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Places within 5 miles of Kennoway,Fife, OS Gridref NO350026

NO350026 Kennoway, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.6 miles WNW NO341030 Auchtermairnie Farm
0.7 miles NNE NO356035 Bonnybank
0.7 miles N NO349037 Gallowhill
0.7 miles SW NO343018 Kingsdale
0.7 miles SSW NO347015 Kingsmills
0.7 miles NNE NO354037 Baintown
0.7 miles NW NO343036 Langside
0.7 miles WSW NO339021 Newton of Kingsdale
0.8 miles NE NO360034 Drummaird
1.0 miles NE NO360039 Toddy Bridge
1.1 miles NNW NO343042 Lalathan Farm
1.1 miles N NO352044 Balgriebank
1.2 miles WSW NO332021 Newton Hall
1.2 miles W NO330026 Castleheggie
1.2 miles NE NO362042 Sheelynn
1.3 miles W NO329030 Bogside
1.3 miles NE NO363043 Kilmux Colliery
1.3 miles NW NO334039 North Mains
1.4 miles NNE NO359046 Whallyden
1.6 miles NW NO335046 Langdyke (part)
1.6 miles WNW NO325034 Burnside
1.6 miles NNW NO345051 Torloisk
1.6 miles WSW NO325021 Treaton
1.6 miles NNE NO360050 Wester Kilmux
2.4 miles W NO312031 Plunkie Farm
2.4 miles W NO311023 Dalginch
2.4 miles W NO312033 Star
2.5 miles W NO309026 Robs How
2.7 miles W NO306021 Brunton Barns ; The Barns
2.0 miles ESE NO382017 Scoonie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles E NO363026 Wester Durie
1.2 miles ESE NO367015 Banbeath
1.4 miles ENE NO372033 Balgrummo
1.4 miles E NO373026 Durie House
1.6 miles NE NO370041 Burnside
1.7 miles NE NO366048 Kilmux House
1.6 miles ESE NO373013 Mountfleurie
1.7 miles ESE NO376017 Broom
1.8 miles NE NO367050 Kilmux Farm
1.9 miles ENE NO379035 Aithernie Castle
1.9 miles NE NO370048 Letham Feus
1.9 miles E NO381027 Coldstream
1.9 miles ENE NO377042 Letham
2.0 miles ESE NO381017 Sillerhole
2.2 miles ESE NO381009 Leven
2.3 miles ENE NO386035 Bankhead
2.4 miles NE NO376055 Smithygreen
2.5 miles ESE NO389012 Leven Links
2.7 miles E NO393021 Silverburn House
2.9 miles NE NO377065 Montrave
3.1 miles NNE NO378067 Montrave Home Farm
3.4 miles WSW NO296016 Markinch, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles S NO349015 Maiden Castle
1.0 miles SSW NO343012 Balcurvie House
0.9 miles SSE NO353011 Duniface Farm
1.1 miles SSW NO341012 Balcurvie Smallholdings
1.1 miles SSW NO343010 The Temple
1.2 miles SSW NO345008 Balcurvie
1.3 miles SW NO337009 Bankhead of Balcurvie
1.3 miles S NO349005 Durie Vale
1.3 miles S NO346005 Windygates
1.6 miles S NO346001 Cameron Bridge
1.6 miles SSW NO342002 Haughmill Farm
1.6 miles SSW NO337004 East Meetings
1.7 miles S NT345998 Cameron House
1.8 miles SW NO328007 Rosebank
1.8 miles S NT347997 Smithy Hill
2.0 miles NW NO326047 Ballinkirk
1.9 miles WNW NO323041 Carriston
2.0 miles SSW NT337997 Little Lun
2.0 miles SW NO326004 Balfour Mill
2.0 miles S NT347993 Cameron
2.0 miles WNW NO320039 Meadowside
2.2 miles SW NO324002 Balfour
2.1 miles WSW NO319011 Bellfield
2.1 miles WNW NO320042 Carriston Cotton
