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Places within 5 miles of Crompton,Lancashire, OS Gridref SD927095

SD927095 Crompton, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
0.1 miles ENE SD929096 High Crompton
0.4 miles S SD926089 Low Crompton
0.7 miles ESE SD938091 Wood End
1.0 miles SE SD939084 Shaw Side
1.3 miles ESE SD947089 Clough (Crompton)
1.3 miles NE SD943109 Jubilee
1.4 miles E SD950099 Crompton Fold
1.6 miles E SD953091 Dog Hill
0.7 miles SE SD934087 Shaw, Lancashire
1.2 miles SSW SD918077 Royton, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles S SD928080 Luzley Brook
1.2 miles S SD930075 Heyside
1.2 miles SW SD912082 Thorp
1.7 miles SSE SD934069 Higginshaw
1.7 miles S SD923067 Long Sight
1.5 miles NNE SD932118 Butterworth, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
1.2 miles NNE SD934114 Bentgate
1.5 miles NNW SD922118 Lady House
1.5 miles NNE SD937117 Newhey
1.7 miles NE SD944117 Haugh
2.2 miles NE SD947124 Rough Bank
2.3 miles N SD923132 Firgrove
2.4 miles NNW SD912131 Newbold
2.5 miles NNE SD944132 Tunshill
2.7 miles NNW SD916137 Belfield
3.2 miles N SD924146 Little Clegg
3.5 miles N SD929152 Smithy Bridge
1.6 miles W SD902092 Thornham, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles W SD914096 Gravel Hole
1.7 miles SW SD911072 Haggate (Thornham)
1.8 miles W SD898091 Thornham Fold
2.4 miles WSW SD890083 Stake Hill
2.5 miles W SD886095 Trub
2.6 miles W SD885089 Slattocks
1.9 miles N SD926126 Milnrow, Lancashire
2.6 miles WNW SD887107 Castleton, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles NW SD920103 Burnedge
1.1 miles WNW SD910101 Buersil Head
1.9 miles NW SD907118 Lower Place
1.9 miles NW SD905115 Turf Hill
1.9 miles NW SD904116 Balderstone (Castleton)
2.0 miles WNW SD899112 Kirkholt
2.5 miles NW SD897122 Stoneyfield
3.1 miles WNW SD883119 Sudden
3.3 miles WNW SD878118 Marland
2.7 miles S SD926051 Oldham, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles ESE SD947085 Fullwood (Oldham)
1.9 miles SE SD950076 Sholver
2.0 miles S SD927063 Oldham Edge
2.0 miles SE SD952073 Moorside (Oldham)
2.3 miles SSE SD938060 Acre
2.2 miles SE SD947065 Watersheddings
2.5 miles SSE SD948060 Spring Hill (Oldham)
2.7 miles S SD931052 Mumps
2.6 miles SSE SD943056 Waterhead
3.0 miles SSE SD945049 Clarksfield
3.0 miles SSE SD948051 Greenacres
3.0 miles SSE SD938047 Moorhey
3.3 miles SSW SD912044 Werneth
3.3 miles SSE SD942043 Glodwick
3.6 miles S SD924037 Coppice
3.8 miles SSE SD944035 Pitses
4.0 miles S SD922031 Copster Hill
3.9 miles S SD926032 Hathershaw
4.4 miles S SD915025 Lime Side
2.9 miles SW SD898058 Chadderton, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles SSW SD911068 Holden Fold
2.4 miles SW SD897071 Healds Green
2.5 miles SSW SD913057 Busk
2.6 miles SW SD896067 Chadderton Fold
3.6 miles SSW SD903042 Nimble Nook
4.2 miles SSW SD898035 White Gate
3.0 miles NW SD896131 Rochdale, Lancashire
3.2 miles NW SD896136 Wardleworth, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NNW SD906150 Buckley
4.3 miles NNW SD895156 Syke
3.2 miles NW SD893133 Rochdale, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
1.3 miles ESE SD947089 Clough ; Clough Bottom
2.4 miles ESE SD962080 Bishop Park
2.4 miles E SD966091 Hollin Bank
2.5 miles E SD968094 Grains Bar
2.7 miles ENE SD967112 Cherry Clough
2.6 miles E SD969095 Old Tame
2.7 miles ESE SD963071 Roebuck Low ; Low Roebuck ; Roebuck
2.7 miles E SD971093 Slackcote
2.9 miles E SD972103 Calf Hey
2.9 miles SE SD955059 Waterhead Mill
3.0 miles ENE SD974106 Junction
2.9 miles E SD974092 New Tame
2.9 miles SE SD961062 Top O' Th' Meadows
3.0 miles ENE SD975106 Denshaw ; Deanshaw
3.2 miles SE SD958054 Austerlands
3.2 miles ESE SD970068 High Moor
3.1 miles SE SD959057 Scouthead
3.3 miles E SD980090 Friarmere
3.3 miles ESE SD979084 Linfitts ; Friermere
3.3 miles E SD981090 Heights Chapel
3.3 miles ESE SD977076 Hill Top
3.3 miles SE SD965056 Turf Lane
