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Places within 5 miles of Dunbog,Fife, OS Gridref NO288185

NO288185 Dunbog, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.5 miles SSE NO292178 Johnston
0.6 miles SE NO296179 Balmeadie
0.7 miles W NO277186 Higham
0.9 miles E NO302183 Ayton
0.9 miles NNE NO295197 Aytounhill
0.9 miles ENE NO302188 Denmuir
1.0 miles W NO272185 Blinkbonny
1.0 miles WNW NO275194 Old Higham
1.4 miles ESE NO306173 Collairnie
2.2 miles SW NO259164 Abdie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.0 miles WSW NO273179 Blinkbonny Lodge
1.6 miles SW NO271167 Inchrye Abbey
1.8 miles SW NO265168 Lindores
1.7 miles S NO284157 Whitefield
1.9 miles WSW NO260175 Mains of Lindores ; Braeside Mains
1.9 miles SSW NO273158 Cairniehill
1.9 miles SW NO263167 Lindores House
2.0 miles WSW NO257175 Braeside of Lindores
2.0 miles WNW NO257196 Jocks Hole Fishing Lodge
2.1 miles WSW NO255176 Braeside (1)
2.3 miles W NO252192 California Fishing Lodge
2.3 miles SW NO259162 Manse
2.3 miles SSW NO271152 Woodmill Mains
2.4 miles WSW NO252172 Den of Lindores
2.4 miles W NO250185 Parkhill House
2.4 miles SSW NO271151 Woodmill House
2.5 miles SW NO258159 Berryhill
2.5 miles WSW NO249175 Denmill / Denmylne
2.4 miles WSW NO252171 Glenburnie
2.4 miles WSW NO254165 Grange of Lindores
2.4 miles W NO249182 Old Parkhill
2.5 miles WSW NO251168 North Grange
2.5 miles W NO248178 Reelpington
2.7 miles W NO245179 Craig Mill
2.7 miles WSW NO246177 Free Church
2.6 miles W NO246186 Parkhill
2.7 miles SW NO261152 Woodhead
2.8 miles SSW NO278141 Braeside (2)
2.8 miles SSW NO270144 Woodmill
2.9 miles WSW NO246166 Ormiston Farm Cottages
2.9 miles WSW NO244170 Ormiston
3.0 miles WSW NO245161 Hattonhill / Halton Hill
3.3 miles W NO235180 Mount Pleasant
3.3 miles WSW NO238164 Gallow Knowe
3.5 miles WSW NO237163 Purliehall
2.7 miles SSE NO297142 Monimail, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles SE NO311163 Cunnoquhie Mill
2.2 miles SE NO307156 Cantyhall
2.2 miles SSE NO297151 Gowdie
2.2 miles SE NO316164 Lindifferon
2.5 miles SE NO312152 Cunnoquhie
2.5 miles S NO293144 Pathcondie
2.7 miles SSE NO301144 Nisbetfield
2.8 miles SE NO317151 Fernie
2.8 miles SSE NO307144 Letham
2.9 miles SE NO316148 Fernie Castle
3.0 miles SSE NO299138 Melville House
3.2 miles SSE NO308138 Ballantager
3.4 miles ESE NO338162 The Mount
3.6 miles SE NO333148 Easter Fernie
3.5 miles SE NO331147 Westhall
3.7 miles ESE NO339153 East Hall
3.9 miles SE NO328136 Over Rankeilour
4.0 miles SSE NO317127 Barham
4.0 miles SSE NO320129 Bow of Fife
4.0 miles SE NO338143 Hilton of Carslogie
4.1 miles ESE NO347156 Wester Balgarvie
4.2 miles ESE NO346150 St Marys Farm
4.3 miles SE NO337135 Uthrogle
4.5 miles SE NO344139 Remilton
4.6 miles ESE NO357157 Easter Balgarvie
4.7 miles ESE NO351143 Carslogie
4.8 miles ESE NO356148 Horselaw
4.7 miles SSE NO328120 Rankeilour Mains
4.7 miles SE NO341131 Uthrogle Mills
2.9 miles NNE NO313225 Flisk, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles NW NO286187 Countryhills
0.4 miles WNW NO282188 Glenduckie
1.1 miles NW NO276199 Bankside
1.4 miles N NO288207 Logie Farm
1.4 miles NW NO273202 Ballinbreich
1.6 miles NNW NO280209 Camcase
1.8 miles NNE NO300211 Fliskmillan
1.9 miles NE NO308208 Balhelvie
2.2 miles NE NO312212 Pittachope
3.3 miles NE NO324225 East Flisk
3.0 miles NE NO327214 Creich, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles E NO317182 Balmeadowside
1.9 miles ENE NO317191 Wester Kinsleith
2.0 miles ENE NO319195 Carphin
2.3 miles E NO324178 Parbroath
2.5 miles NE NO318212 Craigsimmie
2.5 miles NE NO322208 Brunton
2.7 miles ENE NO330196 Lower Luthrie Farm
2.8 miles E NO333185 Easter Kinsleith
2.7 miles ENE NO331196 Luthrie
3.2 miles S NO286134 Collessie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles SSW NO263144 Woodhead
3.2 miles S NO297135 Melville Home Farm
3.1 miles S NO286135 The Common
3.3 miles S NO285131 Collessie Mill Farm
3.3 miles SSW NO272133 Meadow Wells
3.4 miles S NO280131 Cornhill
3.4 miles S NO291130 Newton
3.4 miles SSW NO262137 Sunnybraes (1)
