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Web pages:Dave Howie
Gazetteer: Dave Howie
Church database: Dave Howie
Primary url:http://www.clerkington.plus.com/GENUKI/ELN/
Other url:http://freespace.virgin.net/david.howie/genuki/

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East_Lothian contains 25 towns and parishes. Web pages exist for all of them.


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County town:Haddington
County town location:NT510740
County centre location:NT566705 Lat/Lon 55.925355,-2.69573
Approximate locations for parish:1
Approximate locations:14
Need a town/parish url:2
County boundary KML file:No

Church database

Approx location of place rather than church:2
Ask users for pictures:No
Email address for pictures:n/k
Ask users for history:No
Ask users for records repository:No
Ask users for url of church website:Yes
Ask users for exact location:Yes

1 church database entries have problems that need attention.

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