3.5 miles ESE SD977070 Thurston Clough
3.6 miles ESE SD983082 Delph
3.5 miles SE SD973062 Doctor Houses
3.5 miles ENE SD982109 Rough Hey
3.5 miles SE SD967054 Wood Brook
3.7 miles E SD985086 Delph Greave
3.7 miles E SD986090 Grange
3.7 miles SE SD965050 Shelderslow
3.7 miles SE SD965050 Skelderslow
3.7 miles SSE SD959045 Springhead
3.8 miles E SD987085 Bakestone Delf
3.7 miles SE SD973057 New Houses
3.7 miles SE SD965048 Stone Breaks ; Bakestone Dale
3.8 miles ESE SD979062 Wall Hill
4.0 miles ESE SD990082 Dale
4.0 miles SE SD972049 Grotton Hall
4.1 miles E SD992086 Causey Side
4.0 miles SE SD969045 Grotton
4.0 miles ESE SD984063 Husteads
4.0 miles ESE SD988074 New Delph
4.0 miles ESE SD985065 Tame Water ; Causeway Sett
4.2 miles E SD995102 Broadhead Noddle
4.3 miles SE SD973043 Lydgate
4.2 miles E SD995090 Old Hey
4.2 miles SE SD983057 Wade Hill ; Lydiate
4.3 miles ESE SD994075 Lark Hill
4.3 miles SE SD985055 Saddleworth
4.5 miles E SD999097 Castleshaw
4.4 miles ESE SD992067 Dobcross
4.4 miles SE SD980048 Grasscroft ; Grasscroft Clough
4.5 miles SE SD969035 Holly Bank
4.6 miles ESE SD999077 Weakey
4.7 miles SE SD975038 Quick
4.7 miles SE SD969032 Quick Edge
4.8 miles SE SD987046 Shaw Hall
4.8 miles E SE005095 Bleak Hey Nook
4.9 miles ESE SE003073 Holly Grove ; Hollingreave
5.0 miles SE SD991047 Greenfield
5.0 miles E SE006082 Harrop Green
5.0 miles SSE SD970028 Sandbed
5.0 miles E SE007087 Thurstones
5.0 miles ESE SD998058 Uppermill
5.0 miles E SE007092 Warrock Hill ; Warrock Foot
3.5 miles SSE SD955045 Lees, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles SSE SD955051 Hey (Lees)
3.5 miles NW SD887136 Spotland, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NW SD886138 Spotland Bridge
4.0 miles WNW SD873131 Broadhalgh
4.2 miles NW SD885148 Shawclough
4.5 miles NW SD867136 Bagslate Moor
4.5 miles NNW SD889157 Healey
4.7 miles NW SD870143 Cutgate
4.7 miles NW SD871147 Shawfield
3.6 miles SW SD885055 Tonge, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles SW SD884055 Moorclose
4.0 miles W SD863097 Hopwood, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles WNW SD859109 Captain Fold
4.8 miles WSW SD851077 Birch in Hopwood
4.2 miles WSW SD869061 Middleton, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles WSW SD881073 Stanycliffe
3.5 miles WSW SD877068 Higher Boarshaw
3.7 miles WSW SD872071 Hollins (Middleton)
3.8 miles SW SD889047 Middleton Junction
4.0 miles WSW SD866073 Top of Hebers
4.5 miles WSW SD860070 Langley
4.3 miles N SD931164 Littleborough, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles NNE SD941149 Hollingworth Fold
4.7 miles SW SD866051 Alkrington, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SW SD871048 Alkrington Garden Village
4.7 miles NNW SD912168 Wardle, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NNW SD912152 Smallbridge
3.8 miles N SD916155 Greengate (Wardle)
3.8 miles N SD926157 Dearnley
4.0 miles N SD915158 Hurstead
4.2 miles NNW SD908159 Great Howarth
4.8 miles SSW SD904022 Hollinwood, Lancashire
6 miles N SD941182 Calderbrook, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
3.2 miles NNE SD944143 Rakewood
4.4 miles NNE SD942164 Durn
4.5 miles N SD927167 Shore
4.5 miles N SD934168 Caldermoor
4.8 miles N SD933173 Clough
4.9 miles N SD942173 Gale
4.8 miles NNE SD947170 Honresfeld
7 miles WNW SD834131 Birtle, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles WNW SD864118 Crimble
4.4 miles WNW SD858112 Hooley Brow
4.7 miles WNW SD861132 Bamford
4.9 miles WNW SD852120 Hooley Bridge
7 miles S SJ938991 Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles SSE SD953036 Holts
4.2 miles S SD935029 Fitton Hill
4.5 miles S SD941024 Park Bridge
4.7 miles SSE SD944022 Alt Hill
4.7 miles SSE SD945021 Alt
4.7 miles S SD929019 Bardsley
4.9 miles SSE SD967027 Brook Bottom
4.8 miles SSE SD960024 Hartshead Pike
5.0 miles S SD924015 Knott Lanes


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.