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Places within 5 miles of Inverkeithing,Fife, OS Gridref NT130828

NT130828 Inverkeithing, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.4 miles NNE NT133833 Boreland
0.7 miles N NT131839 Bells Knows
0.6 miles WSW NT120826 Castlandhill
0.6 miles SSW NT126819 Jamestown
0.7 miles S NT130816 Crooks
0.7 miles ENE NT141832 Spencerfield ; Cruiks
0.8 miles WNW NT119835 Rosyth (present day)
0.9 miles NE NT139839 Scot's Mill
1.0 miles SSE NT134812 Port Laing
1.1 miles WNW NT114837 Backmarch
1.1 miles NE NT144839 Hillend (part)
1.2 miles W NT111826 Orchardhead
1.2 miles SSW NT123810 St Margarets
1.1 miles NNE NT136845 The Dales
1.3 miles WSW NT110821 Rosyth Castle
1.4 miles NNE NT141848 Balbougie
1.4 miles S NT127805 Northcliff
1.6 miles N NT133853 Duloch Home Farm
1.6 miles S NT131803 North Queensferry
1.7 miles N NT134855 Duloch
1.6 miles W NT104827 Rosyth Farm ; Old Duloch
1.9 miles N NT133858 Mid Duloch
2.1 miles W NT096833 Hilton
2.5 miles W NT090834 Claysikes ; Bruce Haven (present day)
2.7 miles NNE NT147867 Annfield
2.8 miles W NT085828 Rosyth Church
2.9 miles NNE NT142872 North Duloch
3.2 miles NNE NT144877 Woodlee Farm
3.5 miles NNE NT144883 Prathouse Cottage
1.7 miles ENE NT156835 Dalgety, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles E NT143827 Seafield House
1.1 miles E NT148825 St Davids
1.2 miles ENE NT148836 Letham
1.3 miles NE NT147840 Hillend (part)
1.4 miles E NT153829 Donibristle ; Dalgety Bay
1.9 miles NNE NT147853 Fordell Castle ; Fordel Castle
2.0 miles NE NT151852 Fordell House ; Fordel House
2.1 miles NE NT150856 Vantage
2.5 miles NE NT155859 Clinkhill Bents
2.5 miles NE NT160856 Bankhead
2.6 miles ENE NT169844 Dalgety Manse
2.6 miles NE NT164852 Otterston
2.8 miles NNE NT151868 Broomieside
2.8 miles ENE NT168852 Cockairnie
2.9 miles E NT177832 Braefoot
3.0 miles NE NT168859 Chapel
3.2 miles NNE NT151876 Drumcooper
3.2 miles NNE NT144878 Muirend
3.3 miles NE NT174857 Pleasants
3.2 miles NNE NT152875 Red Row
3.3 miles ENE NT182842 St Colme House
3.8 miles NNE NT146887 Crossgates (part)
3.8 miles NNE NT154885 Fordell ; Fordel
3.9 miles NNE NT148888 Mossgreen
2.8 miles S NT128783 Queensferry, West_Lothian which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles S NT121786 Port Edgar
3.5 miles SSE NT144774 Dalmeny, West_Lothian
3.7 miles NW NT091874 Dunfermline, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles NNW NT126846 Middlebank
1.4 miles NNW NT121849 Mastertown
1.5 miles NW NT117848 Pitreavie
1.6 miles N NT127853 Annfield House
1.7 miles N NT128855 Annfield Cottage
1.9 miles WNW NT103841 Primrose
2.0 miles NW NT107850 St Margarets Stone
2.2 miles NNW NT123862 Calais
2.2 miles NNW NT118861 Easter Pitcorthie
2.3 miles NNW NT120864 Calaisburn Cottages
2.2 miles WNW NT095836 Pattiesmuir / Pettymuir
2.3 miles NW NT107857 Wester Pitcorthie
2.4 miles WNW NT096844 Blackhall
