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Places within 5 miles of Kemback,Fife, OS Gridref NO419151

NO419151 Kemback, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles WNW NO415152 Kemback Bridge
0.2 miles NNW NO418155 Kemback House
0.3 miles SSE NO421146 Blebo House
0.3 miles SW NO415148 Dura Den
0.6 miles NNW NO416160 Dairsie Bridge
0.6 miles E NO429152 Blebo Craigs
0.7 miles N NO420162 Kinnaird
0.7 miles W NO408149 Rumgally
0.7 miles S NO419139 Milton of Blebo
0.9 miles SE NO428140 Blebo Mains
0.8 miles NNE NO425163 Dirdum
0.8 miles SSW NO413140 Dura House
0.8 miles SW NO409142 Dura Mains
0.8 miles NE NO429160 Flisk
0.8 miles ESE NO432148 Morton of Blebo
0.9 miles WSW NO405145 Rumgally Mains
1.1 miles SSE NO423134 Blebo Hole
1.1 miles E NO436154 Clatto (part)
1.1 miles E NO437148 Greenside
1.1 miles S NO417133 Pitscottie (part)
1.1 miles ESE NO436145 St Andrews Wells
1.2 miles SSE NO430134 Newbigging of Blebo
1.4 miles WSW NO400140 Cairngreen
1.4 miles SE NO436137 Streamside of Blebo
1.5 miles NNW NO413174 Dairsie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles NW NO413160 Dairsie Castle
0.7 miles W NO408153 Dairsie House
0.8 miles NNW NO412162 Dairsie Mains
0.8 miles N NO417164 Lydox Mill
1.2 miles WNW NO401156 Chapelwell
1.2 miles W NO400150 Newmills ; Osnaburgh
1.7 miles NW NO404174 Middlefoodie
1.9 miles NW NO396170 Todhall
1.9 miles NNW NO407180 Craigfoodie
1.9 miles NNW NO406179 Wester Craigfoodie
2.0 miles N NO417184 Pittormie
2.2 miles NNW NO412186 Easter Craigfoodie
2.4 miles NW NO395180 Fingask
2.6 miles WNW NO382171 Foodie
2.7 miles WNW NO378165 Foodieash
3.0 miles WNW NO378177 Damside
2.5 miles SSW NO399116 Ceres, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles S NO416133 Easter Pitscottie
1.2 miles S NO417131 Pitscottie (part)
1.5 miles ESE NO439138 Backfield of Ladeddie
1.5 miles E NO443152 Nether Magask
1.7 miles SSE NO425124 Kinninmonth
1.8 miles S NO420122 North Callange
1.7 miles E NO447148 Upper Magus
1.7 miles SSW NO406126 Wester Pitscottie
1.9 miles SSW NO405124 Ceres Mill
1.9 miles SSW NO407123 Kilhill
2.0 miles SE NO442129 Ladeddie
2.0 miles SSE NO428119 Lower Baldinnie
2.0 miles SW NO395129 Woodlands
2.1 miles SSE NO437122 Burnsquare
2.1 miles SSE NO436121 Nether Baldinnie
2.2 miles SSW NO405119 Newbigging of Ceres
2.2 miles S NO418115 Coaltown of Callange
2.5 miles SSE NO430113 Baldinnie
2.4 miles SW NO396120 Bridgend (part)
2.4 miles SSE NO433115 Over Baldinnie
2.4 miles SSE NO427113 South Callange
2.5 miles SSW NO397116 Baltilly
2.7 miles SSE NO431110 Blackfaulds
2.6 miles SSW NO408110 Craighall Mains
2.6 miles SSE NO435112 Percy Baldinnie
2.9 miles SSW NO406106 Craighall
2.9 miles S NO412105 Harleswynd
3.0 miles SW NO390112 Baltilly Farm
3.0 miles SSW NO407103 Bandirran
3.0 miles S NO416102 Newbigging of Craighall
