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Help and advice for Blackburn St Michael and All Angels Church of England Lancashire, Lancashire

If you would like to consider helping with the maintenance of the GENUKI pages for the county/section of Lancashire please contact us.

Help with Family History problems. Surname information.
Contribute information. Report problems.

This site provides historical information about places of worship and graveyards, but does not hold any records and does not provide a research service. The page you have been viewing is not provided by the church itself, if they have a web page we try and provide a link at the start of the address on the previous page.

Help with Family History problems

So you are having problems researching your family history. This is something that we all suffer from, and one of the best ways of getting help is to join a Family History Society. As Lancashire was a large and populous county, there are a number of societies each covering different parts of the county.

If you want an answer quickly, then ask it on one of the email lists. Lancashire has two of these:

Please don't ask for personal advice from the Lancashire WWW page maintainer, as frequently I don't not have the local knowledge that you require, or the time to provide such a service. If the information you want is not on the page, then I don't have it. I do NOT hold or have access to any church records!

I have not been able to find any time in the last five years to do my own research, so please don't ask me to do any research for you as if I replied the answer would unfortunately be NO.

Help with surnames

The first place you should look if you are interested in a particular surname, is the Guild of One Name Studies. The GOONS members collect and research information about all occurrences of the particular surname they are researching.

The other source of place to look is the surname lists that individuals maintain for particular locations. Have a look at the Lancashire surname lists

Contributing information

Please look at the list of information that I'm particularly looking for at the moment to help build the Lancashire pages.

If you want to help provide information for the Lancshire section of the Genuki church database, there is an e-mail list lancdm in which to discuss the techinques involved, and sources of information.

As far as the church database is concerned, I have found that the work involved is significantly more than I anticipated when I first started on the project. But I've not been put off, it does mean though that I need to concentrate on particular details so that I can mininimise the overall effort involved.

So I'm concentrating on collecting basic details about the churches, as are highlighted by the icons in the lists of churches generated when searching for those in a specific area. And the one I want to concentrate on first is their location. If you ask for their location plotted on a Google map, you can see where I currently think they are, and if they are wrong you can drag and drop the icons across the map to the correct location. A bubble then pops up in which you are given the option to report that location back to me. If the icon is a tear drop shape then I think I already have the exact location. Square icons show where I think I have an approximate location, and a square with jagged edges indicates that it it is somewhere within this town.

If you are wanting to send a church picture, then see the link right at the bottom of this page.

For most of the churches where we have found all the basic details, there is a request asking for where the registers are held. I already have information about the holdings of all the Lancashire Record Offices and intend adding that in when time allows. However that will be well into the future as all effort is going into addi ng basic church details. So you don't need to tell me about registers held at record offices.

Reporting problems

If you have found a problem on the Blackburn St Michael and All Angels Church of England Lancashire page, or on any other Lancashire page, then please report it on the following form. We will then do our best to fix it.

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The GENUKI service provides information for those with interests in family history & genealogy. You will find information in it about, places, churches, register offices etc. but it has no connection with such bodies. Please bear this in mind when composing your message.

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Sending church pictures

camera You can attach church pictures by mailing to, instead of using the form above. Please ensure that full details of which church it is appear in the email.