Family History Societies in the area around Chelvey


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Somerset & Dorset Family History Society

icon   1. Abbotsleigh, 2. Backwell, 3. Barrow Gurney, 4. Brockley, 5. Butcombe, 6. Chelvey, 7. Churchill, 8. Clapton in Gordano, 9. Cleeve, 10. Clevedon, 11. Congresbury, 12. Easton in Gordano, 13. Failand, 14. Felton, 15. Flax Burton, 16. Kenn, 17. Kingston Seymour, 18. Long Ashton, 19. Nailsea, 20. Nempnett Thrubwell, 21. Pill, 22. Portbury, 23. Portishead, 24. Puxton, 25. Redhill, 26. Regilbury, 27. Tickenham, 28. Walton in Gordano, 29. Weston in Gordano, 30. Winford, 31. Wraxall, 32. Wrington, 33. Yatton,

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Start point in search bar

If you pan the map so that it is centred on a different point the starting location used by the search bar changes to this point. So you can pan the map, and just click 'New search' to show places around that location. This will also remember the current zoom level.

Key to map icons


Each town/parish is identified by an icon on the map. A different colour is used for each society that has been associated with a town/parish. If the place has not yet been associated with a society a dark grey icon is used for the current county, and a light grey icon for those in neighbouring counties.


The icons used for places for which we have an exact location have a teardrop icon shape. If we only have an approximate location (within 1 kilometre), a square icon icon is used. If we have not yet decided in which township or parish a place was located a square icon with nibbled edges icon is used. The marker for places with an approximate location is placed at a random location within a 1 Km square on the map.


The number in the icon is provided to make it easier to find individual places using the list of place names under the map. Each society has its own range of numbers. You can also see the name of the place by holding the mouse over the relevant icon.

Further information about a place

Click the icon for an individual place and an information box will appear. This contains links to further information about the place (unless we have not yet associated it with a parish or township), and links for further searches centred on that place.