3.0 miles SSW NO398107 Teassesmill
3.2 miles SSE NO440105 Bankhead (1)
3.3 miles SW NO382113 Wemysshall Mains
3.3 miles S NO420097 Gathercauld
3.3 miles WSW NO369131 Mayfield
3.5 miles SSW NO402098 Burnside of Cassendilly
3.4 miles SW NO388106 Denhead
3.5 miles SSW NO407096 Simonden
3.6 miles SW NO377111 Barbarafield
3.8 miles SSW NO406091 Bankhead (2)
3.7 miles SW NO378107 Craigrothie
3.8 miles S NO413090 Hall Teasses
3.8 miles SSW NO391096 Cassindilly
3.9 miles SW NO369112 Scotstarvit
3.9 miles WSW NO362124 Tarvit Mill
4.1 miles SSW NO401088 Fleecefaulds
4.2 miles SW NO378098 Struthers
4.2 miles SW NO372102 Chance Inn
4.2 miles WSW NO360118 Edenwood Farm
4.3 miles SSW NO382092 Struthers Burn
4.3 miles SSW NO404083 Windygates
4.4 miles WSW NO356119 Edenwood
4.4 miles S NO412080 Hill Teasses
4.4 miles S NO407081 Teasses
4.6 miles WSW NO355114 Clushford Toll
4.5 miles SW NO366101 Findas
4.5 miles SW NO370097 Findas Bank
4.7 miles SW NO358108 North Scotstarvit
4.7 miles SSW NO393080 Carskerdo
4.7 miles SW NO367096 Ring Farm
5.0 miles SSW NO382080 Union
2.7 miles W NO375145 Cupar, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles W NO392154 Ferniehall Cottages
1.6 miles W NO393150 Prestonhall
1.7 miles WSW NO392143 Balass
1.9 miles WNW NO391163 Foxton
2.0 miles W NO387147 Tailabout
2.3 miles W NO382155 Middlefield
2.2 miles WSW NO385139 Tarvit Farm
2.5 miles W NO379150 Eden Park
2.4 miles WNW NO381161 Kingask
2.5 miles SW NO394119 Bridgend (part)
2.6 miles W NO377157 Hawklaw
2.7 miles WNW NO377162 Kingask House
2.7 miles SW NO385124 Whitehill
2.7 miles WSW NO378135 Cupar Cemetery
2.9 miles W NO373153 Dalgairn
2.9 miles W NO373159 Pittencrieff
3.0 miles WSW NO373135 Bellbrae
3.0 miles WSW NO378125 Hilltarvit Mains
3.1 miles WSW NO371138 Cupar Mills
3.3 miles WNW NO370170 Cairney Lodge
3.2 miles SW NO379118 Hill of Tarvit
3.3 miles WNW NO367165 Hilton
3.4 miles W NO364157 Kinloss House
3.7 miles WSW NO361138 Ferrymuir
3.8 miles WSW NO363128 Damside
3.8 miles WNW NO362172 Pitbladdo
3.8 miles WSW NO358138 Beechgrove
3.8 miles WSW NO360133 Cupar Muir
3.8 miles W NO358161 Kilmaron Castle
4.1 miles WSW NO357129 Springfield Farm
4.1 miles W NO354142 Westfield
4.2 miles W NO352143 Carslogie House
4.2 miles W NO352164 Kilmaron Farm
4.3 miles WSW NO356122 Russell Mains
4.6 miles WSW NO348130 Stratheden Hospital
3.5 miles NNW NO405205 Logie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.8 miles NW NO390186 Denbrae
3.3 miles NW NO381190 Kedlock
3.5 miles NNW NO408206 Logie House
3.8 miles NW NO380198 Kedlock Feus
3.8 miles NW NO375195 Tor Forret
4.0 miles NNW NO386206 Wester Forret
4.0 miles NNW NO407215 Brighouse
4.1 miles NNW NO392211 Easter Forret
4.3 miles N NO425221 Lucklawhill
4.4 miles NNW NO391216 Forret Mill
4.6 miles NNW NO403223 Cruivie Farm
4.8 miles N NO418228 Cruivie Castle
