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Places within 5 miles of Auchtertool,Fife, OS Gridref NT216907

NT216907 Auchtertool, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.1 miles S NT216906 Auchtertool House
0.1 miles NNW NT215909 Camilla
0.4 miles E NT222906 Newbiggin
0.5 miles NW NT211913 Hallyards
0.6 miles SW NT211900 Kirkton
0.6 miles WSW NT207902 Auchtertool Manse
0.7 miles ENE NT226913 Clentrie Farm ; East Clentry
0.9 miles WSW NT203899 Newton
1.0 miles W NT200905 Walton
1.6 miles WNW NT192914 Easter Lochhead
1.7 miles W NT188912 West Lochhead
2.0 miles WSW NT186897 Beverkae House
2.0 miles W NT183902 Craigton
2.0 miles WSW NT185896 Pilkhambrae
2.9 miles W NT170911 Thistleford
3.3 miles N NT214960 Auchterderran, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles N NT214920 Glenniston
0.8 miles NNW NT210918 Glenniston Cottages
0.8 miles NW NT206916 Little Raith
1.2 miles NNW NT208925 Lochend
1.2 miles N NT216927 Powguild Mill
1.3 miles NNW NT209927 Powguild
1.5 miles N NT214931 Muirhead
1.6 miles NNE NT224931 Braehead ; Shaws Mill Farm
1.6 miles N NT217933 Knowehead
1.7 miles N NT220934 South Dundonald
1.9 miles N NT219937 Woodside Cottages
2.0 miles NW NT192928 Lochgelly House
2.0 miles NW NT192929 The Mains
2.0 miles NW NT189926 Westerton
2.2 miles NNE NT225941 Carden Barns
2.1 miles N NT218941 North Dundonald Farm
2.3 miles N NT211944 Spittal
2.4 miles N NT222945 Hyndloup
2.4 miles NNW NT198941 Newfarm
2.4 miles N NT218946 Dundonald
2.4 miles WNW NT180923 Newtown / Newton
2.5 miles N NT217948 Cardenbank
2.5 miles NW NT187936 Lochgelly (part)
2.7 miles NNW NT202948 Brigghills Farm
2.7 miles N NT223950 Cardenden
2.7 miles N NT210951 Little Balgonie
2.8 miles NNW NT199949 Silverton
2.7 miles N NT222951 Whitehall
2.9 miles NNW NT205952 Inglishall
2.9 miles NNW NT202951 Murray Place
3.0 miles NNW NT204953 Annfield
3.0 miles NNE NT242947 Bowhouse
3.0 miles NNE NT234951 Clunie Square
3.0 miles NNW NT192948 Easter Colquhally
2.9 miles NW NT183941 Launcherhead
3.0 miles NNW NT203953 Murrayknowe
3.0 miles NNE NT228953 New Carden
3.0 miles N NT216956 Bowhill
3.0 miles N NT222956 Parsons Mill
3.1 miles N NT211957 Balgonie
3.2 miles NNE NT242951 Clunie Colliery
3.2 miles NNE NT241952 Coalden
3.2 miles NE NT247948 Dothan
3.2 miles NW NT180943 Easter Cartmore
3.1 miles NW NT184945 Graingers Square
3.2 miles N NT208957 Jamphlars
3.2 miles NW NT186948 Wester Colquhally
3.2 miles N NT224958 Easter Bowhill
3.3 miles NNE NT241955 New Houses
3.3 miles NNW NT198958 Pitcairn
3.4 miles NNE NT247952 Dotham Toll
3.6 miles N NT222965 Balreggie
3.6 miles NE NT255950 Begg
3.5 miles N NT210964 Woodend ; The Begg Farm
3.8 miles N NT209969 Redhouse
3.9 miles N NT218970 Harestanes
3.9 miles NNW NT192965 South Pitkinny
4.0 miles N NT209971 Westfield
4.0 miles N NT206971 Charleston
4.0 miles NNW NT196969 North Pitkinny
4.2 miles NE NT264954 Sandal Hall
4.2 miles N NT219975 Strathruddie
4.4 miles NNW NT202977 South Bogside
4.6 miles NNW NT186975 Capeldrae
4.7 miles NNW NT181973 Flockhouse
4.8 miles NNW NT193981 Westfield Development Centre
