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Help with Family History problems

If you need help researching your family history in Berkshire, there a number of things you could be doing. One of the best ways of getting help is to join a family history or local history society.

Another excellent way of obtaining expert advice and solutions to seemingly insoluble problems is to ask the members or browse the archives of one of the  mailing lists that cover Berkshire, the BERKSHIRE or WESSEX-PLUS mailing lists.

Help with surnames

The first place you should look if you are interested in a particular surname, is the Guild of One Name Studies. The GOONS members collect and research information about all occurrences of the particular surname they are researching.

Another excellent source are the surname lists that are maintained for particular locations, such as Berkshire Family History Society's listing of members interests. If you think you have a common name interest with one of the members, you can contact him or her electronically. You do NOT have to be a member of the society to use this service.

Contributing information

I would be very pleased to hear from you regarding the availability of genealogical information about providers or elsewhere in Berkshire.

In particular, I am eager to obtain help and advice in my efforts to generate a comprehensive index of Berkshire placenames, to include a brief description of each place (hamlet, township, liberty, etc.) and the name of the parish in which the place is to be found. If you'd like to help, take a look at the Checkplaces page. I'd be grateful for any comments on the names you find there (or on any other names in the index or additional names you may have).

I am also very interested in obtaining information relevant to individual parishes, now that I have finished producing the actual parish pages.

If you would like to help out or contribute information, or know the whereabouts of any genealogical or historical information on providers, then do let me know on the form at the bottom of the page.

Reporting problems

If you have found a problem on the providers page, or on any other Berkshire page, please report it on the form below. I will then do my best to fix it promptly.

Thank you.

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