miles WNW NO182093 Edentown
4.7 miles W NO178083 Laceston / Lacesston
4.7 miles NW NO200129 Nochnarrie
4.8 miles W NO177086 Bannaty Mill
4.7 miles WNW NO182102 Freeland
4.7 miles W NO177074 Lappiemoss
4.7 miles WNW NO179095 Nether Pitlochie ; Pitlochie
4.8 miles W NO176086 Dovesden
4.9 miles W NO174076 Lappie
3.6 miles E NO310084 Kettle, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.2 miles NE NO268087 Maryfield
1.4 miles ENE NO273084 Lathrisk House
1.5 miles NNE NO264097 Nochnary
1.9 miles E NO284081 Easter Lathrisk
2.2 miles E NO289078 Riggs
2.4 miles E NO292072 Orkie
2.5 miles ESE NO288055 Muirhead
2.7 miles ESE NO289052 Muirhead Holding
2.6 miles ESE NO290057 Nottingham Cottage
2.7 miles ESE NO295063 Welltree
2.9 miles ESE NO293052 Drakelands
2.9 miles E NO300076 Glenorkie
2.9 miles ESE NO295055 Nottingham
2.9 miles ESE NO298061 West Forthar
3.0 miles ESE NO301064 East Forthar
3.3 miles E NO306083 Bankton Park
3.3 miles ESE NO306064 Boghall
3.3 miles E NO307071 Holekettle
3.4 miles ESE NO303054 Hilton of Kirkforthar
3.5 miles E NO309075 Kettlebridge
3.4 miles E NO308079 Rumdewan
3.5 miles ESE NO308060 Rameldry Mill Bank ; Kingskettle
3.7 miles ESE NO308055 Cardsknolls
3.7 miles E NO312071 Chapel
3.8 miles E NO314072 Chapel Farm
3.8 miles E NO314079 Kettle Cemetery
3.7 miles E NO312064 Rameldry Mill
4.0 miles E NO317082 Balmalcolm Cottage
4.0 miles ESE NO315062 Damsfold
4.0 miles E NO316067 Hilton Hill Farm
4.0 miles E NO317071 Muirend
4.0 miles E NO318078 Annfield House
4.1 miles E NO319083 Balmalcolm
4.1 miles E NO319070 Coalpitden
4.1 miles E NO318067 Parkwell
4.2 miles E NO319086 Balmalcolm Farm
4.2 miles E NO321073 Annfield Muir
4.3 miles E NO323078 Airdits
4.3 miles E NO323075 Annfield Mains
4.5 miles E NO325076 Kettlehill
4.4 miles ENE NO321097 Ramornie
4.6 miles E NO327078 Bowden
4.5 miles ESE NO323054 Greenside
4.6 miles E NO327069 Middlefield
4.5 miles E NO325064 Rameldry
4.6 miles ENE NO325092 Ramornie Mill
4.8 miles E NO329085 Burnturk
4.7 miles E NO329075 Coaltown of Burnturk
4.9 miles ESE NO326047 Ballenkirk
4.9 miles E NO332075 Fronthill
4.8 miles E NO331072 Newhall
4.8 miles E NO331071 Smithfield
3.7 miles S NO249016 Leslie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles SSW NO231044 Little Balgothrie ; Balgothrie
2.5 miles S NO258035 Formonthills ; Foremounthill
2.7 miles SSW NO236037 Little Balquhomry
2.6 miles SSW NO234039 Meikle Balgothrie
2.6 miles S NO246035 Pitkevy
2.7 miles SSE NO266034 Pitcairn Backfield ; Pitcairn
3.0 miles S NO249028 Balingall Mill
2.9 miles S NO249029 Ballingall
3.0 miles S NO256027 Balgeddie
3.0 miles SSE NO264028 Collydean
3.0 miles SSE NO270030 Glenrothes (part)
3.0 miles SW NO223037 Holl
3.1 miles SW NO213046 Drumain
3.2 miles SSW NO230030 Meikle Balquhomry
3.2 miles S NO253025 Nebiggate
3.2 miles SSE NO270028 Pitcairn (historic) ; Pitcairn House
3.2 miles S NO245025 Balsillie
3.2 miles SSW NO225032 West Balgothrie
3.3 miles SSE NO272025 Pitcoudie
3.6 miles S NO247018 Croft Outerly
3.5 miles SSW NO237021 Ingrie
