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Places within 5 miles of Llanhiledd / Llanhilleth,Monmouthshire, OS Gridref SO217008

SO217008 Llanhiledd / Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
Llanhiddel ; Llanhiledd ; Llanhilleth
0.3 miles NNW SO215013 Brynithel
0.4 miles WNW SO211010 Glandwr
0.9 miles NNW SO210020 Aber-big / Aberbeeg ; Aber-big ; Aberbeeg
1.2 miles S ST217989 Swffryd
1.3 miles SSE ST227990 Hafodyrynys
1.4 miles NNE SO223030 Six Bells
3.2 miles W SO166003 Bedwellte / Bedwellty, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles WSW SO176000 Argoed ( )
2.6 miles WSW ST177996 Fairoak
2.7 miles WSW ST179988 Rock
2.9 miles WNW SO179034 Manmoel
3.0 miles WSW ST175982 Cwm Gelli
3.0 miles W SO168013 Markham ; Bedwellte ; Bedwellty
3.5 miles SW ST173972 Blackwood or Coed Duon
3.5 miles SW ST173972 Coed Duon or Blackwood
3.5 miles WNW SO164030 Hollybush
4.0 miles W SO153003 Aberbargod / Aberbargoed ; Aberbargod ; Aberbargoed
4.2 miles WNW SO152023 Cwmsyfiog
4.2 miles NW SO162046 Pochin Houses
4.3 miles WSW ST156973 Pengam
4.4 miles WNW SO149027 Elliot's Town
4.8 miles WNW SO145035 Phillip's Town
5.0 miles WNW SO141032 New Tredegar
~ 4 miles N SO220071 Aberystruth (Parish name only), Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles N SO217041 Abertillery
2.0 miles N SO223040 Penrhiwgarreg
2.4 miles N SO214047 Blaenau-Gwent
2.4 miles NW SO192038 Llan-dafal
2.7 miles N SO220051 Pen-y-Bont
3.0 miles N SO218056 Cwmtillery
2.9 miles N SO213055 West Bank
3.2 miles N SO220060 East Bank
3.5 miles NW SO185054 Cwm
4.6 miles NNW SO199080 Blaina
4.6 miles NNW SO177070 Waun-Lwyd
4.7 miles NNW SO198081 West Side
4.9 miles N SO204086 Cwm-celyn
4.1 miles ENE SO282021 Trefddyn / Trevethin, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.4 miles SE ST235993 Cefn-crib
2.3 miles ESE ST253999 Pantygasseg
2.9 miles NE SO253036 British
3.1 miles ENE SO266017 Cwm Ffrwd-oer
3.2 miles E SO268004 Old Furnace
3.1 miles ENE SO266020 Pentre-Poid
3.3 miles NE SO257043 Golynos
3.3 miles ENE SO266031 Pen-twyn
3.3 miles ENE SO268027 Snatchwood
3.3 miles E SO271008 Tranch
3.4 miles NE SO262040 Talywain
3.5 miles ENE SO268034 Abersychan
3.6 miles E SO275014 Wainfelin
3.7 miles NE SO262046 Garndiffaith ( )
3.7 miles E SO276018 Pontnewynydd
4.1 miles E SO283006 Pontypool / Pontypwl ; Pontypool ; Pontypool or Ponypwl ; Pontypwl ; Trefddyn ; Trevethin
4.3 miles NE SO265059 Varteg
4.4 miles E SO288013 Penygarn
4.7 miles NE SO269062 Cwmavon
4.8 miles NE SO267066 Gallowsgreen
4.6 miles SSW ST193938 Mynyddislwyn, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles SW ST206999 Trinant
1.1 miles W SO199011 Pentrapeod
1.7 miles SW ST199986 Croespenmaen
1.7 miles SSW ST211981 Crumlin
1.7 miles SW ST199987 Kendon
1.9 miles SSW ST207979 Treowen
2.2 miles S ST216973 Pantside
2.1 miles SSW ST198980 Pentref-y-groes
2.2 miles WSW ST184994 Gwrhay
2.4 miles SW ST187984 Oakdale
2.4 miles S ST210970 Cefn Bychan or Newbridge
2.4 miles S ST210970 Newbridge or Cefn Bychan
2.7 miles SSW ST200969 Cwm Dows
3.0 miles SSW ST199963 Ton-y-pistyll
3.2 miles S ST219957 Chapel of Ease
3.2 miles SSW ST194962 Pentwyn-mawr
3.6 miles S ST216950 Abercarn
3.6 miles S ST220950 Llanfach
3.5 miles S ST212951 West End
3.7 miles WSW ST166978 Cefn Fforest
3.7 miles SSW ST192953 Cwmnantyrodyn
3.7 miles SSW ST185957 Springfield
3.9 miles SW ST176960 Pontllanfraith
4.3 miles SW ST173955 Penllwyn
4.4 miles S ST220937 Cwmcarn
4.6 miles SW ST168952 Bryn
4.6 miles SSW ST175947 Gelligroes
4.7 miles SW ST157963 Fleur-de-lis
4.7 miles SW ST160958 Gelli-haf
4.9 miles SSW ST176941 Wyllie
6 miles WSW ST133968 Gelligaer, Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles W ST157999 Aberbargoed
4.1 miles W SO152019 Brithdir
4.3 miles WSW ST152982 Gilfach
4.6 miles WSW ST145990 Bargod (or Bargoed)
4.6 miles WSW ST145990 Bargoed
4.8 miles WNW SO144033 New Tredegar
4.7 miles SW ST156963 Tir-y-berth
6 miles E ST310990 Pant-Teg / Panteg, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles E SO274002 Lower Race
3.7 miles ESE ST274994 Upper Race
4.1 miles E SO282000 Cwm-Fields
4.0 miles E ST281996 Cwmynyscoy
4.2 miles ESE ST282990 Penyrheol
4.5 miles E SO290000 Pontymoel
4.8 miles E ST292992 Griffithstown
5.0 miles ESE ST292981 Sebastopol
8 miles SE ST320935 Llanfrechfa, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SE ST272967 The Square
4.5 miles ESE ST278969 Upper Cwmbran
4.8 miles SE ST274957 Thornhill
4.8 miles SE ST279963 West Pontnewydd


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.