4.8 miles N NO419228 South Straiton
4.1 miles ESE NO475117 Cameron, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.3 miles ESE NO454138 Denork
2.5 miles ESE NO453128 Drumcarrow
2.7 miles SE NO449120 Wilkieston
2.8 miles SE NO446115 Northbank
2.9 miles SSE NO443111 Mains
3.0 miles ESE NO465135 Denhead (part)
3.0 miles SE NO447111 Greigston House
3.2 miles SE NO459118 Threefords
3.3 miles SE NO455111 Blackwalls
3.3 miles ESE NO464122 Cassindonald
3.5 miles SE NO454107 Wester Radernie
3.6 miles SE NO451103 Crossgates
3.8 miles SE NO454101 Drumhead
3.7 miles SSE NO444097 Larennie
3.7 miles SE NO458106 Nether Radernie
3.8 miles E NO481144 Craigtoun
3.8 miles SE NO453099 Peat Inn
3.8 miles ESE NO478132 Winthank
4.0 miles E NO483148 Mount Melville
4.0 miles SE NO456098 West Park
4.2 miles SSE NO455093 Braeside
4.3 miles SE NO468102 Cairnhill
4.3 miles ESE NO486134 Feddinch
4.2 miles SE NO460097 Lawhead
4.3 miles SE NO474107 Easter Radernie
4.3 miles E NO488138 Feddinch Mains
4.5 miles SE NO466096 Loanhead
4.5 miles SE NO465096 Radernie
4.7 miles SE NO469094 Higham
4.8 miles E NO496137 Langraw
4.6 miles NNW NO388218 Kilmany, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles WNW NO365186 Hillcairnie
4.0 miles NW NO368192 Clubston
4.4 miles NW NO367200 Lochmalony House
4.6 miles WNW NO357192 Newcairnie
4.8 miles NNW NO384219 Wester Kilmany
4.9 miles WNW NO354195 Murdochcairnie
4.9 miles NW NO365209 Rathillet
4.8 miles NNW NO400227 Wester Kinnear
5.0 miles NW NO365210 Grayson
4.5 miles NNE NO455215 Leuchars, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles N NO422169 Edengrove
1.2 miles N NO416170 Wester Dron
1.4 miles N NO422173 Edenbank
1.7 miles NNE NO427178 South Dron
2.1 miles NNE NO430183 Clayton
2.4 miles NNE NO436185 Bruckley
2.4 miles N NO419189 Muirhead
2.5 miles N NO413192 Pitcullo
2.7 miles NNW NO398190 Craigsanquhar Farm
2.8 miles N NO411195 Parkknowe
2.7 miles NNE NO433193 Seggiehill
2.9 miles NNW NO394191 Craigsanquhar
2.9 miles NNE NO429197 Moonzie Mill
3.0 miles NNE NO446191 Seggie
3.0 miles N NO419200 Hayston
3.1 miles N NO412200 Airdit
3.1 miles NE NO450190 Guardbridge
3.3 miles N NO415204 Cuplahills
3.6 miles N NO428208 Balmullo
3.5 miles N NO427207 Balmullo Farm
3.6 miles N NO411208 Lucklaw Farm
3.7 miles NNE NO439207 Pusk
3.8 miles NNE NO446206 Milton
3.9 miles N NO427213 Bloomfield
4.2 miles N NO429217 Westfield
4.3 miles N NO428220 Brackmont
4.4 miles NNE NO439219 Southfield
4.7 miles NNE NO439223 Brackmont Mill
4.7 miles NNE NO440223 Burnside
4.7 miles NE NO465211 Earlshall
4.8 miles NNE NO441226 Carrick
4.8 miles NE NO467212 Comerton
4.8 miles NNE NO452222 Leuchars Castle Farm
4.9 miles NNE NO446225 Leuchars Lodge
5.0 miles NNE NO459220 Pitlethie
5.0 miles NNE NO442228 St Michaels
