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Genuki Gazetteer - Nearby Places

This page initially shows the places within 5 miles of the location associated with the place (parish, county, etc.) from whose GENUKI page it was reached. It did this using the following search request:

By changing the information in the above search form and requesting a new search you can narrow or widen the search, or indeed search for places near other locations.

Places within 5 miles of Little Torrington, Devon, OS Gridref SS490168

0.0 miles N SS490168, Little Torrington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
0.0 miles N SS490168 Little Torrington
0.4 miles NW SS487174 Cross
0.4 miles N SS491175 South Hill
0.5 miles W SS483170 Five Lane End
0.5 miles SW SS485161 Smytham
0.8 miles S SS493156 Gribble
0.8 miles E SS503168 Woodland
0.9 miles W SS476167 West Ford
0.9 miles SE SS503162 Hollam
0.9 miles S SS487154 Bagbear
1.0 miles SE SS496153 Hunshaw
1.0 miles NW SS476177 Bowden
1.1 miles N SS488185 Taddiport
1.1 miles NE SS499183 New Bridge
1.1 miles NW SS478182 Frizenham
1.2 miles NW SS479184 Cleave
1.3 miles E SS510162 Homer
1.4 miles W SS468175 Watergate Bridge
1.5 miles E SS514166 Undercleave
1.5 miles N SS495191, Great Torrington, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles N SS497184 Town Mills
1.5 miles N SS495191 Great Torrington
1.6 miles NE SS507188 Burwood
1.9 miles N SS490199 Tantons Plain
2.2 miles N SS480202 Furzebeam Hill
2.2 miles NE SS515194 Little Silver
2.3 miles N SS503202 Crowbear
2.3 miles NE SS522188 Allens Week
2.4 miles NE SS515197 Hatch Moor
2.4 miles N SS502205 Coombe Cross
2.6 miles NE SS515201 Moortown
2.7 miles NW SS472207 Beams Mansion
2.7 miles N SS490211 Furze
2.8 miles N SS505210 Coombe
2.9 miles NE SS529193 Stevenstone House
3.1 miles N SS504216 Higher Darracott
3.3 miles NE SS514215 Darracott Moor
2.2 miles S SS478134, Peters Marland, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles S SS489141 Yard
2.2 miles S SS478134 Peters Marland
2.2 miles S SS499133 Willeswell Moor
2.3 miles S SS493131 Winswell
2.6 miles S SS500128 Winscott
2.7 miles S SS487125 Eastwood
2.7 miles S SS475127 Woollaton
2.9 miles S SS478123 Twigbeare
3.2 miles SW SS464123 Week
3.3 miles S SS477116 Stone
2.4 miles NW SS463195, Frithelstock, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.7 miles W SS464178 Priestacott
1.8 miles NW SS466183 Preston
1.8 miles W SS462174 Clement Hill
2.1 miles NW SS474197 Rothern Bridge
2.2 miles NW SS465194 Priory
2.4 miles NW SS463195 Frithelstock
2.4 miles NW SS465197 Priers
2.4 miles W SS452177 Stretchacott
2.7 miles W SS447166 Southcott
2.8 miles NW SS449188 Frithelstock Stone
2.9 miles NW SS455199 Culleigh
2.9 miles NW SS449191 Horwood Barton
3.1 miles W SS443187 Ash
3.2 miles W SS439163 Bibbear
3.4 miles W SS436176 Knaworthy
3.5 miles W SS436182 Smithacott
3.5 miles W SS434168 Hollamoor
3.7 miles W SS430175 Ashbury
2.6 miles W SS450155, Langtree, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.1 miles W SS473164 Badslake
1.2 miles SW SS478152 Stowford
1.4 miles SW SS471156 Langtree Week
1.6 miles W SS465160 Langtree Common
1.7 miles W SS462166 Birchill
1.8 miles SW SS472145 Berry Cross
1.9 miles SW SS477140 Lambert
2.2 miles SW SS459152 Collacott
2.2 miles SW SS467141 Suddon
2.2 miles W SS455159 Buda
2.5 miles SW SS455147 Burstone
2.6 miles SW SS453150 Watertown