2.2 miles SW NT327998 Balfour Mains
2.2 miles SSW NT333994 Grantsfield
2.2 miles SE NO378003 Innerleven
2.2 miles SW NO320006 Milton of Balgonie
2.3 miles SSW NT341990 Woodbank Cottages ; Milltown
2.4 miles WSW NO316010 Bellfield Cottages
2.4 miles NW NO320050 Dykehead
2.4 miles WNW NO316044 Pyeston
2.4 miles SW NO318004 Balgonie Mill
2.5 miles SSW NT338988 Woodbank
2.6 miles WSW NO312007 Balgonie Castle
2.8 miles W NO306035 Broomfield
2.8 miles W NO305020 Brunton House
2.8 miles WNW NO311048 Nether Hilton
2.9 miles WSW NO305015 Barnslee
3.0 miles SW NT310999 Balgonie South Parks
3.0 miles SW NT314994 Byresloan
3.0 miles WNW NO308051 Hilton of Kirkforthar
3.0 miles W NO301023 Northhall
3.0 miles W NO302033 Whins
3.2 miles WSW NO304003 Balgonie Cottage
3.2 miles SW NT311993 Knowehead
3.2 miles WSW NO305003 Westgate
3.2 miles WSW NO302007 Bleachfield
3.3 miles WNW NO302049 Kirkforthar
3.3 miles WSW NO303002 Ladys Square
3.3 miles SW NT306994 Muriespot
3.3 miles W NO296027 Newton
3.3 miles SW NT315985 Tullybreck ; Tillybreak
3.5 miles WSW NO297009 Sythrum
3.6 miles WSW NT300996 Coaltown of Balgonie
3.6 miles WNW NO297049 Kirkforthar House
3.7 miles WSW NO293011 West Mill
3.7 miles W NO290024 Balbirnie House
3.8 miles W NO290016 Sweet Bank
4.0 miles W NO286025 Balbirnie Mains
4.0 miles WSW NO287014 Balbirnie Mill
3.9 miles WSW NO290008 Bighty
4.0 miles WSW NT292998 Lawfield
4.0 miles SW NT302984 Lochtybank Cottages
3.9 miles SW NT304983 Waulkmill
4.0 miles WSW NT295993 West Coaltown
4.0 miles W NO285027 Balbirnie Burns
4.1 miles W NO284033 Balfarg
4.0 miles WNW NO288046 Kirkforthar Feus
4.1 miles SW NT305978 Mackies Mill
4.1 miles WSW NT293993 Tykesburn
4.2 miles WSW NO287002 Carleton
4.2 miles WSW NT290996 Eastfield
4.2 miles W NO284038 Gateside
4.2 miles SW NT297985 Lochtyside
4.2 miles WSW NO287003 Woodside
4.3 miles W NO281020 Eglantine Square
4.3 miles WNW NO285049 New Inn
4.3 miles SW NT295982 Lochty Bleachfield ; Lochty Farm
4.4 miles WSW NO281009 Auchmuty
4.5 miles W NO278032 Coul Mains
4.4 miles W NO280016 Rothes Mill
4.5 miles SW NT297976 Spittal Farm
4.7 miles WSW NO278005 Warout (part)
4.7 miles W NO276041 Bandon
4.7 miles W NO275035 Coul
5.0 miles SW NT289975 Thornton (part)
3.7 miles S NT338968 Wemyss, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles S NO354004 Kirkland Dam
1.5 miles SSE NO362005 Kirkland
1.7 miles S NT352998 Ashgrove
1.7 miles SSE NT358999 Methilhill
2.1 miles SSE NT368997 Crossroads
2.2 miles SE NT372997 Methil
2.4 miles SE NO378001 Innerleven ; Dubbieside
2.5 miles SSE NT364989 Denbeath
2.5 miles S NT349986 Percival
2.5 miles S NT355985 Muiredge
2.7 miles SSW NT339984 Wellsgreen Farm
2.9 miles SSE NT359981 Buckhaven
3.5 miles SSW NT336972 East Newton ; East Wemyss
3.8 miles SSW NT319974 Earlseat Farm
3.7 miles SSW NT331969 Newton
4.5 miles SSW NT318962 Lochhead
4.5 miles SSW NT324958 Coaltown of Wemyss