3.2 miles WNW NT165919 Beath, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.6 miles W NT158906 Bleachfield
3.7 miles WNW NT159926 Leuchatsbeath
3.8 miles W NT155911 Moss-side
3.8 miles W NT155912 Stevensons Beath ; Leucharsbeath
4.0 miles W NT153918 Kirkford
4.1 miles WNW NT152922 Beath Church
4.0 miles W NT151901 Hill of Beath
4.3 miles W NT147910 Dalbeath
4.2 miles W NT149921 Kirktown / Kirkton
4.3 miles WNW NT153936 Netherton
4.3 miles WNW NT157944 Easterton
4.3 miles W NT146914 Meiklebeath
4.5 miles WNW NT154943 Hilton
4.7 miles W NT141901 Hillend
4.8 miles WNW NT152949 Kelty Station
4.8 miles WNW NT141927 Muirton / Muirtown
4.9 miles WNW NT147945 Shiells
3.2 miles SSE NT232858 Burntisland, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.6 miles SE NT230886 Balbie
1.6 miles S NT211882 Knockdavie Castle
1.6 miles S NT220881 Orrock
1.6 miles S NT213881 Stenhouse
1.9 miles SSE NT225878 Hatton
2.1 miles SE NT236880 Carlinknowes
2.2 miles S NT213872 Dunearn House
2.3 miles S NT214870 Glassliehead
2.2 miles S NT222872 Lochybennet
2.4 miles SSE NT224870 Silverbarton
2.5 miles SSE NT234871 Binnhead
2.5 miles S NT211866 Bankhead
2.5 miles SSE NT227867 Grange
2.5 miles S NT223867 Lonsdale
2.6 miles SE NT240872 Binnend
2.6 miles S NT216865 Walton
2.8 miles S NT215862 Newbigging
2.9 miles S NT221861 Colinswell
2.9 miles S NT216861 Nine Lums
2.9 miles S NT216860 Bendameer House
2.9 miles SSE NT231863 Kirkton
3.0 miles SE NT246868 Dodhead
3.0 miles S NT216858 Starley Burn
3.2 miles SSE NT229857 Rossend Castle
3.6 miles E NT274913 Abbotshall, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles NE NT231923 Pitconmark
1.5 miles NE NT235921 Lambswell
1.5 miles NNE NT224930 Shaws Mill
1.7 miles NE NT234927 Bankhead of Raith
2.2 miles NE NT242930 Torbain Farm
2.2 miles E NT252904 Balwearie
2.5 miles NE NT250930 Bogie House
2.5 miles ENE NT255918 Raith House
2.7 miles ENE NT254928 Newliston
2.6 miles NE NT248934 Wester Bogie
3.0 miles NE NT253937 Chapel
3.0 miles NE NT247943 Wester Tough
3.1 miles E NT266910 Southerton
3.2 miles NE NT255942 Easter Tough ; Chapel Farm
3.3 miles NE NT255945 Collier Row ; Tough Row
3.4 miles ENE NT269922 Sauchenbush
3.8 miles NE NT266943 Mutton Hall
4.0 miles E NT280907 Linktown
4.0 miles E NT281910 The Links
3.8 miles SSW NT190852 Aberdour, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles SW NT202890 Bankhead
1.4 miles SSW NT203888 Templehall Cottages
1.6 miles SSW NT203885 Templehall
1.7 miles SSW NT203882 Balmule
2.0 miles SSW NT206876 Montquey
2.1 miles SW NT196880 Bernards Smithy
2.2 miles SW NT189885 Cullaloe
2.1 miles SW NT191884 Cullaloe Cottages ; Crossroads ; Cullalo
2.2 miles WSW NT183892 Beverkae
2.6 miles SSW NT195871 Balram
2.7 miles SSW NT203866 Glenshee
2.7 miles SW NT186875 Ladys Bridge
2.9 miles SSW NT203863 Long Gates
2.9 miles SSW NT205861 Dalachy
2.9 miles S NT208861 Dalachy Cottages
2.9 miles S NT209861 Greenkip
2.9 miles W NT170900 Moss Morran
2.9 miles WSW NT172891 Mossbank
3.0 miles SSW NT189867 Murel ; Murrel
3.0 miles WSW NT172885 Easter Bucklyvie
3.0 miles SSW NT196862 Humbie
3.0 miles SW NT187867 The Murrel
3.1 miles SW NT185868 Croftgary Saw Mill
3.2 miles WSW NT167894 Ivy Cottage
