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Places within 5 miles of Betley,Staffordshire, OS Gridref SJ750480

0.4 miles NE SJ755485 Betley, Staffordshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.2 miles SE SJ753477 Ravenshall
0.4 miles SSE SJ754475 Cracow Moss
0.6 miles NW SJ745486 Betley Common
0.6 miles SSE SJ753470 Wrinehill
0.8 miles N SJ750493 Buddileigh
1.6 miles W SJ726475 Blakenhall, Cheshire
1.7 miles SW SJ732461 Checkley which encompasses the area containing:
2.0 miles SW SJ728457 Checkley Green
2.5 miles SSE SJ772446 Madeley, Staffordshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.1 miles SE SJ774455 Little Madeley
2.4 miles SE SJ775450 Middle Madeley
2.5 miles ESE SJ784458 Madeley Heath
2.7 miles ESE SJ794469 Leycett
2.9 miles SSE SJ763435 Bar Hill
3.1 miles S SJ753430 Onneley
2.7 miles WSW SJ715456 Bridgemere
2.9 miles NNE SJ767524 Barthomley, Cheshire which encompasses the area containing:
0.8 miles NNW SJ746492 Balterley Heath
1.2 miles NE SJ766492 Balterley Green
1.6 miles NNE SJ761503 Balterley
3.5 miles ENE SJ799508 Audley, Staffordshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.5 miles ESE SJ774473 Heighley
1.6 miles ENE SJ774489 Knowl Bank
2.2 miles ENE SJ781499 Shraleybrook
2.9 miles ENE SJ796491 Halmer End
3.2 miles NE SJ785517 Park End
3.2 miles ENE SJ795505 Wereton (Audley)
3.3 miles ENE SJ801497 Miles Green
3.3 miles E SJ805485 Alsagers Bank
3.9 miles ENE SJ806510 Bignall End
3.9 miles ENE SJ809505 Boon Hill
4.0 miles ENE SJ812501 Wood Lane
4.2 miles ENE SJ811509 Butters Green
4.7 miles NE SJ809527 Dunkirk
3.4 miles W SJ697489 Walgherton, Cheshire
3.4 miles WNW SJ699498 Wybunbury, Cheshire which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles NNW SJ742507 Gorstyhill
2.0 miles NW SJ729503 Chorlton
2.2 miles N SJ751515 Englesea-brook
2.7 miles W SJ707485 Lea Forge
2.9 miles NW SJ713508 Hough (Wybunbury)
3.7 miles WSW SJ695462 Hunsterson, Cheshire
3.8 miles ESE SJ806453 Keele, Staffordshire which encompasses the area containing:
2.9 miles ESE SJ793462 Finney Green
3.0 miles E SJ800475 Scot Hay
3.8 miles ESE SJ808455 Hawthorns
4.3 miles ESE SJ819465 Silverdale
3.8 miles W SJ689478 Hatherton, Cheshire
4.0 miles NW SJ699518 Shavington, Cheshire
4.7 miles WNW SJ678497 Stapeley, Cheshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles WNW SJ682495 Howbeck Bank
4.7 miles WNW SJ682509 Haymoor Green
4.9 miles WNW SJ681516 Blakelow
7 miles E SJ856481 Wolstanton, Staffordshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles E SJ814491 Apedale (near Audley)
4.0 miles E SJ815475 Blank Bank ; Black Bank
7 miles SSW SJ726373 Mucklestone, Shropshire which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles SSW SJ730424 Woore
7 miles SSW SJ725373 Mucklestone, Staffordshire which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles S SJ752411 Aston (near Madeley)

The following places have not yet had a GENUKI page associated with them:

2.8 miles SW SJ720447 Prince Hill , Cheshire
3.2 miles N SJ759530 Smiths Green , Cheshire
4.2 miles NNE SJ765545 Oakhanger , Cheshire
4.3 miles NNE SJ776544 Radway Green , Cheshire
4.2 miles NE SJ796531 Foxley , Staffordshire
4.7 miles NNW SJ736553 Slaughter Hill , Cheshire


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.