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Places within 5 miles of Maesycwmmer,Monmouthshire, OS Gridref ST155945

ST155945 Maesycwmmer, Monmouthshire
2.0 miles NW ST133968 Gelligaer, Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
0.6 miles NW ST149952 Hengoed
0.6 miles WSW ST145943 Ystrad Mynach
0.9 miles NNW ST147958 Cefn Hengoed
1.1 miles N ST156963 Tir-y-berth
1.6 miles NW ST136963 Penybryn
1.9 miles NNW ST143973 Glan-y-nant ; Gellygaer
2.1 miles NNW ST140975 Penpedairheol
2.3 miles N ST152982 Gilfach
2.7 miles WNW ST115962 Llancaiach
2.9 miles NNW ST145990 Bargod (or Bargoed)
2.9 miles NNW ST145990 Bargoed
3.3 miles N ST157999 Aberbargoed
3.6 miles NW ST108979 Taff Merthyr Garden Village
3.6 miles WNW ST104973 Trelewis
4.6 miles N SO152019 Brithdir
4.9 miles NNW SO126018 Deri
2.4 miles E ST193938 Mynyddislwyn, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.9 miles NNE ST160958 Gelli-haf
0.9 miles ENE ST168952 Bryn
1.1 miles N ST157963 Fleur-de-lis
1.2 miles E ST175947 Gelligroes
1.3 miles ENE ST173955 Penllwyn
1.3 miles E ST176941 Wyllie
1.6 miles NE ST176960 Pontllanfraith
2.0 miles ENE ST185957 Springfield
2.0 miles SE ST180924 Ynysddu
2.2 miles NNE ST166978 Cefn Fforest
2.4 miles ENE ST192953 Cwmnantyrodyn
2.5 miles SE ST185917 Cwmfelinfach
2.7 miles ENE ST194962 Pentwyn-mawr
3.0 miles ENE ST199963 Ton-y-pistyll
3.2 miles ENE ST200969 Cwm Dows
3.1 miles NE ST187984 Oakdale
3.4 miles SE ST199912 Brynawel
3.4 miles NE ST198980 Pentref-y-groes
3.5 miles NNE ST184994 Gwrhay
3.5 miles E ST212951 West End
3.7 miles ESE ST205914 Wattsville
3.8 miles E ST216950 Abercarn
3.7 miles ENE ST210970 Cefn Bychan or Newbridge
3.7 miles NE ST199986 Croespenmaen
3.8 miles NE ST199987 Kendon
3.7 miles ENE ST210970 Newbridge or Cefn Bychan
3.8 miles NE ST207979 Treowen
4.0 miles ENE ST219957 Chapel of Ease
4.1 miles E ST220937 Cwmcarn
4.0 miles E ST220950 Llanfach
4.2 miles ENE ST211981 Crumlin
4.2 miles ENE ST216973 Pantside
4.3 miles ESE ST218915 Newtown
4.6 miles NE ST206999 Trinant
4.7 miles ESE ST229926 Pontywaun
4.9 miles NNE SO199011 Pentrapeod
3.0 miles W ST108938 Llanfabon, Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles W ST137946 Tredomen
2.4 miles S ST147907 Llanbradach
2.6 miles WNW ST114955 Nelson ; Llanvabon
3.1 miles W ST105948 Tai'r-heol
3.5 miles WNW ST104970 Melin Caiach
3.6 miles WNW ST100962 Pentwyn Berthlwyd
3.7 miles W ST096940 Garth
3.8 miles WNW ST098966 Mynwent y Crynwyr Wes chapel (Quaker's Yard)
3.8 miles WNW ST097965 Quaker's Yard
3.9 miles WNW ST094961 Craig Berthlwyd
3.5 miles SSE ST171891 Bedwas, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles S ST153932 Twyn Shon-Ifan
4.1 miles SE ST195892 Craig-y-Rhacca
4.1 miles SSE ST190889 Trethomas
4.6 miles S ST163871 Lansbury Park (Glamorgan section of parish)
4.9 miles S ST164867 Van (Glamorgan section of parish)
3.7 miles N SO166003 Bedwellte / Bedwellty, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles N ST156973 Pengam
2.0 miles NNE ST173972 Blackwood or Coed Duon
2.0 miles NNE ST173972 Coed Duon or Blackwood
2.6 miles NNE ST175982 Cwm Gelli
3.0 miles NNE ST179988 Rock
3.5 miles NNE ST177996 Fairoak
3.6 miles N SO153003 Aberbargod / Aberbargoed ; Aberbargod ; Aberbargoed
3.7 miles NNE SO176000 Argoed ( ) ; Bedwellte ; Bedwellty
4.3 miles N SO168013 Markham
4.8 miles N SO152023 Cwmsyfiog
4.5 miles SW ST107890 Eglwysilan (Church), Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles SW ST114908 Parc Mawr
3.4 miles SW ST119903 Senghenydd
3.6 miles SSW ST125895 Abertridwr
3.6 miles S ST153887 Pwllypant
3.7 miles S ST143886 Penyrheol
3.9 miles S ST148882 Energlyn
4.5 miles WSW ST087921 Cilfynydd
4.5 miles SSW ST134876 Hendredenny Park
4.5 miles S ST145874 Trecenydd
4.8 miles WSW ST085912 Pont Sion Norton
4.8 miles SE ST212892 Machen, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SE ST203891 Nant-y-ceisiad
4.8 miles ESE ST223910 Black Vein
6 miles NE SO217008 Llanhiledd / Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles NE ST217989 Swffryd
6 miles ESE ST236911 Rhisga / Risca, Monmouthshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles ESE ST221919 Crosskeys
6 miles SSE ST194865 Rudry (Church), Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SE ST195884 Ty'n-y-coedcae (old railway bridge)
8 miles W ST030956 Llanwonno, Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles W ST081950 Abercynon
4.8 miles W ST078946 Carnetown
10 miles NW SO051061 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles WNW ST095971 Treharris
4.5 miles WNW ST086968 Edwardsville


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.