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Places within 5 miles of Leuchars,Fife, OS Gridref NO455215

NO455215 Leuchars, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.4 miles NE NO459220 Pitlethie
0.5 miles NNW NO452222 Leuchars Castle Farm
0.7 miles ESE NO465211 Earlshall
0.7 miles ESE NO467212 Comerton
0.9 miles NNE NO463227 Cast
0.8 miles NW NO446225 Leuchars Lodge
0.8 miles SW NO446206 Milton
1.0 miles WNW NO439219 Southfield
1.1 miles WNW NO440223 Burnside
1.1 miles WNW NO439223 Brackmont Mill
1.1 miles NW NO441226 Carrick
1.1 miles WSW NO439207 Pusk
1.1 miles NW NO442228 St Michaels
1.2 miles ENE NO471225 Wards
1.5 miles NNW NO449238 Fordel
1.7 miles W NO428220 Brackmont
1.7 miles N NO453242 Craigie
1.6 miles S NO450190 Guardbridge
1.6 miles NNE NO466238 Rhynd
1.6 miles SSW NO446191 Seggie
1.6 miles W NO429217 Westfield
1.7 miles WSW NO428208 Balmullo
1.8 miles WSW NO427207 Balmullo Farm
1.7 miles W NO427213 Bloomfield
2.0 miles SW NO429197 Moonzie Mill
1.9 miles SW NO433193 Seggiehill
2.0 miles NW NO430235 Strathburn
2.0 miles NW NO435241 Fordelhill
2.2 miles N NO453250 Vicarsford Farm
2.2 miles SSW NO436185 Bruckley
2.3 miles NNW NO436247 Pickletillem
2.4 miles NNW NO439250 Drumoig
2.4 miles NE NO487236 Kinshaldy
2.5 miles NNW NO435250 Comerton House
2.4 miles WSW NO419200 Hayston
2.5 miles SW NO430183 Clayton
2.5 miles WSW NO415204 Cuplahills
2.7 miles NNE NO471256 Fetterdale
2.8 miles W NO411208 Lucklaw Farm
2.7 miles SW NO419189 Muirhead
2.9 miles WSW NO412200 Airdit
2.9 miles SW NO427178 South Dron
3.0 miles WSW NO411195 Parkknowe
3.0 miles WSW NO413192 Pitcullo
3.3 miles SW NO422173 Edenbank
3.5 miles SW NO422169 Edengrove
3.7 miles SW NO416170 Wester Dron
3.8 miles WSW NO398190 Craigsanquhar Farm
4.1 miles WSW NO394191 Craigsanquhar
3.0 miles NNW NO433258 Forgan, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles NNW NO432251 South Friarton
2.7 miles NW NO429250 Morendy
2.8 miles NNW NO438257 Vicarsford Cemetery
2.9 miles NNE NO466260 Morton
3.0 miles NW NO418245 Boulterhall
3.0 miles N NO449263 Kirktonbarns
3.2 miles N NO453266 Lawhouses
3.3 miles NNW NO435264 Easter Friarton
3.3 miles NW NO426259 Wester Friarton
3.4 miles NNW NO435266 Roseberry
3.5 miles NNW NO429266 Twinkletree
3.7 miles NW NO413257 St Fort
3.8 miles NW NO411258 Flass
3.8 miles WNW NO401245 Newton
3.8 miles NNW NO440275 Washer Willys
3.9 miles NNW NO440276 Chesterhill
4.0 miles NNW NO431274 Inverdovat
3.9 miles NNW NO423269 Parknowe
4.0 miles NNW NO434276 Causewayhead
4.3 miles NNW NO422275 Tayfield
4.5 miles NNW NO421279 Newport-on-Tay ; Newport
4.6 miles NNW NO422281 Marytown
4.5 miles NW NO407270 Woodhaven
4.7 miles NW NO396262 Wormit
4.8 miles NNW NO427287 Northfield
3.2 miles WSW NO405205 Logie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles W NO425221 Lucklawhill
2.4 miles WNW NO421233 North Straiton
2.4 miles WNW NO419228 South Straiton
2.4 miles WNW NO418228 Cruivie Castle
3.0 miles W NO407215 Brighouse
3.0 miles WSW NO408206 Logie House
3.3 miles W NO403223 Cruivie Farm
3.9 miles W NO392211 Easter Forret
4.0 miles W NO391216 Forret Mill
4.3 miles W NO386206 Wester Forret
4.4 miles WSW NO390186 Denbrae
4.8 miles WSW NO380198 Kedlock Feus
4.8 miles WSW NO381190 Kedlock
3.7 miles SW NO413174 Dairsie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles SW NO417184 Pittormie
3.2 miles SW NO412186 Easter Craigfoodie
3.7 miles SW NO407180 Craigfoodie ; Osnaburgh
3.8 miles SW NO406179 Wester Craigfoodie
4.0 miles SW NO417164 Lydox Mill
4.0 miles SW NO404174 Middlefoodie
4.3 miles SW NO413160 Dairsie Castle
