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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Calverleigh, Devon, OS Gridref SS923142

0.0 miles N SS923142, Calverleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SS923142 Calverleigh
0.2 miles W SS919142 Court
0.6 miles W SS913140 Frogwell
0.9 miles W SS909144 Hill Fm
1.1 miles NE SS935154, Washfield, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles NE SS933146 Harpridge
0.7 miles N SS927153 Pitt
1.1 miles NE SS935154 Washfield
1.1 miles NE SS939150 Beauchamp
1.1 miles N SS924160 Courtney
1.2 miles NE SS932160 Stanterton
1.4 miles E SS946141 Velvains
1.4 miles E SS946145 Worth House
1.5 miles N SS919166 Windblow
1.6 miles NE SS945154 Marsh
1.6 miles N SS931166 Moorhayes
1.7 miles N SS922169 Ennerleigh
1.8 miles N SS933169 Hatherland
1.8 miles N SS927171 Pilemoor
1.9 miles NW SS904167 Haydon
2.2 miles NW SS909175 Hutswell
2.4 miles N SS920180 Webland
2.5 miles N SS929182 Easterland
3.1 miles N SS934190 Dryhill
3.3 miles N SS942192 Selwell
1.4 miles NW SS911161, Loxbeare, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.7 miles NW SS914148 Leigh
0.8 miles NW SS912149 Leigh Barton
1.0 miles NW SS916156 Woodhayes
1.2 miles NW SS912158 Barton
1.4 miles NW SS911161 Loxbeare
1.5 miles NW SS905158 Pantacridge
1.9 miles NW SS904165 Churchill
2.1 miles SE SS954128, Tiverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.4 miles N SS923148 Lurley
0.5 miles N SS920150 Fulford
0.6 miles SW SS919134 Bunkersland
0.6 miles SE SS929135 Coombutler
0.6 miles E SS933142 Palmer
0.6 miles S SS924132 Duxmoor
0.8 miles S SS925129 Coombehead
0.8 miles W SS910139 Bradley Down
0.8 miles SE SS933133 Coombhayes
0.9 miles S SS920128 Wayland
1.0 miles SW SS908135 Great Bradley
1.2 miles E SS942137 Farleigh
1.2 miles SE SS933125 Hensley
1.2 miles SE SS937128 Ditchetts
1.4 miles SW SS909125 Withleigh
1.4 miles S SS923120 Honeyland
1.4 miles W SS901149 Sidborough
1.4 miles S SS930120 Hensley Farm
1.5 miles SW SS913120 Jursihayes
1.6 miles SE SS937121 Whitcombe
1.7 miles N SS932167 Moorhayes
1.7 miles NW SS902159 Deepaller
1.7 miles S SS922115 Burridge
1.7 miles SW SS900127 Plainfield
1.8 miles W SS895146 Lower Way
1.8 miles SE SS945124 Cold Harbour
1.8 miles S SS932115 Ford
1.8 miles SW SS906119 Nethercleave
1.8 miles S SS913115 Withleigh Goodman
1.8 miles SE SS939118 Mogridge
1.8 miles SE SS945123 Cotteylands
1.8 miles NE SS948157 Lythecourt
1.9 miles SW SS895128 Middle Bradley
2.0 miles W SS892149 Higher Way
2.0 miles W SS891141 West Bradley
2.0 miles S SS933111 Patcott
2.1 miles S SS922109 Huntland
2.1 miles NE SS953156 Hayne
2.1 miles E SS956145 Bolham
2.1 miles SE SS954128 Tiverton
2.1 miles NE SS952160 Marley
2.2 miles SE SS949119 Howden
2.2 miles S SS930107 Wormsland
2.4 miles NW SS889159 Holmead
2.4 miles SE SS954120 Little Silver
2.4 miles NE SS944174 Fairby
2.4 miles E SS960153 Knighthayes Court
2.4 miles SE SS945110 Lodgehill
2.5 miles SE SS945108 Ashley House
2.6 miles SE SS953112 Collipriest
2.7 miles NE SS957168 Firebeacon
2.7 miles S SS936101 Hill Farm
2.7 miles E SS966147 Chettiscombe
2.7 miles NE SS949177 Gogwell
2.8 miles E SS966155 Aller