3.2 miles WSW NT169888 Marionville
3.2 miles WSW NT166894 Beech Cottage
3.2 miles SW NT183867 Croftgary
3.2 miles WSW NT165896 Heath Cottage ; Croftgarie
3.3 miles WSW NT166888 Donibristle
3.3 miles SSW NT195857 Old Town
3.5 miles SSW NT191857 Hillside
3.6 miles WSW NT164881 Earls Row
3.6 miles SSW NT196853 Easter Aberdour
3.5 miles WSW NT167877 Scotts Walls
3.6 miles SW NT181861 White Lodge
3.7 miles SW NT176863 Old Whitehill
3.8 miles SW NT181857 Black Lodge
3.7 miles SW NT169869 Braehead Cottages
3.7 miles SSW NT186855 Mill Farm
3.8 miles SW NT179859 Whitehill ; Whitehill Cottage
3.8 miles SW NT177859 Bouprie Banks
3.8 miles WSW NT156893 Cuttlehill
3.8 miles SSW NT183854 Nether Bouprie
3.8 miles WSW NT158884 Wester Bucklyvie ; Bouprie
3.9 miles WSW NT161876 Monziehall
3.9 miles SW NT173861 Old Banks
4.0 miles SW NT166867 Parkend
3.9 miles SSW NT188851 Wester Aberdour
4.2 miles W NT150899 Cowdenend
4.3 miles SSW NT178850 Little Couston
4.5 miles SW NT174848 Moss Cottages
4.8 miles SW NT168847 Four Lums
3.8 miles E NT278914 Kirkcaldy, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles ENE NT275931 Hayfield
3.9 miles ENE NT271937 Templehall
4.1 miles NE NT270945 Dunnikier
4.3 miles ENE NT284920 Port Brae
4.5 miles ENE NT278943 Dunnikier House
4.6 miles ENE NT284935 Smeaton
4.1 miles SE NT269868 Kinghorn, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles SSE NT221897 Balmuto
0.7 miles SSE NT218896 Balmuto Cottage
0.7 miles ESE NT226901 Mourn House
0.7 miles E NT228909 New Cottoun
0.8 miles SSW NT210895 Pitkinnie
0.8 miles SW NT208897 Pitkinnie Cottage
1.0 miles SE NT227895 West Balbairdie
1.1 miles SSE NT224891 Boswell
1.1 miles ESE NT233900 Lamberts Mill
1.2 miles SSE NT224890 Meadowfield ; Pirniss
1.2 miles SSW NT209888 Linhead
1.2 miles ENE NT235912 West Balbarton
1.6 miles ESE NT237894 East Balbairdie
1.6 miles ESE NT239894 Druimmuilionn
1.6 miles ENE NT241915 East Balbarton
1.6 miles ESE NT238894 Kilrie Cottages
1.7 miles ESE NT242896 Kilrie Farm
1.9 miles ESE NT245898 Kilrie
2.0 miles ESE NT246893 Kilrie Gate ; Smithy
2.2 miles SE NT241883 Longloch
2.2 miles ESE NT250898 Nether Pitteadie
2.2 miles ESE NT246889 North Glassmount ; North Pitteadie
2.3 miles SE NT246885 Glassmount
2.4 miles E NT254911 Boglillie / Boglily
2.4 miles SE NT239877 Common
2.4 miles ESE NT250887 North Glassmount Cottages
2.7 miles E NT258898 Bankhead of Piteadie
2.7 miles ESE NT254886 Manorlees / Manorleys
2.7 miles SE NT249879 South Glassmount
2.6 miles ESE NT256893 South Piteadie ; Piteadie House
2.7 miles ESE NT259897 Bankhead of Piteadie Farm Cottages
2.8 miles SE NT248875 Rodanbraes
2.9 miles E NT262912 Datie Mill
2.9 miles ESE NT261892 Broadleys
3.2 miles ESE NT261883 Banchory Cottages
3.3 miles SE NT258875 Craigencat / Craigencalt
3.2 miles ESE NT263884 Drinkbetween
3.2 miles E NT267899 Invertiel Farm
3.5 miles SE NT252864 Kingswood Cottage
3.4 miles SE NT255868 Slackacre
3.6 miles ESE NT270885 Grange
3.6 miles SE NT258867 Grangemire ; Grangehill
3.7 miles ESE NT269882 Grange Cottages
3.7 miles ESE NT273892 Tyrie
3.8 miles E NT277900 Invertiel
3.8 miles ESE NT275892 Tyrie Farm Cottages