2.6 miles SW SS458142 Rivaton
2.6 miles W SS450155 Langtree
3.2 miles SW SS452133 Stapleton
3.4 miles W SS437152 Withecott
3.5 miles SW SS441141 Browns
3.6 miles W SS433156 Wonders Corner
3.7 miles W SS431164 Cholash
3.9 miles W SS428174 Ashbury
4.0 miles W SS428149 Stibb Cross
3.0 miles NE SS533189, St Giles in the Wood, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.0 miles NE SS500180 Rosemoor
1.6 miles E SS516173 South Healand
1.7 miles NE SS516179 North Healand
2.3 miles E SS525178 Great Huish
2.3 miles NE SS524183 Ley
2.9 miles NE SS528194 Stevenstone House
3.0 miles NE SS533189 St Giles in the Wood
3.0 miles E SS537181 Kingscott
3.0 miles NE SS524203 Peagham Barton
3.1 miles E SS538181 Kingscott
3.4 miles E SS542183 Stonyford
3.5 miles NE SS534203 High Bullen
3.8 miles NE SS534210 Ward
3.8 miles NE SS545195 Dodscott
3.9 miles E SS553173 Whitsleigh
4.0 miles E SS552186 Winscott Barton
4.3 miles NE SS545209 Cranford
4.4 miles NE SS552202 Hill
4.5 miles E SS560189 Beara
4.7 miles NE SS556205 Way Barton
3.2 miles NW SS457207, Monkleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.0 miles NW SS471212 Downes
3.2 miles NW SS457207 Monkleigh
3.6 miles NW SS450211 Petticombe
4.0 miles NW SS453220 Saltrens
4.0 miles NW SS442212 Upcott
4.1 miles NW SS456224 Annery
4.2 miles NW SS445218 Orchard
4.4 miles NW SS452228 Beaconside
4.4 miles NW SS438217 Looseham
3.6 miles NW SS466221, Weare Giffard, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.3 miles N SS476219 Weare Giffard
3.3 miles N SS483221 Southcott
3.5 miles N SS480224 Park
3.5 miles N SS492225 Huntshaw Bridge
3.6 miles NW SS466221 Weare Giffard
3.7 miles NW SS467223 The Hill
3.8 miles N SS483229 Vinton
4.1 miles N SS491234 Huxhill
4.2 miles N SS472233 Netherdowns
4.2 miles N SS482235 Little Weare
4.4 miles N SS469235 Hallspill
3.7 miles SE SS525120, Merton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.9 miles SE SS503140 Speccott Barton
2.0 miles SE SS514147 Great Potheridge
2.0 miles SE SS510143 Potheridge Gate
2.4 miles SE SS510135 Dunsbeare
2.6 miles SE SS511131 Moorhill
2.7 miles SE SS523140 Little Potheridge
2.7 miles SE SS524140 Little Potheridge
3.1 miles SE SS513124 Merton Moor
3.5 miles SE SS521120 Grange Farm
3.7 miles SE SS525120 Merton
3.9 miles SE SS545137 Balls Corner
3.9 miles SE SS538127 Merton Mill
4.0 miles SE SS527116 Rosehill
4.0 miles SE SS545135 Balls
4.3 miles SE SS547129 Greatwood Farm
3.9 miles N SS506229, Huntshaw, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.5 miles N SS513219 Delves Grave Cross
3.5 miles N SS503223 Foxes Cross
3.7 miles NE SS523218 Haycroft
3.9 miles N SS506229 Huntshaw
3.9 miles NE SS520224 Wiggadon
4.0 miles N SS514227 Knockworthy
4.1 miles NE SS531219 Huntshaw Cross
4.3 miles N SS500237 Guscott
4.4 miles NE SS530226 Cloggshill Cross
4.4 miles N SS505237 Huntshaw Water
4.5 miles N SS520234 Twitchen
4.6 miles N SS499241 Brownscombe
4.7 miles N SS509241 Haddacott
4.8 miles N SS492245 Gammaton Moor
4.0 miles E SS552150, Beaford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
1.8 miles E SS518160 Blinsham
2.5 miles E SS531168 Woodleigh Barton
2.9 miles SE SS532147 Warham
3.3 miles E SS541152 Abbots Hill
3.3 miles E SS543159 Brealeys
3.4 miles E SS545164 Hole
3.5 miles E SS545158 Kiverley
3.5 miles E SS547163 Ramscliffe
3.6 miles SE SS542143 Beaford Bridge
4.0 miles E SS552150 Beaford