2.8 miles SE SS949105 Ashley Court
2.8 miles SE SS962119 The Firs
2.8 miles S SS929097 Coombewillis
2.9 miles NE SS952178 Hill
2.9 miles S SS934097 Well Farm
2.9 miles SE SS945101 Ashley Pitt
3.0 miles E SS970134 Cowleymoor
3.0 miles S SS923094 West Barton Farm
3.1 miles E SS972149 Pileywell
3.1 miles NE SS967165 Hone
3.1 miles SE SS968120 Bingwell
3.2 miles NE SS962175 Coombeland
3.2 miles S SS937092 Southwood
3.3 miles SE SS958103 Holwell
3.3 miles E SS973125 Tidcombe
3.4 miles E SS974160 Pitt
3.4 miles E SS976154 Chevithorne
3.5 miles E SS979146 Peadhill
3.5 miles SE SS969109 Gogwell
3.5 miles E SS978127 Pool Anthony
3.6 miles S SS930085 Rashleyhayes
3.7 miles SE SS945087 East Barton
3.7 miles NE SS966183 Palfreys Barton
3.7 miles E SS978118 Lower Warnicombe
3.7 miles NE SS979164 Berry
3.8 miles E SS984141 Craze Lowman
3.8 miles E SS984133 Great Gurnhouse
3.8 miles S SS938082 Yearlstone
3.8 miles NE SS972180 Landrake
3.9 miles E SS983159 Chevithorne Barton
3.9 miles NE SS965188 Ewings
3.9 miles E SS984125 Copplestone
4.0 miles NE SS958197 Cove House
4.2 miles E SS990149 Roliphnats Farm
4.2 miles SE SS985114 Thurlescombe
4.2 miles NE SS968193 Combe
4.3 miles E SS991156 Fordlands
4.3 miles E SS988117 West Manley
4.3 miles NE SS967196 Marwoods
4.3 miles E SS991158 Westmere
4.3 miles E SS993143 Bradford Farm
4.4 miles NE SS982180 Srurways
4.8 miles E SS998160 East Mere
4.8 miles NE SS985188 Norwood Farm
4.9 miles NE SS971205 Shute
5.0 miles E ST003145 Widhayes Farm
2.2 miles W SS887140, Teignmouth, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles W SS887140 Teignmouth
2.2 miles W SS887140, Templeton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.2 miles W SS887140 Templeton
2.5 miles W SS884133 Partridge
2.5 miles W SS883146 Esworthy
2.6 miles W SS882151 South Combe
2.6 miles W SS884158 North Combe
2.8 miles W SS878144 Templeton Bridge
3.1 miles W SS873149 Starraton
3.2 miles W SS872141 Cleave
3.4 miles W SS868141 Colston Barton
2.9 miles N SS922188, Stoodleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.3 miles NW SS909176 Hutswell
2.5 miles NW SS901175 Diptford
2.7 miles N SS913184 Ford Barton
2.7 miles NW SS898178 Rifton
2.8 miles N SS917186 Court
2.8 miles N SS908185 Rull
2.9 miles N SS922188 Stoodleigh
3.0 miles N SS920190 Quoit-at-Cross
3.1 miles N SS926192 Carscombe
3.1 miles NW SS886176 Blatchworthy
3.1 miles N SS912191 Ash
3.2 miles NW SS881171 Gibbet Moor Farm
3.3 miles N SS906192 Wheatland
3.3 miles NW SS899190 Coleford
3.4 miles NW SS885182 West Whitnole
3.5 miles N SS935197 East Stoodleigh Barton
3.6 miles NW SS880180 Stoneland
3.6 miles N SS921200 Hangmans Hill Cross
3.7 miles NW SS895194 Thorne
3.7 miles N SS913201 Champles Farm
3.7 miles NW SS888191 Warbrightsleigh Barton
3.8 miles N SS937201 Steart
3.8 miles N SS927203 Down
3.9 miles NW SS880187 Broadmead
4.2 miles NW SS880195 Throwcombe
4.4 miles NE SS957204 Holmingham
3.3 miles SW SS874121, Cruwys Morchard, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.1 miles SW SS898120 Groubear
2.4 miles SW SS889124 Lugsland
2.4 miles SW SS892119 Vulscombe
2.8 miles SW SS897105 Hookway
2.9 miles SW SS889110 Little Heath
2.9 miles W SS877130 Wood P?
