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This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request.
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Places within 5 miles of LowToynton,Lincolnshire, OS Gridref TF270700

0.3 miles NE TF275703 Low Toynton, Lincolnshire
0.7 miles WSW TF260695 Horncastle, Lincolnshire
~ 1 miles SE TF280690 High Toynton, Lincolnshire
~ 2 miles NNW TF260720 West Ashby, Lincolnshire
1.7 miles SE TF287678 Mareham on the Hill, Lincolnshire
~ 2 miles E TF300700 Greetham, Lincolnshire
~ 2 miles W TF240700 Thimbleby, Lincolnshire
2.2 miles WSW TF237689 Langton, Lincolnshire
2.2 miles SW TF243678 Thornton, Lincolnshire
~ 3 miles ESE TF310690 Scrafield, Lincolnshire
2.5 miles WNW TF233714 Edlington, Lincolnshire
~ 3 miles SSW TF260660 Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire
2.7 miles NE TF298734 Fulletby, Lincolnshire
~ 3 miles SW TF239668 Martin, Lincolnshire
~ 3 miles ESE TF310680 Winceby, Lincolnshire
3.0 miles SW TF242662 Dalderby, Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles SE TF310670 Hameringham, Lincolnshire
3.5 miles NW TF237744 Hemingby, Lincolnshire
3.6 miles ENE TF327715 Ashby Puerorum, Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles ENE TF320730 Salmonby, Lincolnshire
3.7 miles NNE TF295754 Belchford, Lincolnshire
3.8 miles SSW TF241647 Roughton, Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles SSE TF292640 Moorby, Lincolnshire
4.0 miles SSE TF304644 Claxby Pluckacre, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles ESE TF330670 Lusby, Lincolnshire
4.1 miles S TF283635 Wilksby, Lincolnshire
4.2 miles NW TF222745 Baumber, Lincolnshire
4.2 miles SSW TF246638 Haltham, Lincolnshire
4.3 miles ESE TF333669 Asgarby by Spilsby (Spilsby), Lincolnshire
4.2 miles WNW TF205717 Wispington, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles E TF340690 Hagworthingham, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles S TF270630 Wood Enderby, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles ENE TF330740 Tetford, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SE TF330650 Hareby, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SE TF320640 Miningsby, Lincolnshire
4.8 miles ENE TF344726 Somersby, Lincolnshire
5.0 miles W TF192687 Horsington, Lincolnshire
5.0 miles SSW TF244624 Kirkby on Bain, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles NNE TF310770 Oxcombe, Lincolnshire

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

3.3 miles NW TF240742 New End (Hemingby) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles E TF330710 Stainsby (Ashby Puerorum) , Lincolnshire
4.2 miles SSW TF246638 Haltham on Bain (Haltham) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles WSW TF210670 Old Woodhall (Woodhall) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles NE TF330750 Little London (Tetford) , Lincolnshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.