3.6 miles S NO259018 Leslie House
3.6 miles S NO262019 Leslie Mains
3.7 miles S NO243017 Bank Place
3.7 miles SSE NO278022 Cadham
3.7 miles SSW NO220026 Knockmore
3.8 miles SSW NO229019 North Lodge
3.9 miles SSE NO279019 Cadham (historic)
3.9 miles SSW NO233016 Hazeldene
4.0 miles SSW NO221021 Newton
4.0 miles S NO242013 Prinlaws
4.0 miles SSW NO225019 Strathendry House
4.0 miles S NO246011 East Prinlaws
4.0 miles SSW NO231015 South Lodge
4.2 miles SSW NO234011 Strathendry
4.3 miles SSW NO216018 Westertown
4.3 miles SSW NO223013 Ingleside House
4.6 miles SSW NO218011 Arnot Mill ; Auchmuir Bridge (part)
4.2 miles NNE NO286134 Collessie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles NNE NO269100 Bowhouse
2.0 miles N NO257109 Daubs
2.0 miles ENE NO283090 Shiels
2.5 miles NE NO279107 Easter Kilwhiss
2.5 miles ENE NO293087 Eden Bank
2.7 miles ENE NO290098 Heatherhall Wood
2.8 miles N NO250121 Wester Rossie
2.9 miles ENE NO292101 Edenstown
2.9 miles NE NO283111 Innerleith
3.0 miles NE NO282114 Burnside
2.9 miles ENE NO298090 Drumtenant
3.0 miles ENE NO299091 Drumtenant Farm Cottages
3.0 miles ENE NO296097 Edens Muir
3.0 miles NE NO291106 Helens Mire
2.9 miles NNE NO266121 Rossie Home Farm
2.9 miles NNE NO265121 Rossie House
3.0 miles N NO260123 Rosslem Cottages
3.0 miles NE NO292106 Charlottetown
3.0 miles N NO258125 Rossie Cottages
3.0 miles N NO256125 Rossie Farm
3.0 miles NE NO285113 Stoniebriggs / Stonybriggs ; Charlton
3.2 miles NE NO296104 Brucefield
3.2 miles NNE NO273123 Drumley
3.1 miles NE NO288111 Giffordtown
3.1 miles NE NO292107 Giffordtown Church
3.3 miles NNE NO274125 Lizzie Wells
3.3 miles ENE NO302096 Monkstown
3.3 miles NNE NO282121 Kinloch
3.3 miles NNE NO279123 Kinloch House
3.5 miles ENE NO305096 Ladybank
3.4 miles N NO253131 Lochiehead
3.4 miles N NO261130 Weddersbie
3.5 miles NE NO296114 Angle Park
3.5 miles NE NO300108 Cairnfield
3.6 miles NNE NO267132 Caldwells
3.5 miles ENE NO307093 Heatherinch
3.6 miles ENE NO302107 Ladybank Saw Mill
3.6 miles NE NO293118 Lochmonks
3.5 miles ENE NO307095 West Lodge
3.7 miles NE NO293119 Birns
3.8 miles NNE NO280131 Cornhill
3.7 miles NNE NO272133 Meadow Wells
3.8 miles ENE NO310099 Muirside
3.8 miles NNW NO238136 Lumquhat Mill
3.8 miles N NO262137 Sunnybraes (1)
4.0 miles NNE NO285131 Collessie Mill Farm
3.9 miles N NO242138 Lumquhat
3.9 miles N NO254139 Red Mire
4.1 miles NE NO295127 Bastin Cottage / Bastion
4.1 miles NE NO291130 Newton
4.2 miles NNE NO286135 The Common
4.3 miles N NO263144 Woodhead
4.3 miles ENE NO313112 Annsmuir
4.3 miles NE NO302126 Windmill Cottage
4.5 miles NE NO304127 Melville Lodge
4.5 miles NE NO312117 Melville Muir
4.6 miles NE NO297135 Melville Home Farm
4.5 miles ENE NO319107 Sunnybraes (2)
4.7 miles ENE NO324104 Sweethome
4.8 miles NE NO317121 Daft Mill
4.8 miles ENE NO323110 Jennystown
4.9 miles NE NO319120 Pitlair
5.0 miles ENE NO328104 Lawfield
4.3 miles SSE NO274009 Glenrothes, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles SSE NO265012 South Parks (present day)
4.3 miles SSE NO279012 Queensway