3.1 miles SW SS884112 Littleland
3.2 miles SW SS892100 Cotton
3.3 miles SW SS874121 Cruwys Morchard
3.3 miles SW SS886103 Way Village
3.4 miles W SS870129 Ford Barton
3.4 miles SW SS873120 Cruwys Morchard House
3.4 miles SW SS878110 Ruckham
3.5 miles W SS868133 Northcote
3.7 miles SW SS877104 Stickeridge
3.8 miles SW SS877101 Westway
3.8 miles W SS861139 Looseland
4.0 miles W SS860128 Mudford Gate
4.1 miles SW SS864112 Pennymoor
4.2 miles SW SS873097 Claw
4.2 miles W SS859120 Merrifield Hayes
4.3 miles SW SS865105 Wringsland
4.3 miles W SS855131 Gogland
4.3 miles SW SS858116 Furze
4.4 miles SW SS866101 Yedbury
4.4 miles W SS856118 Coombe
4.4 miles SW SS861107 Eastland
4.7 miles W SS848139 Edgeworthy
4.7 miles SW SS854110 Fork Fm
4.7 miles W SS851117 Week
4.8 miles SW SS857103 Hill Fm
4.9 miles W SS849115 Beer
4.9 miles SW SS850112 Higher Park
4.9 miles W SS846124 Deptford
4.0 miles S SS913079, Cadeleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
2.3 miles S SS916106 Worth
2.4 miles S SS908106 Coombeland
2.7 miles S SS917099 Meadhayes
2.9 miles S SS913096 Langley
2.9 miles S SS917095 Little Silver
3.1 miles S SS905096 Well Town
3.2 miles S SS924091 Ashilford
3.3 miles S SS904093 Ridge
3.4 miles S SS916088 Hill
3.6 miles S SS917085 Yate
3.8 miles S SS919081 Gotham
3.8 miles S SS898086 Haydon
3.9 miles S SS906081 Captains Farm
4.0 miles S SS899083 Catlake
4.0 miles S SS913079 Cadeleigh
4.0 miles S SS927077 East Court
4.2 miles S SS919074 Cadeleigh Court
4.4 miles N SS910212, Oakford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles N SS902205 Nethercott Farm
4.3 miles N SS899207 Pinkworthy Farm
4.3 miles NW SS891204 Spurway Mill
4.4 miles N SS926212 Stuckeridge
4.4 miles N SS909211 Manor House
4.4 miles N SS910212 Oakford
4.6 miles N SS918216 Hamslade
4.7 miles NW SS891210 Spurway Barton
4.7 miles NW SS878203 Westcott
4.8 miles N SS909218 Upcott
5.0 miles N SS897218 Bowdens
4.6 miles S SS942071, Bickleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles SE SS956083 Henbeer
4.2 miles SE SS950080 Exeland
4.3 miles S SS939074 Millhayes
4.6 miles S SS942071 Bickleigh
4.7 miles S SS936068 Bickleigh Court
4.8 miles SE SS962075 Brithayes
4.9 miles SE SS974081, Butterleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles SE SS967087 Coombe
4.6 miles SE SS973088 Higher Butterleigh
4.9 miles SE SS974081 Butterleigh
5.1 miles NW SS850181, Rackenford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles NW SS878171 Gibbet Moor Farm
3.6 miles NW SS875176 Lewiss Fm
3.8 miles NW SS867168 Tidderson
4.1 miles NW SS874186 Meadown
4.2 miles NW SS867179 Bulworthy Knap
4.4 miles W SS857169 Mogworthy
4.6 miles NW SS872195 Sydenham
4.6 miles NW SS865189 Two Gates
4.7 miles NW SS857178 Bulworthy
4.7 miles NW SS860183 Middlecott
4.7 miles NW SS862188 Little Rackenford
5.2 miles E ST005128, Halberton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles SE SS962101 West Pitt Farm
3.7 miles SE SS967102 Rhode Farm
3.8 miles SE SS959093 Higher Bockswood
4.2 miles SE SS975098 Seckerleigh
4.2 miles E SS989124 Copplestone
4.3 miles SE SS970092 Burrow Corner
4.3 miles SE SS982106 Warnicombe
4.4 miles E SS992128 Hartnoll Farm
4.4 miles E SS989117 Manley
4.6 miles E SS993117 East Manley
4.6 miles E SS992113 Rowridge
4.8 miles E ST000141 Sellake
5.3 miles N SS956221, Bampton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.1 miles N SS945205 Duvale Barton
4.2 miles N SS938208 Chain Bridge
4.6 miles NE SS959206 Covedown Knap
4.8 miles N SS925219 Wonham House
4.8 miles N SS919219 Oakford Bridge
5.0 miles N SS934221 Westbrook
5.5 miles SW SS856084, Poughill, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.3 miles SW SS874092 Grantland
4.9 miles SW SS858096 Newland
5.8 miles S SS910049, Cadbury, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles S SS906068 Chapeltown
4.8 miles S SS914066 Endicott
5.0 miles S SS915062 Round Hill
6.1 miles SW SS867061, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.8 miles SW SS884095 Marshay Fm
3.9 miles SW SS882095 Trundlemoor Fm
3.9 miles SW SS895085 Furze
4.0 miles SW SS890087 Coombe
4.3 miles S SS895079 Brindiwell
4.3 miles SW SS881087 West Upham
4.3 miles S SS904075 Farleigh
4.4 miles SW SS881084 Higher Waterhouse
4.5 miles SW SS887079 Cotton
4.5 miles SW SS882082 Upham
4.5 miles SW SS881082 Court Place
4.8 miles SW SS884076 Ball
4.8 miles SW SS887073 Hayne
5.0 miles SW SS867085 Upcott Barton
5.0 miles S SS898066 Wolland
6.2 miles NE ST001204, Huntsham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles NE SS988184 Plushayes
7.4 miles S SS956028, Silverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
5.0 miles SE SS953068 Great Dorweeke
5.0 miles SE SS964073 Keens
7.4 miles W SS803145, Witheridge, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.4 miles NW SS874166 Horestone
4.5 miles W SS850147 Witheridge Moor Farm
4.6 miles W SS852163 Colleton Hall
4.6 miles W SS852164 Hilltown
4.6 miles W SS850157 Elworthy
5.0 miles W SS844158 Rose Moor
7.5 miles S SS924021, Thorverton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles S SS928065 Prowses


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.