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Places within 5 miles of Hawkridge,Somerset, OS Gridref SS860300

SS860300 Hawkridge, Somerset
1.7 miles SSW SS852274 West Anstey, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.6 miles SSE SS863292 Venford
1.2 miles S SS862281 Twitchen ; West Anstey Farm
1.6 miles SSW SS847279 Woodland
1.6 miles S SS857274 Badlake
1.7 miles SW SS840280 Guphill
1.8 miles WSW SS834287 Ringcombe
2.0 miles SW SS836278 Netherwill
2.0 miles SW SS839274 Town Farm ; Deers Leap Farm
2.2 miles SSW SS844269 Woods
2.3 miles WSW SS828281 Combe
2.4 miles SSW SS846265 Ruggleypit
2.5 miles SW SS835269 Slade
2.7 miles SSW SS841261 Yeo Mill
2.9 miles SW SS825270 Beer
2.2 miles SSE SS867265 East Anstey, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.5 miles SSE SS867277 Highertown
1.7 miles SSE SS873276 Liscombe
1.6 miles SSE SS868275 Rhyll
1.9 miles SSE SS868271 Henspark
1.9 miles S SS864269 Oak
1.9 miles SSE SS867270 Waddicombe
2.2 miles SSW SS852265 Dunsley
2.4 miles SSW SS850262 Bungsland ; Three Gables
2.5 miles S SS859259 Radnidge
2.7 miles SSE SS871258 Hawkwell Cross
3.0 miles S SS863252 Yanhey
3.5 miles S SS858244 Blackerton
4.1 miles SSE SS873235 Nether Woodburn
~ 4 miles ESE SS910280 Dulverton, Somerset
~ 4 miles NNW SS840350 Withypool, Somerset
3.5 miles WSW SS807283 Molland, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.5 miles W SS836300 Landcombe
1.6 miles W SS836305 Lyshwell
2.4 miles WSW SS824286 Brimbacombe
2.7 miles WSW SS821283 Gourt
2.7 miles SW SS833266 New Park ; Gourte Farm
2.9 miles WSW SS815289 Smallcombe
2.9 miles WSW SS818280 Bremley
3.0 miles SW SS831262 West Park
3.0 miles WSW SS812291 Luckworthy
3.1 miles SSW SS836256 East Barton
3.2 miles WSW SS813280 Stone
3.2 miles SW SS822264 Bottreaux Mill
3.3 miles SW SS829257 Cuckoo
3.3 miles SW SS819267 Lee
3.2 miles WSW SS814275 Pulworthy
3.3 miles SW SS824261 West Barton
3.5 miles WSW SS807281 Copphall
3.6 miles SW SS818260 Bommertown
3.8 miles WSW SS802282 Barton Champson ; Champson
4.0 miles WSW SS804270 Abbots Park
4.0 miles SW SS814256 Bullaford
3.9 miles W SS797294 Gatcombe
4.3 miles WSW SS792284 West Molland ; West Molland Barton
4.4 miles WSW SS796270 Woods
~ 4 miles NE SS900340 Winsford, Somerset
~ 4 miles WNW SS800320 Litton, Somerset
~ 5 miles ENE SS920330 Exton, Somerset
~ 5 miles N SS860370 Lyncombe, Somerset
~ 5 miles N SS860370 Lyncombe St Luke, Somerset
~ 5 miles N SS860370 Lyncombe St Mark, Somerset
4.5 miles W SS788305 Twitchen, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles W SS787297 Pulsworthy Farm
4.9 miles W SS781307 Ball Bottom
4.8 miles W SS782293 Kerswell ; Badgercombe
5.0 miles W SS780303 Headgate
5.0 miles WSW SS783279 Sundercombe
5.0 miles W SS781313 West Twitchen Ball ; Sindercombe ; Western Ball
4.8 miles SSW SS827230 Knowstone, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles SSW SS842241 Whitefield
3.8 miles SSW SS845240 Whitemoor
4.2 miles S SS846234 Shapcott Barton
4.3 miles SSW SS828238 Luckett
4.4 miles SSW SS833234 Owlaborough
4.6 miles S SS847227 Roachill
4.6 miles S SS851227 Wiston
4.7 miles SSW SS839228 East Knowstone
4.7 miles SSW SS818238 Wadham
4.9 miles S SS858221 Battens
4.9 miles SW SS808240 Ford Farm ; Poumceys
~ 5 miles SE SS920250 Brushford, Somerset
8 miles WSW SS758237 Bishops Nympton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles SW SS810265 Hall
3.9 miles SW SS815256 Bullaford
4.2 miles SW SS806261 Kipscott Barton
4.7 miles WSW SS790271 Sheepwash
7 miles SSE SS910212 Oakford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SSE SS881234 Western
4.3 miles S SS868231 Woodburn
4.3 miles SSE SS893238 West Tapps
4.7 miles S SS859225 Swineham
4.7 miles S SS872225 North Esworthy
4.8 miles SSE SS883225 Mildon

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 4 miles ESE SS910270 Battleton , Somerset
~ 4 miles NE SS910340 West Howetown , Somerset
~ 5 miles ENE SS920330 Bridgetown , Somerset
~ 5 miles NE SS920340 Coppleham , Somerset


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.