2.4 miles NNW NT110860 Pitcorthie
2.5 miles W NT091836 Brucehaven Cottages
2.5 miles WNW NT091838 Douglas Bank Cemetery ; Earnyside
2.5 miles NW NT097852 Easter Gellet
2.5 miles NW NT107862 Pitbauchlie
2.5 miles NNW NT115866 Whitelaw
2.6 miles NNW NT119869 Drynaps
2.7 miles WNW NT093849 Gellet ; Wester Gellet
2.8 miles NNW NT107867 Blacklaw
2.7 miles N NT135872 Muirhouses
2.9 miles NW NT105867 Brucefield
2.9 miles NW NT095859 Grange
3.0 miles NW NT094859 Grange Mount
3.0 miles NW NT093859 Hill Cottages
2.9 miles WNW NT087847 Leckerstone Cottages
2.9 miles WNW NT087848 Leckerstone Farm Cottage
3.0 miles NNW NT111872 Woodmill Bleachfield
3.0 miles NW NT101868 Brucefield House
3.0 miles WNW NT083841 Hillock
3.0 miles WNW NT086849 Leckerstone
3.1 miles W NT080830 Bruce Haven
3.2 miles WNW NT081841 Gellet (present day)
3.1 miles NW NT091859 Hill House
3.1 miles N NT123877 South Fod
3.3 miles NNW NT118880 North Fod
3.3 miles NNW NT117879 Touch
3.3 miles NNW NT113878 Touch Bleachfield
3.3 miles NNW NT115879 Touch Mains
3.2 miles NNW NT103873 Transy
3.3 miles W NT077836 Broomhall House
3.3 miles N NT124882 Fod House
3.3 miles W NT076833 Limekilns
3.5 miles WNW NT082856 Gallowridge Hill
3.4 miles NNW NT104876 Garvock Hill
3.4 miles N NT128883 Guttergates
3.5 miles N NT128884 Sandybank
3.5 miles N NT127885 Morningside
3.6 miles NNW NT116884 Townhill Junction ; Queen Margaret Station
3.7 miles WNW NT076851 Meadowend
3.7 miles NNW NT100879 Poorhouse
3.7 miles NNW NT115885 Sheephousewell
3.8 miles NNW NT107884 Bankhead
3.8 miles NNW NT106884 Bellyeoman (present day)
3.7 miles WNW NT072842 Saw Mill
3.8 miles NNE NT144888 Crossgates (part)
3.8 miles WNW NT078861 Logie House
4.0 miles NNW NT107888 Bellyeoman (formerly)
3.9 miles WNW NT071850 Craigs
4.0 miles WNW NT072854 Glendevon Farm
4.0 miles NNW NT104887 Kingseathill
4.0 miles WNW NT076863 Logie Farm
3.9 miles N NT124891 Long Row
3.9 miles N NT120890 Pleasance
4.0 miles NNW NT115890 Wester Whitefield
4.1 miles NW NT090881 Castleblair Park
4.1 miles W NT065836 Charlestown
4.1 miles WNW NT066843 Courthill
4.1 miles N NT138893 Cuttlehill Colliery
4.1 miles N NT125894 Halbeath (present day)
4.0 miles N NT129893 Hallhouse
4.0 miles NNW NT096883 Headwell
4.1 miles NNE NT146892 Mains of Beath
4.0 miles NW NT079868 Urquhart
4.2 miles N NT127895 Halbeath Colliery
4.3 miles W NT061836 Braeside
4.2 miles NNW NT097888 Chamberfield
4.3 miles WNW NT067855 East Lodge
4.3 miles WNW NT064848 Mid Mill
4.2 miles NW NT090883 Springbank
4.3 miles WNW NT067859 Keavil Farm
4.3 miles N NT133898 Keirsbeath
4.3 miles NNW NT106894 Townhill
4.5 miles NW NT087886 Baldridge Farm
4.4 miles NW NT081879 Baldridgeburn
4.5 miles NW NT086885 Beveridgewell
4.4 miles N NT125899 Halbeath Farm
4.5 miles NW NT091889 Hawkiesfauld
4.5 miles WNW NT070868 Knockhouse
4.4 miles WNW NT063851 Pitliver West Lodge
4.5 miles NW NT090888 Wellwood ; Halbeath (formerly)