4.7 miles SSW NT309963 Phantassie
4.7 miles SSW NT327954 Mains House
4.3 miles NW NO310084 Kettle, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles NNW NO337050 Devon Common
1.6 miles NW NO334047 Langdyke (part)
2.0 miles NW NO326047 Ballenkirk
2.0 miles NW NO331053 Milldeans
2.1 miles NNW NO340058 Devon
2.5 miles NNE NO361064 Clatto Barns
2.4 miles NW NO323054 Greenside
2.6 miles NNW NO336066 Honeyhall
2.9 miles NW NO325064 Rameldry
2.9 miles N NO358072 Clatto
3.0 miles NNW NO327069 Middlefield
3.0 miles NNW NO331071 Smithfield
3.2 miles NW NO308055 Cardsknolls
3.1 miles NW NO315062 Damsfold
3.1 miles N NO342075 Downfield
3.1 miles NNW NO331072 Newhall
3.3 miles NNW NO329075 Coaltown of Burnturk
3.2 miles NNW NO332075 Fronthill
3.3 miles NW NO316067 Hilton Hill Farm
3.2 miles NW NO318067 Parkwell
3.3 miles NW NO319070 Coalpitden
3.3 miles NW NO312064 Rameldry Mill
3.3 miles NW NO308060 Rameldry Mill Bank
3.5 miles NNW NO323075 Annfield Mains
3.4 miles NNW NO321073 Annfield Muir
3.4 miles WNW NO303054 Hilton of Kirkforthar
3.5 miles NNW NO325076 Kettlehill
3.5 miles NW NO317071 Muirend
3.6 miles NW NO306064 Boghall
3.5 miles NNW NO327078 Bowden
3.6 miles NW NO314072 Chapel Farm
3.7 miles NNW NO323078 Airdits
3.7 miles NW NO312071 Chapel
3.8 miles NNW NO318078 Annfield House
3.8 miles NW NO301064 East Forthar
3.8 miles NW NO307071 Holekettle
3.8 miles WNW NO295055 Nottingham
3.9 miles NNW NO329085 Burnturk
3.9 miles WNW NO293052 Drakelands
4.0 miles NW NO314079 Kettle Cemetery
4.0 miles NW NO309075 Kettlebridge
3.9 miles WNW NO298061 West Forthar
4.0 miles NNW NO319083 Balmalcolm
4.0 miles NNW NO317082 Balmalcolm Cottage
4.1 miles WNW NO289052 Muirhead Holding
4.1 miles WNW NO295063 Welltree
4.2 miles NNW NO319086 Balmalcolm Farm
4.2 miles WNW NO288055 Muirhead
4.2 miles WNW NO290057 Nottingham Cottage
4.2 miles NW NO308079 Rumdewan ; Kingskettle
4.5 miles NW NO306083 Bankton Park
4.4 miles NW NO300076 Glenorkie
4.4 miles NNW NO325092 Ramornie Mill
4.6 miles NW NO292072 Orkie
4.8 miles NNW NO321097 Ramornie
5.0 miles NW NO289078 Riggs
4.5 miles N NO347098 Cults, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles N NO341080 Brotus
3.4 miles N NO349081 Upper Bunzion
3.8 miles N NO350087 Braeside of Cults
3.8 miles N NO360087 Skelpie
3.9 miles N NO363088 Paradise
4.1 miles N NO347092 Lower Bunzion
4.1 miles N NO340091 Priestfield
4.2 miles N NO352093 Cults Farm
4.3 miles NNW NO332093 Crossgates
4.5 miles NNW NO334096 Pitlessie
4.4 miles N NO363096 Waltonhill ; Kirkton of Cults
4.8 miles NNW NO334101 Pitlessie Mill
4.6 miles E NO423036 Largo, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles E NO388026 Blacketyside
2.9 miles NE NO388051 Nether Pratis
2.9 miles ENE NO395038 Pilmuir
3.0 miles NE NO382062 Pratis
3.3 miles NE NO385066 Foggieleys
3.2 miles ENE NO399043 Thomsford
