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Help with Family History problems

So you are having problems researching your family history. This is something that we all suffer from, and one of the best ways of getting help is to join a Family History Society. As Yorkshire was a large and populous county, there are a number of societies each covering different parts of the county.

If you want an answer quickly, then ask it on one of the email lists. Yorkshire has several of these

Please don't ask for personal advice from the Genuki Yorkshire site maintainer, as frequently I don't not have the local knowledge that you require (I'm from Grinton in Swaledale), or the time to provide such a service. If the information you want is not on the page, then you will need to look elsewhere. For instance it's possible that the information you are looking for in contained in one of the books on CD from Yorkshire CD books, Yorkshire Ancestors or similar companies.

I have not been able to find any time in the last five years to do my own research, so please don't ask me to do any research for you as if I replied the answer would unfortunately be NO.

Help with surnames

The first place you should look if you are interested in a particular surname, is the Guild of One Name Studies. The GOONS members collect and research information about all occurrences of the particular surname they are researching.

The other source of place to look is the surname lists that individuals maintain for particular locations. Have a look at the Yorkshire surname list

Contributing information

  • You may wish to contribute some information about Yorkshire. If you want to supply information about your own family, or a link to your family web page, then I'm sorry but you're out of luck. We are trying to provide information that will interest most users, and that would tend to be swamped by personal information. Links to personal pages are also a maintenance nightmare, as experience has shown that they change URL's or disappear quite frequently. I suggest you use the surname lists for this purpose.

    Now if that hasn't put you off, it is quite likely that you may know some basic facts that will be of use to other people. For example look at a page with plenty of information, Halifax. That's bound to give you some ideas of what can be provided.

    Reporting problems

    If you have found a problem on any Yorkshire page, then please report it on the following form. We will then do our best to fix it.

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    The GENUKI service provides information for those with interests in family history & genealogy. You will find information in it about, places, churches, register offices etc. but it has no connection with such bodies. Please bear this in mind when composing your message.

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