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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Bratton Clovelly, Devon, OS Gridref SX463918

0.0 miles N SX463918, Bratton Clovelly, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SX463918 Bratton Clovelly
0.3 miles S SX461913 North Wrixhill
0.4 miles NE SX469922 Eversfield
0.7 miles NW SX459928 Swaddledown
0.7 miles E SX474918 Domons
0.7 miles S SX463906 Wrixhill
0.8 miles N SX465931 Voulsdon Cross
0.8 miles NE SX472928 Voaden
0.9 miles SE SX473908 Ellacott
0.9 miles W SX448920 Breazle
1.0 miles S SX458903 Morson
1.1 miles E SX480919 Fursdon
1.3 miles N SX463939 Chimsworthy
1.3 miles NW SX451936 Redstone
1.4 miles NE SX478934 Blackbroom
1.5 miles NE SX485927 Maindea
1.7 miles N SX457944 Blagrow
1.7 miles NE SX478941 Bannadon
1.7 miles E SX491917 Great Burrow
1.8 miles NE SX475944 Langworthy
1.9 miles N SX461949 Brockscombe
1.9 miles NE SX488937 Broadcroft
2.0 miles E SX496919 Reed
2.2 miles E SX497929 Boasley
2.2 miles NE SX493938 Risdon
2.3 miles NE SX487947 Grindhill
2.4 miles N SX459957 Northcombe
2.7 miles E SX506927 North Russell
3.0 miles N SX452965 Metherell
3.3 miles W SX413937 Westweek Barton
3.7 miles SW SX413885 Rexon Cross
4.0 miles SW SX410882 Rexon
2.1 miles NW SX438941, Germansweek, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles W SX446921 Breazle
1.6 miles N SX459943 Blagrow
1.7 miles NW SX439931 Southweek
1.7 miles W SX435915 Wortha
2.1 miles NW SX438941 Germansweek
2.2 miles NW SX447949 Eworthy
2.2 miles W SX427922 Hennard Jefford
2.3 miles W SX428928 Toft
2.4 miles W SX428934 Seccombe
2.4 miles NW SX440949 Bovey
2.4 miles NW SX442951 Boldventure
3.3 miles N SX451970 Rowden
3.3 miles NW SX444968 Broadmeads Plantation
3.7 miles NW SX431969 Upcott Cross Plantation
2.8 miles S SX447876, Thrushelton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles SW SX446911 South Hill
1.3 miles S SX464897 Wrixhill Bridge
1.5 miles S SX456895 Patchill
1.5 miles SW SX442906 Heathpark
1.6 miles S SX458892 Dringwell
1.7 miles SW SX444899 Wonnacott
2.0 miles S SX453887 Whitely Park
2.2 miles SW SX441891 Wollacott
2.4 miles SE SX478883 Northdown
2.4 miles S SX462879 Huddispit
2.4 miles S SX476881 Axworthy
2.5 miles S SX452880 Whiterow
2.6 miles S SX446880 Leigh
2.7 miles SE SX484879 Point
2.8 miles S SX447876 Thrushelton
2.9 miles S SX463872 Broadleydown
2.9 miles S SX449873 Musehill
3.2 miles S SX444870 Cannonbarn
3.4 miles S SX448866 Lewdown
3.4 miles SW SX438869 Wreys Barton
3.4 miles SE SX513894, Bridestowe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.1 miles SE SX488894 Churndon
2.2 miles SE SX493898 Way
2.6 miles E SX503903 Ebsworthy Town
2.8 miles SE SX487879 Combebow
2.9 miles SE SX498887 Bidlake
2.9 miles SE SX503893 Millaton House
3.1 miles SE SX504889 Stone
3.2 miles SE SX490875 Woodfordham
3.4 miles SE SX494873 Woodhead
3.4 miles SE SX513894 Bridestowe
3.8 miles SE SX516887 Leawood House
3.8 miles SE SX513882 Buddlebrook
3.8 miles SE SX503871 Watergate
3.9 miles SE SX511878 Bearcott
4.1 miles SE SX498862 Kersford
4.2 miles SE SX511870 Fernworthy
4.5 miles SE SX519872 Blackabroom
4.6 miles SE SX522872 Bridestowe Station
3.5 miles SW SX432870, Stowford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles SW SX425877 Townleigh
3.5 miles SW SX432870 Stowford
3.7 miles SW SX418878 Broadmoorhead
3.8 miles SW SX421873 Arracott
4.0 miles SW SX415876 Rowden
4.1 miles SW SX421866 Hayne
4.7 miles SW SX419857 Portgate
4.7 miles SW SX409864 Milford
4.9 miles SW SX410859 Barbaryball
3.6 miles S SX457860, Lew Trenchard, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles S SX468891 Orchard
1.9 miles SE SX478892 Wortham
3.0 miles S SX465869 Lobhillcross
3.1 miles SE SX481872 Foxcombe
3.2 miles S SX458867 Cross Roads
3.4 miles S SX447866 Lewdown
3.4 miles SE SX491871 Eastdown Pool
3.4 miles S SX480866 Beechcombe
3.5 miles S SX467862 Dower House
3.5 miles S SX473862 Galford
3.6 miles S SX458860 Lew House
3.6 miles S SX457860 Lew Trenchard
3.7 miles SE SX496868 Burley Down
3.8 miles S SX465857 Wooda
4.0 miles SE SX488858 Hedge Cross
4.2 miles S SX477852 Hartswell
4.4 miles S SX483850 Waddleston
3.6 miles SW SX411891, Broadwoodwidger, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles W SX422912 Shop
2.6 miles NW SX434949 Witherdon
2.7 miles W SX420917 Lower Grinacombe
2.8 miles W SX419907 Goodacres
