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Places within 5 miles of Upton,Somerset, OS Gridref SS990280

SS990280 Upton, Somerset
~ 1 miles SW SS980270 Skilgate, Somerset
~ 3 miles SE ST020250 Raddington, Somerset
2.9 miles SW SS954250 Morebath, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.6 miles SSW SS979256 Combe
2.0 miles WSW SS960269 Withywine
2.0 miles SW SS968256 Morebath Manor
2.2 miles SSW SS979247 Eastwood
2.2 miles SSW SS977247 Westwood
2.2 miles SW SS962258 Timewell
2.4 miles SSW SS970247 Loyton
2.5 miles WSW SS955258 Hayne
2.5 miles SSW SS967246 Keens
2.9 miles WSW SS946263 Combeland
3.0 miles SSW SS972236 Hukely
3.0 miles WSW SS946259 Willishayes
3.2 miles SW SS950248 Ashtown
3.2 miles SW SS957241 Bonny Cross
3.1 miles SW SS956243 Moore
3.2 miles WSW SS944259 Warmore
3.3 miles SW SS958237 Chiltern
3.3 miles SSW SS965232 Holwell
3.4 miles WSW SS942253 Burston
3.5 miles SW SS948241 Surridge
3.9 miles WSW SS935249 Poole
4.2 miles SW SS934242 Wilsons
~ 4 miles NW SS950310 Brompton Regis, Somerset
~ 4 miles E ST040270 Chipstable, Somerset
~ 4 miles ENE ST040290 Huish Champflower, Somerset
~ 4 miles NNW SS980330 Withiel Florey, Somerset
3.7 miles SSE ST021229 Clayhanger, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles SE ST011251 Berry Farm
2.5 miles SE ST018252 Potters Farm
2.6 miles SE ST021251 Lees Farm
3.2 miles SE ST031249 Handley Farm
3.3 miles SSE ST016234 Nutcombe Farm
3.3 miles SE ST024239 Wellhayes Farm
3.3 miles SE ST029244 Woodlands
3.5 miles SSE ST011228 Bulcombe
4.0 miles SSE ST010219 Hearns Farm
4.1 miles SSE ST017220 Crosses Farm
~ 4 miles ENE ST050300 Clatworthy, Somerset
4.2 miles SSW SS956221 Bampton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.2 miles SSE SS994260 Hone
1.3 miles SSE ST000261 Ranscombe
1.4 miles SSE ST000259 Bremridge
1.6 miles S SS985254 Quartley
1.8 miles SSE SS996252 Holcombe Farm
1.9 miles SE ST009256 Batherm Bridge
2.0 miles SSE SS997249 Doyles
2.2 miles S SS987245 Hayne Barton
2.3 miles SSE ST007247 Petton Chapel
2.4 miles S SS995242 Great Rill
2.4 miles S SS990242 Lower Rill
2.4 miles SSE ST009247 Petton
2.6 miles SSE ST001239 North Hayne Farm
2.6 miles SSW SS981239 Shillingford
2.9 miles SSW SS979235 Shillingford Chapel
2.9 miles SSE ST002235 Waterhouse Farm
3.0 miles S SS986231 Doddiscombe
3.2 miles S SS992229 Hayne Beech
3.5 miles SSW SS973227 Ford
3.5 miles SW SS954237 Lodfin Dairy
3.4 miles S SS979226 Sunderleigh
3.5 miles S SS998225 Zeal Farm
3.7 miles WSW SS939251 Grants
3.7 miles SSW SS974222 Pipshayne
3.8 miles S SS995218 Dowhill Farm
3.8 miles SW SS946237 Rows
4.0 miles SW SS953228 Birchdown
3.9 miles SW SS943238 Blights Farm
4.0 miles S SS992216 Giffords
4.1 miles SW SS941236 Cold Harbour
4.0 miles SSE ST007217 Cudmore Farm
4.0 miles SSW SS973217 Sparkhayne
4.1 miles S SS983214 Venmans
4.2 miles SSW SS965217 Luttrell
4.6 miles SW SS944222 Gumbland
4.7 miles SW SS936228 Combe Head
5.0 miles SSW SS959206 Covedown Knap
4.8 miles S ST001204 Huntsham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SSE ST005210 Huntsham Barton
4.6 miles S ST001207 Huntsham Court
4.8 miles S SS993203 Westcombe
~ 5 miles WSW SS920250 Brushford, Somerset
~ 5 miles W SS910280 Dulverton, Somerset
7 miles SSE ST039195 Hockworthy, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SSE ST012211 Hendom
4.7 miles SSE ST013209 Kerswell Farm
10 miles SSW SS954128 Tiverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles SSW SS971205 Shute

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

~ 2 miles SSE ST000260 Blackwell , Somerset
~ 3 miles WNW SS950290 Hartford , Somerset
~ 4 miles WSW SS940270 Bury , Somerset
~ 5 miles ESE ST050250 Waterrow , Somerset
~ 5 miles E ST060280 Maundown , Somerset
~ 5 miles SW SS930240 Exebridge , Somerset
~ 5 miles NNW SS960350 Gupworthy , Somerset


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.