3.3 miles ENE NO398051 Carhurlie ; Carhurley
3.6 miles ENE NO405044 Hatton
3.6 miles ENE NO407038 Little Pilmuir
3.6 miles E NO408025 Lundin Links
3.8 miles NE NO398063 Annfield
3.8 miles E NO412027 Emsdorf
3.8 miles NNE NO383079 Kame Bridge
4.0 miles ENE NO407056 Balcormo Mains
4.0 miles E NO414025 Drummochy
3.9 miles E NO413029 Lundin Mill
4.2 miles ENE NO410056 Balcormo
4.2 miles ENE NO414046 Pitcruvie
4.3 miles ENE NO418039 Blindwells
4.3 miles E NO419026 Durham
4.3 miles NE NO408065 Branxton
4.3 miles E NO420034 Largo House
4.3 miles E NO420026 Lower Largo
4.4 miles NE NO402074 Teuchats
4.6 miles E NO423036 Kirkton of Largo ; Upper Largo
4.7 miles ENE NO417059 Balmain
4.7 miles E NO425026 Temple
4.7 miles ENE NO420056 Auchindownie
4.9 miles ENE NO428041 Chesterstone
5.0 miles ENE NO421063 Pirrwindy
4.8 miles WSW NO274009 Glenrothes, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles WSW NT291995 Eastfield
4.5 miles WSW NO279012 Queensway
7 miles SSW NT304932 Dysart, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles SW NT300972 Ore Mills
5.0 miles SW NT287976 Thornton (part)
7 miles NNE NO399116 Ceres, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles NNE NO371074 Drumtrissel
3.8 miles NNE NO373082 Muirhead
4.0 miles NE NO395072 Greenside
3.9 miles NNE NO382080 Union
4.3 miles NE NO393080 Carskerdo
4.5 miles NNE NO367096 Ring Farm
4.6 miles NNE NO370097 Findas Bank
4.5 miles NNE NO382092 Struthers Burn
4.8 miles N NO366101 Findas
4.8 miles NNE NO378098 Struthers
4.9 miles NNE NO372102 Chance Inn
4.9 miles NE NO407081 Teasses
4.9 miles NE NO404083 Windygates
5.0 miles NE NO401088 Fleecefaulds
8 miles NNW NO286134 Collessie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles NNW NO307093 Heatherinch
7 miles W NO249016 Leslie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles W NO278022 Cadham
4.4 miles W NO279019 Cadham (historic)
4.8 miles W NO272025 Pitcoudie
5.0 miles W NO270030 Glenrothes (part)
5.0 miles W NO270028 Pitcairn (historic) ; Pitcairn House
7 miles WNW NO253076 Falkland, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles WNW NO286052 Milltail
4.5 miles WNW NO287061 Channelhall Mill
4.5 miles WNW NO290066 Freuchie Mill
4.5 miles WNW NO285057 Wauk Mill
4.6 miles WNW NO286063 Millwaters
4.7 miles NW NO289070 Bridge End
4.7 miles WNW NO280052 Pittillock Farm Cottages
4.7 miles WNW NO278050 Pittillock
4.9 miles WNW NO285070 Eden Valley House
4.9 miles WNW NO283067 Freuchie
4.8 miles WNW NO283065 Freuchie Feus
4.9 miles WNW NO284070 Unthank ; Fruchie
8 miles WSW NT229986 Kinglassie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles WSW NT290992 Bankhead
4.5 miles WSW NT285993 Easter Pitteuchar
4.5 miles WSW NT285992 Pitteuchar
4.7 miles WSW NO280000 Glenrothes (part)
4.7 miles WSW NO277004 Warout (part)
4.8 miles WSW NT281992 Wester Pitteuchar


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.