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Places within 5 miles of Eastville,Lincolnshire, OS Gridref TF400560

TF400560 Eastville, Lincolnshire
~ 2 miles W TF380560 Midville, Lincolnshire
~ 2 miles WSW TF380550 East Fen, Lincolnshire
3.4 miles SSE TF427512 Wrangle, Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles WNW TF350590 Stickford, Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles E TF460550 Friskney, Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles W TF340560 Stickney, Lincolnshire
3.8 miles S TF398498 Leake, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles NNE TF430620 Little Steeping, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles N TF400630 Toynton All Saints, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles N TF400630 Toynton St Peter, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles NNW TF370630 East Keal, Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SW TF350500 Sibsey, Lincolnshire

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

0.6 miles NNE TF402569 New Leake (Eastville) , Lincolnshire
0.9 miles SSW TF396547 Lade Bank (Boston) , Lincolnshire
2.2 miles E TF435563 Dickon Hills , Lincolnshire
2.1 miles S TF397526 Leake Commonside (Leake) , Lincolnshire
2.5 miles SE TF427529 Wrangle Bank (Wrangle) , Lincolnshire
2.5 miles SE TF427529 Wrangle Low Ground (Wrangle) , Lincolnshire
2.6 miles S TF405518 Leake Fold Hill (Leake) , Lincolnshire
2.6 miles E TF442558 Small End (Friskney) , Lincolnshire
3.4 miles SSE TF427512 Wrangle Lowgate (Wrangle) , Lincolnshire
3.6 miles WNW TF346580 Fen Side (Stickney) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles N TF390620 Toynton Fen Side (Toynton St Peter) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles S TF398498 Old Leake (Leake) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles ESE TF460540 Fold Hill (Friskney) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles NW TF360610 Keal Cotes (West Keal) , Lincolnshire
~ 4 miles NE TF450600 Thorpe Fendykes , Lincolnshire
4.1 miles WSW TF344525 Sibsey Fen Side (Sibsey) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SSE TF430500 Hall End (Wrangle) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles WSW TF340530 Northlands (Sibsey) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles E TF470550 Friskney Eaudyke (Friskney) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles NNE TF420630 Halton Fenside (Halton Holgate) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles SSE TF420490 Hurn's End (Leverton) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles WSW TF330540 West Houses (Sibsey) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles WNW TF330590 Hagnaby Lock (Stickford) , Lincolnshire
~ 5 miles ENE TF470590 Wainfleet Bank (Wainfleet St Mary) , Lincolnshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.