10 miles SSE NO485021 Kilconquhar, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles SSE NO435102 Bruntshiels
4.1 miles SSE NO451093 Northtown of Falfield
4.3 miles SSE NO446088 Falfield
4.6 miles SSE NO456087 Falfield Bank
4.8 miles SE NO461087 North Bowhill
4.9 miles SSE NO459083 South Bowhill Farm
8 miles S NO423036 Largo, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles S NO427087 Clockmadron
4.3 miles SSE NO433082 New Gilston ; Backmuir of New Gilston
4.4 miles S NO429081 New Gilston Farm
4.4 miles SSE NO439083 Peattieshill
4.5 miles S NO422079 Woodside
4.6 miles S NO414077 Baldastard Mains
4.9 miles SSW NO402074 Teuchats
8 miles W NO297142 Monimail, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles W NO357157 Easter Balgarvie
3.9 miles W NO356148 Horselaw
4.2 miles W NO351143 Carslogie
4.5 miles W NO347156 Wester Balgarvie
4.5 miles W NO346150 St Marys Farm
4.7 miles W NO344139 Remilton
5.0 miles W NO339153 East Hall
6 miles WNW NO338176 Moonzie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles WNW NO350179 Lordscairnie
4.5 miles WNW NO348169 Muirside
4.5 miles WNW NO349171 Torr of Moonzie
6 miles SW NO347098 Cults, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles SW NO363096 Waltonhill
6 miles E NO509166 St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles ENE NO437155 Clatto (part)
1.3 miles NNE NO430169 Nydie Mill
1.4 miles ENE NO441157 Easter Clatto
1.6 miles ENE NO441165 Knockhill Farm
1.9 miles NE NO438174 Nydie Mains
2.2 miles ENE NO453161 Bonfield
2.1 miles ENE NO450164 Knockhill
2.2 miles E NO454156 Tongues of Clatto
2.2 miles ENE NO451168 Longmuir
2.4 miles NE NO447176 Newton of Nydie
2.5 miles E NO459146 Claremont
2.4 miles E NO458153 Magus Muir
2.5 miles ENE NO458163 Strathkinness
2.7 miles E NO462157 Burnside
2.6 miles NE NO451178 Powstanie
3.2 miles ESE NO469139 Denhead (part)
3.2 miles ENE NO464175 Monksholm
3.1 miles ENE NO462177 West Third
3.2 miles NE NO459184 Wester Kincaple
3.3 miles NE NO458188 Edenside
3.3 miles NE NO462183 Kincaple
3.5 miles E NO475150 Denbrae Farm
3.4 miles NE NO465182 Kincaple House
3.4 miles E NO473159 Nether Strathkinness
3.5 miles ENE NO473167 Rummond
3.6 miles ENE NO474169 Cauldside
3.5 miles ENE NO470176 Seafield Mains
3.5 miles E NO476155 Windward Farm
3.7 miles E NO478158 Denbrae Mill (2)
3.7 miles E NO477161 Easter Strathkinness
3.8 miles ENE NO474179 Easter Kincaple Farm
3.9 miles E NO481159 Dewars Mill ; Denbrae Mill (1)
4.0 miles E NO484152 Balone
4.1 miles E NO484160 Carron Lodge
4.0 miles NE NO468194 Coble Shore ; Spalding
4.2 miles ENE NO484167 Northbank Farm
4.2 miles ENE NO484170 Balgove
4.3 miles E NO489147 Lumbo
4.5 miles E NO492155 Bogward
4.6 miles ENE NO490172 Strathtyrum House
4.8 miles ENE NO491179 Balgove Links
4.8 miles E NO496159 New Park
4.8 miles E NO497148 Cairnsmill


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.