3.6 miles S NO295127 Bastin Cottage / Bastion
3.5 miles SSW NO267132 Caldwells
3.5 miles SW NO254139 Red Mire
3.7 miles SSE NO304127 Melville Lodge
3.8 miles SSW NO261130 Weddersbie
3.8 miles SSE NO302126 Windmill Cottage
3.8 miles SSW NO274125 Lizzie Wells
4.0 miles SSW NO273123 Drumley
4.0 miles S NO282121 Kinloch
3.9 miles S NO279123 Kinloch House
4.0 miles SSW NO253131 Lochiehead
4.1 miles S NO293119 Birns
4.1 miles SW NO242138 Lumquhat
4.2 miles S NO293118 Lochmonks
4.2 miles SSW NO258125 Rossie Cottages
4.2 miles SSW NO256125 Rossie Farm
4.2 miles SSW NO266121 Rossie Home Farm
4.2 miles SSW NO265121 Rossie House
4.2 miles SSW NO260123 Rosslem Cottages
4.3 miles SSE NO317121 Daft Mill
4.3 miles SW NO238136 Lumquhat Mill
4.4 miles S NO296114 Angle Park
4.4 miles S NO282114 Burnside
4.5 miles SSE NO312117 Melville Muir
4.5 miles SSE NO319120 Pitlair
4.5 miles S NO285113 Stoniebriggs / Stonybriggs
4.6 miles S NO288111 Giffordtown
4.6 miles S NO283111 Innerleith
4.6 miles SSW NO250121 Wester Rossie
4.8 miles SSE NO313112 Annsmuir
4.8 miles SSE NO325118 Nether Rankeilour
4.8 miles S NO300108 Cairnfield
4.9 miles S NO292106 Charlottetown
4.9 miles S NO279107 Easter Kilwhiss
4.8 miles S NO292107 Giffordtown Church
4.9 miles S NO291106 Helens Mire
4.9 miles S NO302107 Ladybank Saw Mill ; Charlton
3.2 miles E NO338176 Moonzie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles E NO339193 Colluthie
3.8 miles E NO350179 Lordscairnie
3.8 miles ESE NO348169 Muirside
3.9 miles ESE NO349171 Torr of Moonzie
3.3 miles W NO235184 Newburgh, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles W NO245180 Burnside
2.8 miles W NO243186 Lindores Abbey
2.8 miles W NO243184 Lindores Abbey Farm
3.2 miles W NO236186 The Shore
3.5 miles WSW NO237162 Easter Lumbenny
3.7 miles WSW NO233165 Thane Croft
3.7 miles W NO228183 Mugdrum
3.8 miles WSW NO228172 Newburgh Common
3.7 miles WSW NO230169 Newburgh Muir
3.8 miles WSW NO229167 Whinnybank
3.8 miles W NO227177 Woodriffe
4.1 miles WSW NO228157 Clevitch
4.0 miles WSW NO227163 Lochmill
4.0 miles SW NO235148 Pitcairlie House ; Pitcairlie Farm
4.2 miles WSW NO223169 Ninewells Farm
4.2 miles WSW NO226156 Wester Lumbenny
4.3 miles SW NO237137 Colzie Cottage
4.3 miles W NO218183 Lady Fishing Lodge
4.6 miles SW NO231138 Easter Colzie
4.7 miles W NO212182 Wonder Fishing Lodge
3.4 miles NW NO252227 Errol, Perthshire
6 miles SW NO238117 Auchtermuchty, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SW NO241130 Auchtermuchty Common (2)
4.4 miles SW NO237135 Auchtermuchty Common (3)
4.8 miles SW NO229134 Auchtermuchty Common (1)
4.8 miles SW NO240124 Broombrae
4.9 miles SW NO233128 Pleasance
4.9 miles SSW NO244119 Southfield (2) ; Juliafield
6 miles NE NO358247 Balmerino, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles NE NO339222 Corbiehill
4.1 miles NE NO338228 Home Farm
4.2 miles NE NO336231 Birkhill House
4.6 miles NE NO348229 Coultra Farm
4.7 miles NE NO344236 Thornton
5.0 miles NE NO353232 Coultra
6 miles ESE NO375145 Cupar, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles ESE NO352164 Kilmaron Farm
4.6 miles ESE NO358161 Kilmaron Castle
4.7 miles E NO362172 Pitbladdo
4.8 miles ESE NO352143 Carslogie House
4.9 miles ESE NO354142 Westfield
7 miles ENE NO388218 Kilmany, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.9 miles ENE NO332201 Starrlaw
3.0 miles ENE NO335200 Starrbank House
3.5 miles ENE NO339211 Drumnod
3.6 miles E NO346189 Newington
3.7 miles NE NO337219 Hazelton Walls
3.8 miles ENE NO348201 The Starr
4.1 miles ENE NO347214 Mountquhanie Farm
4.0 miles ENE NO347212 Mountquhanie House
4.2 miles E NO354195 Murdochcairnie
4.3 miles E NO357192 Newcairnie
4.5 miles ENE NO358207 Rathillet House
4.8 miles E NO365186 Hillcairnie
4.7 miles ENE NO357216 Stirton
4.9 miles ENE NO360218 Stirton Mill
5.0 miles E NO368192 Clubston
5.0 miles ENE NO367200 Lochmalony House

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 4 miles N NO280240 Seaside , Perthshire
~ 4 miles NNW NO270240 Muirhouses , Perthshire
~ 5 miles NNW NO260250 Grange , Perthshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.