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Places within 5 miles of Colinton,Midlothian, OS Gridref NT210680

NT210680 Colinton, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
NT210680 Hailes
0.2 miles ESE NT213678 Bonaly
0.4 miles W NT203679 Torphin
~ 1 miles W NT200680 Juniper Green
1.0 miles ENE NT226683 Dreghorn
1.1 miles NNW NT203696 Wester Hailes
~ 2 miles N NT210700 Kingsknowe
~ 2 miles N NT210700 Longstone
~ 2 miles NNE NT220700 Craiglockhart
1.6 miles E NT236681 Swanston (Modern Area)
1.8 miles ENE NT237691 Oxgangs
1.9 miles ESE NT240673 Swanston (Original Village)
2.0 miles ENE NT242688 Comiston
2.1 miles NNE NT223711 Slateford
~ 2 miles WSW NT180670 Currie, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
~ 3 miles WNW NT170700 Hermiston
3.0 miles WSW NT168657 Malleny Mills
3.0 miles NW NT183720 South Gyle
~ 4 miles WSW NT160660 Balerno
~ 5 miles WSW NT144657 Glenbrock ; Glenbrook
~ 3 miles NNW NT190720 Corstorphine, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles NNW NT196712 Sighthill
3.8 miles N NT223740 Ravelston
~ 4 miles NW NT160720 Gogar
4.1 miles NNW NT194744 Clermiston
~ 4 miles SSE NT240630 Glencorse, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles SE NT241641 Easter Howgate ; Glencross
4.2 miles SE NT249624 Loganlee (near Penicuik)
4.2 miles SSE NT234616 Mauricewood
4.3 miles SE NT251625 Milton Bridge
4.5 miles SE NT250620 Auchendinny
~ 5 miles SSE NT230610 Cuiken
4.7 miles SSE NT240610 Beeslack
~ 5 miles SSE NT240610 Greenlaw Mains
~ 4 miles E NT270690 Liberton, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
~ 2 miles N NT210710 Stenhouse
2.3 miles E NT247682 Fairmilehead
~ 4 miles E NT270670 Burdiehouse
3.7 miles E NT270681 Kaimes
~ 4 miles ESE NT270660 Straiton
4.1 miles E NT276686 Gracemount
4.5 miles ENE NT277706 The Inch
~ 5 miles ENE NT280710 Craigmillar
~ 5 miles E NT290680 Gilmerton
~ 5 miles ESE NT270650 Loanhead, Midlothian
4.9 miles NE NT264738 Canongate, Midlothian
~ 5 miles NE NT270730 Edinburgh, Midlothian
~ 5 miles NE NT270730 St Cuthberts, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
~ 3 miles NNE NT220720 Gorgie
~ 3 miles NE NT240710 Morningside
~ 3 miles NNE NT230720 Dalry
~ 4 miles ENE NT260710 Newington
3.9 miles NNE NT237737 Bell's Mills
~ 6 miles SSE NT230600 Penicuik, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles S NT217609 Coates
4.7 miles SSE NT225606 Cornbank
4.8 miles S NT203602 Silverburn
~ 6 miles WNW NT130700 Ratho, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles W NT131684 Burnwynd
~ 6 miles NNW NT180760 Cramond, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles NNW NT186743 Bughtlin
~ 5 miles N NT200750 Davidson's Mains
4.5 miles NNW NT190750 Barnton
4.6 miles N NT221753 Drylaw
4.7 miles NNW NT180750 Braepark
5.0 miles NW NT161743 Turnhouse
~ 6 miles ESE NT300650 Lasswade, Midlothian which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles SE NT240650 Boghall (Roslin (Lasswade))
3.2 miles ESE NT258663 Damhead Holdings
3.5 miles SE NT255646 Seafield (Glencorse)
4.0 miles SE NT260640 Bilston
~ 5 miles SE NT270630 Roslin

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 2 miles SSE NT220650 Glen Corse (not Glencorse/Glencross) , Midlothian
2.1 miles N NT209714 Saughton , Midlothian
3.2 miles NE NT242721 Merchiston , Midlothian
3.3 miles N NT219733 Murrayfield , Midlothian
~ 4 miles N NT210740 Blackhall , Midlothian
~ 4 miles NNE NT230740 Craigleith , Midlothian
~ 4 miles NE NT250730 Old Town , Midlothian
~ 5 miles NNE NT240740 Dean , Midlothian
~ 5 miles NNE NT240750 Inverleith , Midlothian
~ 5 miles NE NT260740 New Town (Edinburgh) , Midlothian
4.9 miles ENE NT277721 Prestonfield , Midlothian


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.