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So you are having problems researching your family history. This is something that we all suffer from, and one of the most effective ways of getting help is to join a Family History Society. You might also subscribe to one or more of the genealogy Mailing Lists serving your area(s) of interest - your list messages will be seen by all other subscribers to the list and you may even come across someone with the same research interests as yours. I also suggest you familiarise yourself with Surname lists and the South/West Wales Lookup Exchange

There is more detailed information regarding Family History Societies, Mailing Lists and Surname lists in the 'Genealogy' and 'Society' sub sections of the main Monmouthshire page (follow the link at the top of this page)

Genealogical queries should NOT be sent to GENUKI maintainers.

Contribute information and report problems;- We would like to hear from you if you have suitable information which relates to the county of Monmouthshire and/or its parishes, and would like to make it available to others. It may be something you have written or out-of-copyright material that you have transcribed - or a snippet of information such as the name of a book or a web page we might link to. But please do remember that we are talking here about material of general interest and not family-specific material.

So,if you have any information to contribute or have found a problem on one of the Monmouthshire pages, then please report it on the following form.

Genealogical queries should NOT be sent to GENUKI maintainers.

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