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Places within 5 miles of Kilrenny,Fife, OS Gridref NO576048

NO576048 Kilrenny, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.1 miles WNW NO574049 Innergellie
0.2 miles W NO572048 Rennyhill
0.4 miles NNE NO579053 Cornceres
0.4 miles SE NO580044 KilrennyMill
0.5 miles NNW NO573055 Kilrenny Common
0.7 miles SSW NO573037 Cellardyke
0.9 miles ENE NO590051 Caiplie
1.0 miles NE NO589058 Bankhead
1.2 miles NW NO565064 Blacklaws
1.2 miles W NO556048 Cauldcots
1.3 miles WSW NO557040 Crawhill
1.3 miles WNW NO558059 East Pitkierie
1.4 miles WNW NO556056 West Pitkierie
1.5 miles NW NO559065 Pitkierie Cottages
1.4 miles NE NO589067 Thirdpart
1.4 miles NNW NO570070 West Pitcorthie
1.6 miles NE NO596063 Barnsmuir
1.6 miles NW NO556063 Loanhead
1.6 miles N NO573074 East Pitcorthie
1.7 miles NW NO556066 Spalefield
2.0 miles NW NO557075 Frithfield
2.2 miles NNE NO587081 Leys Farm
0.9 miles SW NO567036 Anstruther Easter, Fife
1.1 miles SW NO564035 Anstruther Wester, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.4 miles W NO538041 Grangemuir
2.2 miles SW NO548025 Pittenweem, Fife
2.9 miles NE NO613076 Crail, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles NE NO597068 Old Barns
2.0 miles NNE NO592076 Troustrie
2.1 miles ENE NO605065 The Pans
2.3 miles NNW NO567084 Airdrie
2.3 miles NNE NO586084 Tapefield
2.3 miles N NO582085 Toldrie
2.4 miles NE NO604074 Kirkmay
2.4 miles NNE NO586085 Roseville
2.4 miles NNW NO557082 Redwells
2.5 miles N NO578089 Muirhead
2.7 miles NNE NO587090 Lochton
2.6 miles NE NO603080 Sypsies
2.8 miles NW NO547083 Gaston
2.7 miles NNE NO596087 Ribbonfield
2.9 miles N NO582094 Cocklaw
2.9 miles NE NO603087 Damside
2.9 miles NW NO544082 Drumrack
2.9 miles NNW NO553089 Erbetshall
2.9 miles NNW NO559092 Whitehall
3.0 miles NW NO547087 Kingsmuir
3.0 miles NNE NO599091 Ragfield
3.1 miles NW NO546088 Cabbagehall
3.1 miles NNW NO553092 Scotsventure
3.2 miles NNE NO596095 Summerfield
3.3 miles NNW NO556097 Burnbrae
3.2 miles NNE NO605091 Chance Inn
3.3 miles NNE NO606092 Smithfield
3.3 miles NW NO536084 Kingsmuir House
3.3 miles NE NO621078 Sauchope
3.3 miles NNW NO552096 Sunnybraes
3.4 miles NNE NO602096 Grassmiston
3.4 miles NW NO538088 Sorbie
3.5 miles NNE NO598100 West Newhall
3.5 miles NW NO538091 Cairnscluse
3.5 miles NE NO617088 Kirklands
3.6 miles NNE NO608096 Newton
3.5 miles NNW NO557102 Swinkie Farm
3.7 miles NNW NO551101 Drumly
3.7 miles NE NO611096 Wormistone House
3.9 miles NE NO616097 Wormistone Farm
4.4 miles NE NO625099 Balcomie
4.7 miles NE NO632099 Craighead
4.9 miles NE NO638097 Fife Ness
3.0 miles WNW NO531065 Carnbee, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.6 miles W NO550050 Clephanton
1.8 miles WNW NO551063 Balhouffie
1.8 miles WNW NO548057 Carvenom
2.0 miles W NO543052 Falside
2.4 miles NW NO547073 Bonerbo
2.7 miles WNW NO539069 Balmonth
2.7 miles WSW NO534037 Inch
2.8 miles W NO531051 Ovenstone
