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Places within 5 miles of Wroot,Lincolnshire, OS Gridref SE710030

0.3 miles NE SE714034 Wroot, Lincolnshire
3.3 miles SW SK672992 Finningley, Nottinghamshire
3.3 miles SW SK672992 Finningley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles W SE677024 Acomb ; Akeholme
2.9 miles WSW SE672004 Blaxton ; Blakestone
3.8 miles WSW SE653008 Lidget
4.0 miles WSW SE650011 Auckley ; Aukley
4.8 miles WSW SK639999 Hay Field
4.0 miles ESE SK768999 Haxey, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles E SE780030 Epworth, Lincolnshire
6 miles W SE628023 Cantley, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
2.5 miles WNW SE675048 Gate Wood ; Gatewood End
3.7 miles W SE653022 Kilham
4.3 miles W SE642017 Branton
4.7 miles WSW SE637013 Brockhole
6 miles NW SE660097 Hatfield, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles NNE SE724083 Low Levels
4.1 miles NNW SE680088 Hatfield Woodhouse
4.5 miles N SE714103 High Levels ; Levels
4.7 miles NNW SE670094 Bearswood Green
4.9 miles NNW SE680102 Brierholme Carr
12 miles SSW SK626869 Blythe, Yorkshire (West Riding) which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SW SK668971 Brancroft
5.0 miles SW SK650978 Finningley Park

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

0.4 miles E SE718030 Woodside (Wroot) , Lincolnshire
1.7 miles ENE SE736040 Tunnel Pits , Lincolnshire
2.7 miles ESE SE753017 Haxey Carr (Haxey) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles E SE760030 Epworth Turbary (Epworth) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles SE SE750000 Upperthorpe (Haxey) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles SE SK740990 Westwoodside (Haxey) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles NE SE740070 West Carr (Epworth) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles NNE SE740080 Sandtoft (Belton) , Lincolnshire
4.1 miles NE SE762071 Stockholes Turbary (Belton) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles E SE780020 High Burnham (Haxey) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles E SE780020 Low Burnham (Haxey) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SSE SK750970 Langholme , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles ENE SE770070 Westgate (Belton) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles ENE SE780060 Isle of Axholme (Belton) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SE SK770980 Graiselound (Haxey) , Lincolnshire
5.0 miles ENE SE784063 Church Town (Belton) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles ENE SE780070 Grey Green (Belton in Axholme) , Lincolnshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.