4.2 miles SW NO412162 Dairsie Mains
4.3 miles WSW NO395180 Fingask
4.6 miles SW NO396170 Todhall
4.8 miles SW NO408153 Dairsie House
5.0 miles SW NO401156 Chapelwell
4.2 miles W NO388218 Kilmany, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles WNW NO404231 Easter Kinnear
3.4 miles WNW NO406241 Sandford Hill
3.5 miles WNW NO400227 Wester Kinnear
4.4 miles W NO384219 Wester Kilmany
4.8 miles WNW NO379234 Muircraigs
4.5 miles N NO458287 Ferry-Port-on-Craig, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles NNE NO473267 Shanwell
3.7 miles N NO463274 Garpit
4.3 miles N NO445283 Scotscraig ; Ferryport on Craig ; Tayport
4.5 miles SSW NO419151 Kemback, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles SSW NO425163 Dirdum
3.8 miles SSW NO429160 Flisk
4.0 miles SSW NO436154 Clatto (part)
4.0 miles SSW NO420162 Kinnaird
4.2 miles SW NO416160 Dairsie Bridge
4.2 miles SSW NO429152 Blebo Craigs
4.3 miles SSW NO437148 Greenside
4.4 miles SSW NO418155 Kemback House
4.4 miles SSW NO432148 Morton of Blebo
4.5 miles SSW NO436145 St Andrews Wells
4.7 miles SSW NO415152 Kemback Bridge
4.8 miles SSW NO421146 Blebo House
4.8 miles SSW NO415148 Dura Den
5.0 miles SSW NO428140 Blebo Mains
5.0 miles SSW NO436137 Streamside of Blebo
4.5 miles SE NO509166 St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.6 miles SSE NO468194 Coble Shore
1.7 miles S NO458188 Edenside
1.9 miles S NO459184 Wester Kincaple
2.0 miles SSE NO462183 Kincaple
2.1 miles SSE NO465182 Kincaple House
2.3 miles S NO451178 Powstanie
2.5 miles S NO447176 Newton of Nydie
2.4 miles S NO462177 West Third
2.5 miles SSE NO474179 Easter Kincaple Farm
2.5 miles SSE NO464175 Monksholm
2.6 miles SSE NO470176 Seafield Mains
2.7 miles SSW NO438174 Nydie Mains
2.9 miles S NO451168 Longmuir
3.2 miles SE NO491179 Balgove Links
3.1 miles SSE NO474169 Cauldside
3.2 miles S NO450164 Knockhill
3.2 miles SSE NO473167 Rummond
3.1 miles SE NO495185 The Links
3.2 miles SSW NO441165 Knockhill Farm
3.2 miles SSW NO430169 Nydie Mill
3.2 miles S NO458163 Strathkinness
3.3 miles SSE NO484170 Balgove
3.3 miles S NO453161 Bonfield
3.5 miles SSE NO484167 Northbank Farm
3.4 miles SE NO496178 Pilmour House
3.4 miles SE NO490172 Strathtyrum House ; Pilmour Cottage
3.6 miles S NO462157 Burnside
3.6 miles SSE NO477161 Easter Strathkinness
3.7 miles SSE NO473159 Nether Strathkinness
3.7 miles S NO454156 Tongues of Clatto
3.8 miles SSE NO478158 Denbrae Mill (2)
3.7 miles SSW NO441157 Easter Clatto
3.8 miles SSE NO484160 Carron Lodge
3.8 miles SSE NO481159 Dewars Mill
3.8 miles S NO458153 Magus Muir ; Denbrae Mill (1) ; Spalding
3.9 miles SSW NO437155 Clatto (part)
4.0 miles SSE NO476155 Windward Farm
4.3 miles SSE NO484152 Balone
4.3 miles S NO459146 Claremont
4.2 miles SSE NO475150 Denbrae Farm
4.3 miles SE NO496159 New Park
4.4 miles SSE NO492155 Bogward ; St Andrews ; St Leonards
4.8 miles S NO469139 Denhead (part)
4.7 miles SSE NO489147 Lumbo
4.9 miles SSE NO497148 Cairnsmill
7 miles WNW NO358247 Balmerino, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles WNW NO388251 Peacehill
7 miles SSE NO475117 Cameron, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SSE NO483148 Mount Melville
4.7 miles SSE NO481144 Craigtoun
4.8 miles S NO454138 Denork
8 miles SSW NO399116 Ceres, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles S NO443152 Nether Magask
4.2 miles S NO447148 Upper Magus
4.9 miles S NO439138 Backfield of Ladeddie

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 5 miles N NO450280 Mains , Angus


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.