3.8 miles ESE NT270876 Abden Farm
4.0 miles ESE NT278892 Bleach Works
3.9 miles ESE NT275885 Seafield
4.0 miles ESE NT276885 Vicars Grange ; Seafield House
4.0 miles ESE NT275879 Poor House ; Abden Home ; Linton Court
4.2 miles ESE NT279885 Seafield Tower
4.3 miles SE NT268861 Pettycur
4.3 miles SE NT269862 Rossness
5.0 miles NNW NT177977 Ballingry, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles NW NT184933 Lochgelly (part)
3.1 miles WNW NT170926 Lumphinnans
3.1 miles WNW NT174934 South Lumphinnans ; Lumphinnans Farm
3.3 miles NW NT176941 Wester Cartmore
3.5 miles NW NT170940 North Lumphinnans
3.7 miles NNW NT184957 Glencraig (2) ; Inchgall Farm
3.8 miles NW NT178955 Glencraig (1)
3.9 miles NW NT171951 Clune
4.0 miles NW NT178958 Lochcraig
4.0 miles NW NT181960 Milton
4.1 miles NW NT175959 Lochore Castle
4.2 miles NW NT179963 Crosshill
4.3 miles NNW NT180966 Thishalaw
4.5 miles NNW NT179969 Hynds
4.4 miles NNW NT180968 Lochore
4.4 miles NNW NT181969 Rosewells
4.8 miles NW NT172970 Lochore House
4.8 miles NNW NT181977 Kirkland
5.0 miles N NT229986 Kinglassie, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles NNE NT241955 Cluny Farm
3.5 miles NNE NT246956 Clunie / Cluny (1)
3.5 miles NNE NT246955 Greenhead
3.8 miles NNE NT233966 Craigside
3.8 miles NNE NT249958 Muirton
3.9 miles NNE NT242964 Clunie Mains ; Cluny Mains
4.1 miles NNE NT235970 Dogtown / Dogton
4.2 miles NNE NT234972 Pitlochie
4.2 miles NNE NT235972 Kinglassie House
4.5 miles NNE NT251970 Cluny (2)
4.5 miles NNE NT257966 Fosterton
4.4 miles N NT223978 Parknook
4.5 miles NNE NT237977 Bowhouse
4.6 miles N NT222981 Whinnyhall Cottages
4.7 miles NNE NT243978 Muirside
4.8 miles N NT222984 Whinnyhall
6 miles ENE NT304932 Dysart, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles NE NT273959 Balbeggie Cottages
4.8 miles NE NT276956 Grantsmoor
4.7 miles ENE NT290926 Pathhead ; Grantsmuir
4.9 miles ENE NT286943 Dunnikier Muir
4.8 miles ENE NT288938 Overtown
5.0 miles ENE NT285947 Carberry
5.0 miles NE NT264971 Redford
5.0 miles NE NT262972 Skeddoway Lodge
5.0 miles NE NT272964 Wester Balbeggie
6 miles SW NT156835 Dalgety, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles WSW NT154885 Fordell
4.0 miles SW NT174857 Pleasants ; Fordel
4.2 miles SW NT168859 Chapel
4.5 miles WSW NT151876 Drumcooper
4.4 miles WSW NT148888 Mossgreen
4.5 miles WSW NT152875 Red Row
4.5 miles SW NT168852 Cockairnie
4.5 miles WSW NT146887 Crossgates (part)
4.5 miles SSW NT182842 St Colme House
4.7 miles SW NT160856 Bankhead
4.7 miles WSW NT151868 Broomieside
4.7 miles SW NT164852 Otterston
4.8 miles SW NT155859 Clinkhill Bents
4.9 miles SW NT169844 Dalgety Manse
4.8 miles WSW NT144878 Muirend
8 miles SW NT130828 Inverkeithing, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles WSW NT144883 Prathouse Cottage
4.8 miles WSW NT144877 Woodlee Farm
5.0 miles WSW NT147867 Annfield
8 miles WSW NT091874 Dunfermline, Fife which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles WSW NT146892 Mains of Beath
4.6 miles WSW NT144888 Crossgates (part)
4.9 miles W NT138893 Cuttlehill Colliery


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.