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The GENUKI spider last checked Lancashire at 11:47 on 1 Aug 2015 and the analysis took 70 minutes.


Lancashire contains 513 towns and parishes. Web pages exist for all of them.


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31 pages contain information to influence the spider page analysis.


County town:Lancaster
County town location:SD473618
County centre location:SD649353 Lat/Lon 53.812587,-2.533135
County boundary KML file:Yes

Church database

Approx location of place rather than church:60
Ask users for pictures:Yes
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Ask users for history:No
Ask users for records repository:No
Ask users for url of church website:Yes
Ask users for exact location:Yes

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CodeNameUrlPublications urlItem refCounty wideCentreDistanceArea covered
CumbRObCumbria Record Office, Barrow 53.812587,-2.53313540map
LancsROLancashire Record Office 53.812587,-2.53313540map
LANfurnFurness Family History Society 54.108857,-3.223633map
LANlfhhsLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society 53.8329325,-2.60566121map
LANlfhhs-bbLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Blackburn Branch 53.746494,-2.4836853map
LANlfhhs-burLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Bury Branch 53.592501,-2.2976023map
LANlfhhs-chLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Chorley Branch 53.6555005,-2.6258135map
LANlfhhs-fyLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Fylde Branch 53.8323435,-2.852021511map
LANlfhhs-hyLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Hyndburn Branch 53.752301,-2.3669753map
LANlfhhs-lanLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Lancaster & Morecambe Branch 54.0614115,-2.83263454map
LANlfhhs-penLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Pendle & Burnley Branch 53.78406,-2.2503893map
LANlfhhs-preLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Preston Branch 53.758913,-2.6992173map
LANlfhhs-rivLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Ribble Valley Branch 53.872663,-2.3923633map
LANlfhhs-rocLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Rochdale Branch 53.614338,-2.1586863map
LANlfhhs-rosLancashire Family History & Heraldry Society - Rossendale Branch 53.702183,-2.2877713map
LANlswlLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society 53.5042325,-2.76301413map
LANlswl-leiLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society - Leigh Group 53.497367,-2.5185323map
LANlswl-livLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society - Liverpool Group 53.408098,-2.9898053map
LANlswl-skemLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society - Skelmersdale & Upholland Group 53.540351,-2.7227723map
LANlswl-souLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society - Southport Group 53.647056,-3.0074963map
LANlswl-warLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society - Warrington Group 53.387345,-2.595383map
LANlswl-widLiverpool & Southwest Lancashire Family History Society - Widnes Group 53.361409,-2.7332653map
LANmlfhsManchester & Lancashire Family History Society 53.509183,-2.2656359map
LANmlfhs-bolManchester & Lancashire Family History Society - Bolton Branch 53.57772,-2.4288953map
LANmlfhs-oldManchester & Lancashire Family History Society - Oldham Branch 53.542482,-2.1131463map
LANnmNorth Meols (Southport) Family History Society 53.653534,-2.98495053map
LANormskOrmskirk & District Family History Society 53.598604,-2.8704710map
LANsthelSt. Helens Townships Family History Society 53.453976,-2.7363643map
LANwigWigan Family & Local History Society 53.54535,-2.6338153map
LANlprsLancashire Parish Register Society 53.812587,-2.53313540map