2.9 miles W SX417922 Grinacombe
3.1 miles W SX414913 Grinacombe Moor
3.1 miles NW SX423948 Moor
3.4 miles W SX409923 Tredown
3.4 miles SW SX413897 Slew
3.4 miles W SX409910 Winslade
3.6 miles W SX405916 Willtown
3.6 miles W SX407901 Shallaford
3.6 miles SW SX411891 Broadwoodwidger
3.8 miles W SX402922 Norton
3.9 miles W SX402900 Buddle
4.1 miles W SX403944 Thorndon
4.1 miles SW SX407884 Neathwood
4.2 miles NW SX403948 Brinson
4.2 miles SW SX401891 Rexton
4.3 miles W SX396901 Upcott
4.3 miles W SX394929 Woodleypark
4.3 miles W SX397941 Hole
4.4 miles NW SX410964 Beckett
4.4 miles NW SX406959 North Thorne
4.4 miles W SX392916 Frankaborough
4.4 miles SW SX400884 Kellacott
4.8 miles NW SX394952 Ashmill
4.9 miles W SX384919 Combeshead
4.9 miles W SX385905 Graftons
5.0 miles SW SX391883 Thorne
4.6 miles E SX535903, Sourton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.6 miles NE SX500936 Boasley Cross
2.6 miles NE SX502933 Luddon
2.8 miles E SX507929 Hewton
3.1 miles E SX513921 Oatnell
3.1 miles E SX513909 Blatchford
3.2 miles E SX514916 Knowle
3.4 miles E SX518925 Thorndon
3.5 miles E SX519912 Week
3.6 miles E SX518900 Pool
3.7 miles E SX522917 Cowsen Down
3.9 miles E SX523901 Cleave
4.0 miles E SX526907 Beatdown
4.0 miles E SX527917 Jordan
4.3 miles E SX532907 Forda
4.4 miles E SX529893 Collaven
4.4 miles E SX531939 Thorndon Cross
4.4 miles SE SX528888 Lake
4.6 miles SE SX527882 Southerly
4.6 miles E SX534899 East Tor
4.6 miles E SX535903 Sourton
4.7 miles E SX538921 East Linnacombe
4.7 miles SE SX531885 Coombe
4.9 miles E SX542913 Aliceford
4.7 miles NE SX507980, Ashbury, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles NE SX498972 Stoney
4.2 miles NE SX499976 Bogtown
4.2 miles NE SX526945 Blagdon
4.7 miles NE SX519969 Scobchester
4.7 miles NE SX507980 Ashbury
4.9 miles NE SX512979 Broomhill
4.7 miles N SX461994, Beaworthy, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.7 miles NE SX496946 Manditch
2.8 miles NE SX487957 Coxwall
3.2 miles NE SX499954 Venn
3.3 miles NE SX492963 Burden
3.6 miles N SX476974 Beamsworthy
3.6 miles NE SX514946 Weeks-in-the-Moor
3.8 miles NE SX515951 Pinnacle
4.0 miles N SX473982 Patchacott
4.0 miles N SX462983 Prestacott Rectory
4.2 miles N SX456985 Madworthy
4.5 miles N SX451990 Alderford
4.6 miles N SX473991 Polehays
4.7 miles N SX461994 Beaworthy
5.2 miles S SX456835, Coryton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles S SX474847 Eastcott
4.5 miles S SX460845 Coryton Barton
4.7 miles S SX462843 Lowertown
4.7 miles S SX466842 Ford
4.9 miles S SX450841 Knowle
5.2 miles W SX386952, Ashwater, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles NW SX412978 Blagaton
4.9 miles NW SX405972 Quoditch
5.2 miles NE SX505991, North Lew, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles N SX483963 Ashbury Station
4.4 miles N SX484985 Loveland
4.4 miles N SX482986 West Kimber
4.7 miles N SX491989 East Kimber
4.9 miles NE SX501988 Bolland
5.2 miles NW SX426994, Halwill, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles NW SX436972 Upcott Cross
3.8 miles NW SX425967 Foxhole Barrow
4.0 miles N SX446980 Henderbarrow
4.1 miles N SX441980 Upcott
4.1 miles NW SX421970 Lords Waste
4.2 miles NW SX429976 Westlakes Plantation
4.3 miles NW SX417969 Foxhole
4.3 miles NW SX431979 Stowford
4.5 miles NW SX421978 Landhill
4.6 miles N SX443989 Henderbarrow Corner
4.6 miles N SX438988 Croft
4.9 miles NW SX428989 Rectory
5.4 miles W SX377926, Virginstow, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles W SX393945 Westmanton
4.7 miles W SX392943 Bradaford
4.9 miles W SX386937 Middlecott
5.0 miles W SX384931 Tillislow
5.9 miles S SX434828, Marystowe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles S SX450855 Raddon
4.4 miles SW SX428857 Cholwell
4.5 miles S SX438850 Thorne
4.5 miles S SX448847 Tibridge
4.7 miles S SX432849 Trehill
4.8 miles SW SX422853 Allerford
4.9 miles SW SX429847 Dippertown
6.4 miles SW SX386850, Lifton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.8 miles W SX420930 Westweek
3.2 miles W SX412930 Pinnacle
3.3 miles W SX414937 Westweek
3.5 miles W SX408933 Westweekmoor
3.6 miles NW SX411944 Lugworthy Cross
4.9 miles SW SX399872 Lower Cookworthy
8.0 miles E SX588952, Okehampton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles NE SX525968 Croft
5.0 miles E SX542930 Bowerland


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.