2.8 miles W NO531053 Scotshall
2.9 miles WNW NO534068 Gordonshall
3.3 miles WSW NO524036 Balcaskie House
3.2 miles W NO524055 Easter Kellie
3.3 miles WNW NO530077 Over Carnbee
3.4 miles W NO521047 Cantyhall
3.4 miles W NO521046 Comielaw
3.5 miles NW NO531081 Hurlmakin
3.5 miles W NO520052 Kellie Castle
3.6 miles W NO518047 Newton of Balcormo
3.8 miles W NO515042 Balcormo
3.8 miles WNW NO525081 Lochty
3.8 miles NW NO527085 Nether Lochty
3.9 miles W NO513052 Arncroach
4.1 miles W NO510050 Blinkbonny
4.1 miles WNW NO513067 Greenside
4.1 miles W NO511059 Wester Kellie
4.2 miles W NO509041 Balcormo Mill
4.2 miles WNW NO511063 Gillingshill
4.2 miles W NO508054 Dreel House
4.3 miles WNW NO515081 Pittarthie Farm
4.3 miles WNW NO509069 Over Kellie
4.4 miles W NO505046 Kellie Mill
4.6 miles WNW NO508076 Knightsward
4.5 miles WNW NO505065 South Baldutho
4.7 miles WNW NO511086 Craigloun
4.7 miles W NO500056 Belliston
4.8 miles W NO500039 Easter Pitcorthie
4.8 miles W NO500058 Langside
4.7 miles WNW NO511087 Lingo Burnside
4.8 miles W NO498049 Gibliston House
3.7 miles WSW NO525016 St Monans, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles WSW NO533022 Coal Farm
3.5 miles WSW NO522034 Abercrombie Church ; St Monance
3.8 miles WSW NO520022 Craigiewells
3.9 miles WSW NO517027 Abercrombie
4.2 miles WSW NO518014 Newark
4.2 miles WSW NO512029 Stenton
4.3 miles NNW NO541109 Dunino, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles NW NO541101 Beleybridge
4.2 miles NNW NO547110 Balkaithly
4.2 miles NW NO529097 Chesters
4.2 miles NW NO534102 High Beley
4.2 miles NW NO532100 Limelands
4.3 miles NW NO537106 Beley
4.3 miles NW NO521091 Pittarthie Castle
4.5 miles NW NO528102 The Brake
4.8 miles NNW NO535113 Pathhead
4.7 miles NNW NO553120 Primrose
4.7 miles NW NO533111 Stravithie House
4.8 miles NW NO524105 Tosh
4.8 miles NW NO512092 South Kinaldy
4.8 miles NNW NO535114 Stravithie
4.7 miles NNE NO593122 Kingsbarns, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles N NO578096 Hilleraye
3.2 miles NNW NO563097 Carhurly
3.5 miles N NO578104 Kippo
3.6 miles N NO586105 Cookston
4.0 miles N NO573112 North Quarter
4.0 miles NNE NO603107 East Newhall
4.2 miles NNE NO608107 Randerston
4.2 miles NNE NO596113 Cambo Farm
4.3 miles NNE NO593116 Barns Law
4.5 miles NNE NO603115 CamboHouse
4.6 miles N NO578122 Boghall
4.5 miles N NO577121 Kilduncan
4.9 miles N NO583127 Morton
5.0 miles N NO592126 Sandyhill
6 miles WSW NO485021 Kilconquhar, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles WSW NO502020 Balbuthie
7 miles WSW NO488001 Elie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles WSW NO515016 Bowhouse
4.9 miles WSW NO508007 Ardross
9 miles NNW NO509166 St Andrews and St Leonards, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles N NO566118 Upper Kenley
4.5 miles N NO566119 Upper Kenly
5.0 miles N NO562127 Lower Kenly
5.0 miles NNW NO559126 Peekie Mill


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.