4.5 miles WNW NT068866 Crossford
4.6 miles N NT118901 Muircockhall
4.6 miles NW NT075877 North Urquhart
4.6 miles WNW NT060851 Pitliver
4.6 miles NW NT079881 Rumblingwell
4.6 miles NNW NT092891 Wellwood
4.7 miles WNW NT063861 Pitfirrane
4.7 miles NW NT085888 Wellwood Colliery
4.7 miles N NT125904 Kingseat (2)
4.7 miles NNW NT104899 Lilliehill
4.7 miles N NT117903 South Highholm
4.8 miles NNW NT099899 Townhill Colliery
4.9 miles NW NT078888 Baldridge House
4.8 miles NW NT069876 Berrylaw
4.9 miles NNW NT102902 Cairncubie
4.9 miles NNW NT091897 Colton Mains
4.8 miles NNW NT088894 Gateside
4.8 miles N NT129906 Loch View
4.8 miles NW NT077885 Parkneuk
4.8 miles NW NT078886 West Baldridge ; Knockhouse Farm
5.0 miles NNW NT096900 Easter Colton
3.8 miles SW NT082788 Abercorn, West_Lothian
4.0 miles ENE NT190852 Aberdour, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles ENE NT168847 Four Lums
3.0 miles ENE NT174848 Moss Cottages
3.3 miles ENE NT178850 Little Couston
3.3 miles NE NT166867 Parkend
3.3 miles NE NT173861 Old Banks
3.5 miles NE NT177859 Bouprie Banks
3.5 miles NE NT169869 Braehead Cottages
3.5 miles NNE NT161876 Monziehall
3.6 miles NE NT176863 Old Whitehill
3.6 miles ENE NT179859 Whitehill ; Whitehill Cottage
3.7 miles ENE NT181857 Black Lodge
3.7 miles ENE NT183854 Nether Bouprie ; Bouprie
3.7 miles E NT190826 Inchcolm
3.8 miles NE NT167877 Scotts Walls
3.8 miles NE NT181861 White Lodge
3.8 miles ENE NT186855 Mill Farm
3.8 miles ENE NT188851 Wester Aberdour
3.9 miles NNE NT164881 Earls Row
3.9 miles NNE NT158884 Wester Bucklyvie
4.1 miles NE NT183867 Croftgary ; Croftgarie
4.2 miles NE NT185868 Croftgary Saw Mill
4.2 miles ENE NT191857 Hillside
4.3 miles NE NT187867 The Murrel
4.3 miles NNE NT156893 Cuttlehill
4.3 miles NNE NT166888 Donibristle
4.4 miles ENE NT196853 Easter Aberdour
4.4 miles NE NT172885 Easter Bucklyvie
4.5 miles NNE NT169888 Marionville
4.4 miles NE NT189867 Murel
4.4 miles ENE NT195857 Old Town ; Murrel
4.6 miles NNE NT150899 Cowdenend
4.6 miles ENE NT196862 Humbie
4.5 miles NE NT186875 Ladys Bridge
4.7 miles NNE NT166894 Beech Cottage
4.8 miles NNE NT165896 Heath Cottage
4.7 miles NNE NT167894 Ivy Cottage
4.7 miles NNE NT172891 Mossbank
4.8 miles NE NT195871 Balram
~ 5 miles SSW NT090770 Newton, Midlothian
7 miles NNE NT165919 Beath, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles N NT141901 Hillend
4.7 miles NNE NT151901 Hill of Beath
7 miles WNW NT024862 Torryburn, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles WNW NT059848 Waukmill Cottages
4.6 miles WNW NT058846 Waulkmill
13 miles WSW NS966724 Torphichen, West_Lothian which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SW NT087774 Woodend
~ 16 miles ESE NT350720 Inveresk, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
~ 4 miles S NT120770 Newbigging (Musselburgh)


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.