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Places within 5 miles of Elie,Fife, OS Gridref NO488001

NO488001 Elie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.1 miles W NO486001 Liberty
0.2 miles WSW NT484999 Williamsburgh
0.4 miles WSW NT482998 Earlsferry
0.6 miles NE NO495007 Elie House
0.6 miles W NO478002 Grange
0.7 miles W NO477001 Grangehill
1.3 miles ENE NO508007 Ardross
1.3 miles W NO467001 Kincraig
1.4 miles W NO466005 Kincraig Dean
1.9 miles ENE NO515016 Bowhouse
1.2 miles N NO485021 Kilconquhar, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles NNW NO485013 Broomlees
1.4 miles N NO487023 Barnyards
1.3 miles NW NO471013 West Muircambus
1.5 miles NE NO502020 Balbuthie
1.6 miles NNW NO482025 Kilconquhar Mill Farm
1.7 miles NNW NO480027 Incharvie
1.6 miles N NO493027 Kilconquhar House ; Kilconquhar Castle
1.7 miles N NO489029 Kilconquhar Mains
1.7 miles NW NO470022 Muircambus
2.0 miles N NO484034 Cairnie House
2.0 miles NNW NO477032 Mayfield
2.2 miles N NO486036 Balcarres Mill
2.2 miles NNW NO475034 Colinsburgh
2.7 miles N NO481043 Balcarres Mains
2.8 miles NNW NO474044 Balcarres House
3.0 miles NW NO459039 Charleton House
3.1 miles NNW NO471048 Sprattyhall
3.2 miles NNW NO461046 Rires
3.5 miles N NO478056 Kilbrackmont Place
3.5 miles NNW NO474056 Balniel
3.7 miles NNW NO466056 Lathallan Mill
3.9 miles NNW NO471062 Kilbrackmont
4.2 miles NNW NO460063 Lathallan Home Farm
4.5 miles NNW NO469071 Balcarres Ward
4.7 miles NNW NO463072 Cordies Mealling
4.7 miles NNW NO468074 Largoward
4.9 miles NNW NO464076 Loans
2.5 miles ENE NO525016 St Monans, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles ENE NO518014 Newark
2.3 miles NE NO512029 Stenton
2.4 miles NE NO520022 Craigiewells
2.4 miles NE NO517027 Abercrombie ; St Monance
2.9 miles NE NO522034 Abercrombie Church
3.1 miles ENE NO533022 Coal Farm
3.0 miles NW NO453035 Newburn, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles NW NO463019 Mount Pleasant
2.5 miles NW NO460030 Balchrystie
2.5 miles NW NO457027 Siberia
2.9 miles NW NO455035 Rosebank
3.0 miles NW NO448030 Dumbarnie
3.3 miles NW NO450038 East Coates
3.5 miles WNW NO437024 Carrick Villa
3.4 miles WNW NO442032 Drumeldrie
3.6 miles WNW NO437028 Broomhall
3.5 miles NW NO446039 Coates House
3.6 miles NW NO444038 Lahill House
3.6 miles NW NO446041 West Coates
3.8 miles NW NO446045 Blinkbonny
3.8 miles NW NO442043 Lahill Mains
4.0 miles NW NO445048 Easter Newburn
4.0 miles NNW NO454056 Cathrie
4.1 miles WNW NO433038 Monturpie
4.3 miles NW NO441051 Wester Newburn
4.4 miles NW NO435048 Lahill Craig
4.6 miles NW NO447063 Wester Lathallan
4.7 miles NNW NO450066 Gilston House
4.8 miles NW NO435057 Balbaird
4.0 miles ENE NO548025 Pittenweem, Fife
4.6 miles WNW NO423036 Largo, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles WNW NO433032 Strathairly House
4.2 miles WNW NO425026 Temple
4.5 miles WNW NO428041 Chesterstone
4.5 miles WNW NO420026 Lower Largo
4.5 miles WNW NO419026 Durham
4.6 miles WNW NO423036 Kirkton of Largo ; Upper Largo
4.7 miles WNW NO420034 Largo House
4.8 miles WNW NO414025 Drummochy
5.0 miles WNW NO418039 Blindwells
5.0 miles WNW NO412027 Emsdorf
5.0 miles WNW NO413029 Lundin Mill
4.8 miles NNE NO531065 Carnbee, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles NNE NO500039 Easter Pitcorthie
2.5 miles N NO488041 Pitcorthie House
2.8 miles NNE NO509041 Balcormo Mill
3.0 miles N NO488049 Balmakin
3.0 miles NNE NO505046 Kellie Mill
3.0 miles NNE NO515042 Balcormo
3.0 miles N NO498049 Gibliston House
3.1 miles NE NO524036 Balcaskie House
3.3 miles NNE NO510050 Blinkbonny
3.3 miles N NO494055 Gibliston Farm
3.5 miles NNE NO500056 Belliston
3.5 miles NE NO521046 Comielaw
3.4 miles NNE NO518047 Newton of Balcormo
3.5 miles NNE NO513052 Arncroach
3.5 miles NE NO521047 Cantyhall
3.5 miles NNE NO508054 Dreel House
3.6 miles NE NO534037 Inch
3.6 miles N NO500058 Langside
3.7 miles NNE NO520052 Kellie Castle
3.8 miles NNE NO511059 Wester Kellie
4.0 miles NNE NO524055 Easter Kellie
4.1 miles NNE NO511063 Gillingshill
4.1 miles NE NO531051 Ovenstone
4.1 miles NNE NO505065 South Baldutho
4.2 miles N NO490069 East Cassingray
4.2 miles NE NO531053 Scotshall
4.4 miles NNE NO513067 Greenside
4.5 miles N NO498072 North Baldutho
4.4 miles NNE NO509069 Over Kellie
4.5 miles N NO475072 West Cassingray
4.5 miles N NO486074 South Cassingray
4.7 miles NE NO543052 Falside
4.7 miles N NO488077 North Cassingray Cottages
4.9 miles NE NO550050 Clephanton
4.8 miles NNE NO508076 Knightsward
6 miles ENE NO564035 Anstruther Wester, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles NE NO538041 Grangemuir
7 miles ENE NO576048 Kilrenny, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles ENE NO557040 Crawhill


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.