4.5 miles S NO264005 Rimbleton (present day)
5.0 miles S NT266997 Viewfield
4.6 miles SE NO296016 Markinch, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles SE NO276041 Bandon
2.6 miles SE NO285049 New Inn
2.9 miles SE NO288046 Kirkforthar Feus
2.9 miles SSE NO275035 Coul
3.0 miles SE NO284038 Gateside
3.2 miles SSE NO278032 Coul Mains
3.3 miles SE NO284033 Balfarg
3.2 miles ESE NO297049 Kirkforthar House
3.5 miles ESE NO302049 Kirkforthar
3.7 miles SE NO285027 Balbirnie Burns
3.8 miles SE NO286025 Balbirnie Mains
3.7 miles ESE NO308051 Hilton of Kirkforthar
4.0 miles SE NO290024 Balbirnie House
3.9 miles SSE NO281020 Eglantine Square
4.0 miles ESE NO311048 Nether Hilton
4.0 miles SE NO296027 Newton
4.1 miles SSE NO280016 Rothes Mill
4.0 miles SE NO302033 Whins
4.2 miles SE NO306035 Broomfield
4.2 miles SSE NO269011 Rimbleton
4.3 miles SSE NO271009 Glenrothes (part)
4.4 miles SSE NO287014 Balbirnie Mill
4.5 miles ESE NO320050 Dykehead
4.5 miles SE NO301023 Northhall
4.4 miles ESE NO316044 Pyeston
4.4 miles SSE NO290016 Sweet Bank
4.5 miles SSE NO281009 Auchmuty
4.7 miles ESE NO320042 Carriston Cotton
4.7 miles SSE NO278005 Warout (part)
4.8 miles SSE NO290008 Bighty
4.7 miles SE NO305020 Brunton House
4.8 miles ESE NO320039 Meadowside
4.7 miles SSE NO293011 West Mill
4.9 miles ESE NO326047 Ballinkirk
4.8 miles ESE NO323041 Carriston
5.0 miles SE NO305015 Barnslee
5.0 miles SE NO297009 Sythrum
4.9 miles NNE NO297142 Monimail, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles NE NO299138 Melville House
4.9 miles NNE NO293144 Pathcondie
6 miles SSW NT229986 Kinglassie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles S NO255013 Macedonia
4.2 miles S NO253009 Tanshall
4.2 miles S NO239009 Milldeans
4.3 miles SSW NO233010 Walkerton Bleachfield
4.5 miles S NO248004 Newcastle
4.4 miles SSE NO267006 South Lodge
4.4 miles S NO250005 Templehall
4.6 miles S NO259002 Caskieberran
4.7 miles SSW NO228005 Ryelaw
4.7 miles SSW NO221007 East Auchmoor
4.7 miles S NO263001 South Parks
4.7 miles SSE NO277004 Warout (part) ; Auchmuir Farm
4.9 miles SSW NO226002 Bellcraigs
4.8 miles S NT244999 East Goatmilk
4.8 miles SSW NO227002 North Finmont
4.8 miles S NT242999 West Goatmilk ; Goatmilk Farm
5.0 miles SSW NO217005 West Auchmuir
7 miles N NO235184 Newburgh, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles NNW NO237137 Colzie Cottage
4.1 miles NNW NO231138 Easter Colzie
4.6 miles NNW NO235148 Pitcairlie House ; Pitcairlie Farm
6 miles N NO259164 Abdie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles NNE NO278141 Braeside (2)
4.3 miles NNE NO270144 Woodmill
4.7 miles N NO261152 Woodhead
4.8 miles NNE NO271151 Woodmill House
4.8 miles NNE NO271152 Woodmill Mains
7 miles ESE NO350026 Kennoway, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles SE NO312031 Plunkie Farm
4.5 miles SE NO312033 Star
4.7 miles SE NO309026 Robs How
4.7 miles SE NO306021 Brunton Barns ; The Barns
4.9 miles SE NO311023 Dalginch


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.