4.1 miles E SS556158 Pearson
4.3 miles E SS554142 Harepath
4.6 miles E SS559142 Frosts Corner
4.6 miles E SS563154 Higher Upcott
4.5 miles SE SS533110, Huish, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.4 miles SE SS535113 Heanton Sackville
4.5 miles SE SS533110 Huish
5.0 miles SE SS547112 New Bridge
4.7 miles NW SS462238, Landcross, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles NW SS462238 Landcross
5.0 miles NW SS462243 Pillmouth
5.0 miles S SS513091, Petrockstowe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.1 miles S SS499119 Little Marland
3.4 miles S SS487113 Allisland
3.6 miles S SS482110 Brandize Corner
3.8 miles S SS500108 Heanton Barton
3.8 miles S SS508109 Butstone
3.9 miles S SS486105 Brightmans Hayes
4.2 miles S SS500101 Old Windmill
4.2 miles S SS506102 Bury
4.3 miles S SS492099 Netherton
4.4 miles SE SS515102 Moorhill
4.6 miles S SS510097 North Town
5.0 miles S SS513091 Petrockstowe
5.0 miles S SS465091, Buckland Filleigh, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.7 miles S SS471111 Awsland
4.2 miles SW SS460108 Galmington
4.3 miles S SS468103 Grascott
4.5 miles S SS478097 Heanton
5.0 miles NW SS443234, Littleham, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles NW SS447227 Edge Mill
4.9 miles NW SS449236 Heale House
5.1 miles NW SS418209, Buckland Brewer, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.0 miles W SS426178 Hembury Castle
4.1 miles W SS428189 Hele
4.2 miles W SS423159 Holwell
4.3 miles W SS423185 Craneham
4.5 miles W SS422192 Thorne
4.6 miles W SS421196 Bearah
4.7 miles W SS415171 Vielstone
4.7 miles W SS415176 Tythecott
4.8 miles W SS413165 Thornehillhead
5.3 miles E SS576171, Roborough, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.2 miles E SS557164 Middle Barlington
4.3 miles E SS559175 Wansley Barton
4.6 miles E SS563185 Ebberly House
4.7 miles E SS566164 Great Barlington
4.8 miles E SS567179 Combe Barton
5.5 miles N SS519252, Alverdiscott, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.8 miles NE SS532232 Southdown
5.7 miles SW SS438092, Shebbear, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
3.9 miles SW SS440129 Badworthy
4.2 miles SW SS442120 Rowden
4.2 miles SW SS446116 Paddon
4.4 miles SW SS426138 Binworthy
4.4 miles SW SS449110 Rosehill
4.5 miles SW SS428130 Durpley
4.6 miles SW SS431124 Moortown
4.8 miles SW SS433115 Ladford
4.9 miles SW SS447101 South Farm
5.0 miles SW SS442104 Pennicknold
5.7 miles SW SS410122, Newton St Petrock, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.9 miles SW SS419135 Down
5.7 miles SE SS569120, Dolton, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.5 miles SE SS553131 Ashwell
4.9 miles SE SS557126 Halsdon House
4.9 miles SE SS562134 Buckland Farm
6.1 miles NE SS561235, Yarnscombe, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.6 miles NE SS536226 Easton moor
4.7 miles NE SS550214 Cranford Cross
4.9 miles NE SS559206 Sherwood Green
5.0 miles NE SS545226 Horse Moor
6.3 miles NW SS453263, Bideford, Devon which encompasses the area containing:
4.7 miles N SS477242 Oldiscleave
4.8 miles N SS490245 Gammaton Moor


Administrative boundaries have changed as time has passed. This gazetteer shows which GENUKI town/parish page may hold information about individual places. They may have moved between administrative areas over time so be aware of this when looking for information.